4th Apr 2017, 06:33

I had an identical issue. Changed coils and all seems fine now.

9th Sep 2017, 02:41

Hi all.

I just wanted to share some info on problems I've had. I own a manual and auto 2002 Cruze.

Low idle when cold, high idle when warm, intermittent high idle = auto choke jamming.

Knocking in steering column = slop in the spline of the adjustable steering height mechanism. Solution is to fix the steering at one height, then pour Loctite bearing mount down the spline.

Rough idle = coil pack gone or on the way out. Solution, replace the coil pack and leave the plastic cover off the top of the engine, they get too hot.

Parts for your car? Try Suzuki dealers, my auto has front Suzuki struts in it now. Fuel pumps? Try Repco.

Hope this helps.