9th Oct 2012, 18:33

Dear All.

I am very sad to hear about all the problems you have had with your little Cruzes. I bought mine NEW early in 2003, drove it out of the showroom, and have NEVER had one problem.

It is an automatic and has 166,000k on the clock. I have it serviced by Holden regularly.

I love my little car and will be sad to see it go when the time comes.


8th Nov 2012, 14:13

We also have a Holden Cruze 2002 - started having problems always on the motorway - tacho goes up and down, and the engine loses power. Pull over to the side of the road, turn off the motor, and after a few minutes, start and the car is OK. Mechanic has checked the computer - nothing showing - and we are unable to establish why this is happening; seems to happen when the car is hot and has been running for a while and on hills.

Can anyone help?

1st Feb 2013, 01:57

Hi all,

I know it may be too late for some, but I have a Holden Cruze 2005, and have had the same problem.

It is the CV joint, but there is nothing wrong with it, just the angle it runs at.

I bought a set of lowering springs from King Springs in Melbourne, which they stock, and problem gone, noise free for 2 years now. Fantastic small car.

Cheers, Kevin

7th Feb 2013, 15:56

The noise in my little 2002 Cruze was found to be the universal joint in the steering column, just inside the cab near your foot pedals. I was told it's difficult to replace or just put up with it. Only audible off road.

Gary D

6th Mar 2013, 04:15

I am having the same problem. Holden have replaced the map sensor and the crank angle sensor. It's doing it again. Did you ever find the problem?

10th Mar 2013, 06:10

I have replaced the engine in my 2003 Cruze with a 2005 Cruze engine. I drive for about 2 metres and the car jams. Looks like a gearbox jam. Any remedy anyone?

13th Mar 2013, 10:17

Thanks Andrew,

Just replaced CV joints, clutch plate and new reco engine - going well - however when braking from 80-100kph, I get a vibration / shudder noise? Any idea here?

Cheers Mike


22nd Mar 2013, 08:21

In 2005 I purchased a new 2004 Cruze Auto. Have done 211,000km in 8 years, as we live in Central Vic, so mainly country miles.

Have had this week the first set of brakes replaced, still with 2mm on the old ones. Also had the struts replaced this week. I also had a noise in the steering, and was told that the whole steering unit has to be replaced, as the universal in it is not separate, and Holden have given a price for the part only at $2,000.00; quite expensive. Has anyone heard of the steering shaft being repaired?

I also heard a noise in the gear box recently, and was asked if the replaced CV joints were after market ones, and was told also that if they are not original parts, they can cause a noise that most think is the transfer case. If they are replaced with originals, apparently the noise stops.

Like many others who have commented, they are a great little car and it has never let me down.

Thanks, Donna.

22nd Mar 2013, 19:47

Warped rotors?

12th Apr 2013, 02:46

This noise is a combination of dry brake pads (brake pads do that when they age) and some dust/dirt getting into the brake assembly unit.

You'll notice this usually happens after a stint of high speed driving, usually in summer, when the brakes haven't been used for a while.

It's not a safety concern.

12th Apr 2013, 04:04

Noise (rear) while driving after a cold start.

Has anyone had this same issue? It's been happening on my 2002 Cruze for the last few years.

It only happens when the car is cold, generally after a cold start, and lasts for less than one kilometre while driving.

Multiple noises/vibrations/rattles can be heard, coming mostly from the rear of the car.

It never happens in summer or when the car is hot.

Holden said the exhaust mounts need replacing, but a specialist exhaust repairer said they were fine.

Please help.

Thank you in advance.

Other than that, I've had mostly ten years of happy motoring. I've only had to change the crank shaft position sensor, as others have, and a left rear wheel bearing.

The car has done 85,000kms, mostly at high speed on country roads, and I've had no problems with the manual gearbox.

8th Jun 2013, 20:18

Hi, I bought a 2012 Holden Cruze. It shudders at 25km/h then stops. It's OK after that. Would I buy another one? If it didn't shudder at 25km/h I might do. Only done 15,00km. Has shuddered since day 1. Holden don't want to know about it. I gave up and put up with the shakes.

25th Jun 2013, 06:45

Get your crank angle sensor checked. It happened to me, and now it's fine, haven't had a problem since. Cost $190 AU at Ultra Tune.

25th Jun 2013, 06:50

Does your tacho go up and down, then it stalls and the temperature gauge may be higher than normal? It won't show up on a computer? It may be the crank angle sensor; I had this problem with stalling, got it replaced for 190, and haven't had trouble since.

14th Jul 2013, 18:34

Hi, we had the same problem. I was told to replace the crank angle sensor.

I also have a 2002 model Cruze.

4th Aug 2013, 00:24

I have a 2003 Cruze and it has just spat gear oil through to the flywheel. Any ideas what might cause this?

Cheers, Chris.

13th Oct 2013, 22:51


Currently trying to replace my left and right drive shafts for my 2003 Holden Cruze, and Holden don't have them, so I had to go with after market parts. But the constant velocity shaft I got doesn't have the spline for the ABS brakes. And I'm not sure what to do now. Have been told to heat the old spline to take it off, and then heat again to put it on the new drive shaft?

If anyone could help, please email me at beth.tiffany@gmail.com


29th Oct 2013, 22:07

Hi, just fixed our 2004 Cruze YG, 90,000 k's, needed a transmission (manual). Get on the web "Wakeline Automotive".

Great little car.

30th Oct 2013, 00:21

When I replaced my CV shafts (myself), I just knocked the old ABS rings off by holding a block of wood against them and gently hitting the wood with a hammer, working my way around slowly. Installation was basically the same on the new CVs. Plenty of WD40 helped, no heat was used. Make sure they are perfectly clean when finished, and also make sure the ABS sensors are clean and installed properly back in position, or the ABS may activate when it is not meant to.

1st Nov 2013, 14:58

Has anyone had success adding another remote key for their YG Cruze?

7th Nov 2013, 05:51

Thank you for that post. I am a single mum trying to fix my daughter's car. You seem to know what you are talking about. Could you please email me what I need to do? She has an 03 Holden Cruze hatch manual, and it seems the clutch has gone in it. When it is turned on, you can't get gears at all. Turned off you can. When you get a chance to get a gear, it vibrates. Please email me on bushmates@hotmail.com

Thank you very much.