3rd Mar 2006, 02:47

I have a Cruze that has poor fuel economy 10litres per 100km. The dealer claims there is nothing wrong and I should clock up more mileage. At 15,000 km I think that would be enough km's to determine if there is a problem or not. It is not good service or customer relations, so I'll never buy another Holden if they do not fix it.

I purchased the car because the claimed mileage would be around 7litres per 100km (as per brochure) - thus far it is not.

3rd Mar 2006, 22:24

We have a 2005 Cruze mainly used as a shopping trolley. It's only done 8,500km, although it does get the odd run out of town to warm it up.

Since about 3,000km it's had a cross between a clicking and a squeaking noise from the front left when turning right. You don't have to be pushing hard, just the average roundabout or carpark at a very steady pace is enough.

It was taken to the dealer when it first started and they "tightened" something which made the noise go away for 500km or so. Now it's back and I'm off to the dealer again. I've owned Minis and other fwd cars in the past and this sounds like a CV joint or wheel bearing.

Otherwise a good vehicle for what it's intended for.

27th Apr 2006, 05:30

As recommended by Holden TAS (Technical assist. services), the front brake discs must be removed, cleaned & lightly lubricated to prevent front end clicking when turning. The wheels should be tensioned to 85 Nm. Wheel bearings & drive shafts were replaced originally with no success.

20th Jun 2006, 04:07

I have a 2002 model Cruze and I have only just clicked on 64000 k's. I have taken the car back to the dealer numerous of times.

First was when I only had the car about 1-2 weeks and the steering rack had to be replaced.

Then at about the 15000 mark, I took it in to have the first service. When I took the car in, I told them about a weird grabbing noise coming from the rear brakes. After I they serviced my car, they told me that there was a problem and they had fixed it. When I asked if they stamped my book to say I had the service done, they told me that it was recorded on the computer and I didn't have to worry.

Now my car has run out of the three year warranty, luckily I got an extended warranty. On the 16\06\06 my car blew a hole in the gearbox and my dealer is refusing to fix, even though I heard a knock about 20 minutes before it happened, so I pulled over and had a look I saw nothing. I heard a grind as I took off before I noticed no movement forward. Still in argument with Holden.

Andrew from Frankston.

4th Mar 2007, 14:43

The "Cruze" Saga Continues...

We purchased a brand new 2003 Holden Cruze and it drove perfectly for the first 12 months and then the problems started:

1. We experienced an intermittent problem where the vehicle shuddered and vibrated whilst braking, so we had taken the vehicle to the local dealership who were unable to locate the problem. This happened over several months where we feel the vibration, but the mechanics couldn't and they thought we were making up stories until finally one of the mechanics eventually felt the same vibration and they fixed the problem.

2. Well they thought they fixed the vibration, but it came back so once again we dropped the vehicle off to Holden for a few days for their mechanics to again review this mechanical problem.

3. The good news is that the vibration has finally been fixed (taking approx 12 months) but now there is weird sounds coming from underneath the car. Once again it was back to Holden and they identified "gearbox" problems which had taken several days to obtain the parts.

4. Three months later the vehicle warranty had finished and the gears pop out in both 1st and 2nd whilst driving and there is a grinding noise coming under the car. So the car is back at the Holden dealership getting repaired with Holden paying for the repairs (a win for the consumer!)

Conclusion: small car - lots of mech probs (maybe they should have 6 year/130,000km like Hyundai?

29th Aug 2007, 22:34

Just took my car in for its 45 000 service. Also notice that there was a strange noise from the front (that had only been making the noise for a week). Mechanic just called and the 'teeth' in the gear box are bent- Mechanic also said that this is not due to driver error.

Considering that it is just outside its 3year warranty it going to cost a LOT of money to fix- not impressed...

14th Sep 2007, 04:22

Don't buy a Cruze... They are terrible cheap and nasty cars. Take it from me, a Holden Mechanic!

26th Sep 2007, 02:26

God, I've just bought this car 2nd hand private 03 model, was perfect, after 1000k's gear box started making a rumbling noise 1st and 2nd gear!! I need a new gearbox or get it reconditioned very angry, holden should take this back and fix there problem, this is pathetic!

29th Sep 2007, 18:06

Holden's responsible for selling it. Suzuki cops the blame for design and build.

30th Sep 2007, 19:57

My Holden Cruze has done 70,000kms and never missed a beat - until now! After approx 20 minutes driving, the car gets the shakes (feels like you are driving at 20km/h in 5th), the tacho goes berserk and then the car stops. If you sit for a minute or two it will restart, but it happens again about every 5 minutes.

My mechanic (who I trust) has been over it 5 times - never shown a fault on the computer and he has had an auto electrician check all wiring. Can't find anything - but it just keeps happening. Anyone have any ideas??

28th Jan 2008, 19:32

Did you fix the problem of your holden cruze stalling? I have a 2002 model and it does exactly the same as yours. I have 2 young kids and really need the problem fixed.

14th Apr 2008, 07:03

I have the 2002 Cruze and I was asking if anyone knew how to fix the problem of the car staling after 20 min (with the 2 kids). After 9 weeks in at an auto electrician he has fixed the problem. He spent what time he could by running the car, waiting for it to stall and then went though the wiring until he found the problem. He thought he had fixed everything and ended up putting the computer in to get checked out. There was a problem with the wiring somewhere near the exhaust which caused a malfunction in the computer. After the wiring was fixed and that malfunction was fixed it stopped stalling. Such a small problem which took over 2 months to get resolved. My dad drove the car from Canberra to Darwin in 6 days with not one problem. I am now back in love with my little Cruze.

20th Apr 2008, 19:04

Holden Cruz is poorly made and engineered car, and Holden does not want to take blame for it, we bought it new 2003 model, so far we've done 141000kms, we had tyres replaced, gearbox replaced, drive shaft replaced twice, front drive racking replaced we have pretty much everything replaced. Brakes have failed on us as my fiance came up the drive way and almost smashed through the garage. The whole car will shake once you hit about 90-100kms and of course the all so annoying Clicking noise no matter which way you turn, and Holden says that every time they drive it they can't hear it.

I think Holden should refund everyone that has ever bought this car, take em all to one spot and burn em to the ground.