4th Apr 2017, 06:33

I had an identical issue. Changed coils and all seems fine now.

9th Sep 2017, 02:41

Hi all.

I just wanted to share some info on problems I've had. I own a manual and auto 2002 Cruze.

Low idle when cold, high idle when warm, intermittent high idle = auto choke jamming.

Knocking in steering column = slop in the spline of the adjustable steering height mechanism. Solution is to fix the steering at one height, then pour Loctite bearing mount down the spline.

Rough idle = coil pack gone or on the way out. Solution, replace the coil pack and leave the plastic cover off the top of the engine, they get too hot.

Parts for your car? Try Suzuki dealers, my auto has front Suzuki struts in it now. Fuel pumps? Try Repco.

Hope this helps.

24th Nov 2017, 13:54

Hi there,

I know I'm reading posts of a few years ago, but I am desperate for an answer to a clunking noise in my 2004 Holden Cruze automatic.

I have taken it to no less than six mechanics. I've had CV joints changed, new tyres all round, new bushes, new brakes, new suspension, just about a new car. Each mechanic has his own theory as to the cause of the clunking. The car actually drives really well, but the clunking is definitely something that shouldn't be there. One mechanic suggested I turned the radio up louder so that I didn't hear it!!!

The noise is underneath in the region of the transmission and now I've been given "gear box problems"; gearboxes as you will know for this model are like hens teeth, so very hard to find. Strangely enough, since having the tyres changed and an alignment done yesterday, the clunking was only audible from taking off first thing this morning and only lasted for seconds -- would the correct tyres and correct alignment minimise the problem? I bought the car just four months ago.

13th Dec 2017, 02:06

This addition to the commentary on YG Cruze AWD is gold. I have been back twice to get my front drive shaft replaced under warranty, but the noise is back again.

Recently, I visited the CV Centre in Toowoomba which specialises in CVs joint replacements and does nothing else. The will fit a new CV joint / drive shaft to a YG Cruze AWD, but won't guarantee them. So what's the problem? If you go under the car and look at the drive shafts, notice the angle which they enter the automatic transmission. It's at such an acute angle it puts too much pressure on the CV joint. They need to be far more horizontal to the ground. The solution is to replace the exist front springs with a set of King Springs which are 30mm shorter so the angle of entry to the transmission is less acute. This will lower the car and make the ride a little harder, but it should stop the clicking in your CV joint as you accelerate.

Cheers SB.

31st Jan 2018, 14:48

I have a Holden Cruze, 4 door hatch back, 2012 model, this car only has 29,000km on it. At 100-110km per hour it develops a harmonic noise coming from the right hand front corner of the car. It is not wheel balance because the steering wheel does not wobble whatsoever. Does anybody have this problem or know someone who does with this particular model of car and know how to cure it? It is driving me mad. I need help ASAP.


6th Feb 2018, 17:42

Check the front brake calipers; guide pins wear out and cause a knocking sound.

27th Apr 2018, 00:06

My daughter had the same problem; if you put a hose down behind the alternator when it starts to idle rough and turn it on, you will cool the crank angle sensor down, and if it runs smooth again, it's the sensor, time to change it. Hope this helps.

10th Nov 2018, 05:29

Could you please tell me what the EPS light means?

24th Mar 2019, 12:43

Hi. Great thread. I appreciate the detail. Just wishing for a little clarification on one point please. Are you just replacing the front springs or doing both front and back?

The original post quoted King Springs ‘KHFL-105 & KDRL-118’... so essentially putting in new springs in the front & back as a set? Is that correct? Thanks.