26th May 2008, 00:38

I have a 2003 Holden Cruz and have just been told that I need to replace the gear box. Oddly enough when I tried to get my extended warranty (with all current Holden services) they would not give it to me.

Has anyone been successful in having Holden replace the gear box when the car is out of warranty?

8th Jun 2008, 22:35

We have a 2002 model Cruze with 80000 kms on the clock.

Upon buying the vehicle we noted that the car had already had a Diff replaced.

Whilst driving on the Freeway passing another car, we experienced what we believe to be the a broken Diff. At the time of the incident we were traveling at approx. 100km per hour. Has anyone else had this problem?

Fortunately it is covered under a Holden Certified Used Vehicle Warranty...

We have decided to sell it as soon as it has been fixed!!

6th Jul 2008, 19:04

My car has just started popping out of fifth gear. Has anyone any tips or experience of what this may be?

I have had the car since 11000 kms (CEO's demo model originally, it has now done 66000 kms. Prior to this the car has been perfect with no issues.


22nd Sep 2008, 17:45

We also bought an ex demo 2002 Holden Cruze, and after not long we are not happy with the gears. It is not smooth.

Then when we got a letter of transfer case recall. We complained about the gears and Holden said they are not related. Even for the transfer case, I had to wait for more than one year it to be done (it will be done tomorrow). In the meantime my radiator leaked and I have replaced it with a new one.

Curiously, I would like to know about Holden Cruze before I take my car tomorrow to Holden. To my surprise, some people have experienced the same problem as me. I am now worrying whether Holden will change my gearbox since my 3 year warranty has long gone. I support the other owners to urge Holden to recall all Holden Cruze cars before it's too late. I regretted buying this car. I trusted Holden, even though the engine of the Cruze is a Suzuki. I am a housewife with two children with medical problems. I have enough stress already. Please...

19th Dec 2008, 17:34

Woah!!! Scary stories. I love my little Cruze (2003) but have recently had to replace the gearbox. This meant two weeks in the mechanics whilst they sourced the part- Which became increasingly pricey as they tracked down gearboxes which were snapped up by other cruze owners before they could even ring me to let me know. I also have the clicking right hand front wheel sound- which appeared only after having the front tyres replaced. Time to say goodbye to my baby, even though it has been a wonderful car in every other way.

8th Feb 2009, 09:34

My mother in law bought a new 2004 model Cruze - automatic. From driving the vehicle out of the dealership, she has had the familiar ticking noise in the right wheel, especially when turning corners or roundabouts.

Took it back to Holden who just couldn't hear it, sent her away making her feel like she was hearing things. But the problem continued, she took it in, they told her it was the bearings, they said they replaced the bearings and all was good... but it wasn't... same problem... took it back again, they said it was the brakes, replaced the brakes, same thing again... then they blamed the tyres and told her that the tyres were not covered under warranty (despite being provided with the new car) and sent her packing. Long story short, she got no satisfaction and till this day nearly 5 years later, has still got the ticking noise.

When the left brake light failed a week ago, she took it into Holden who wanted to charge her $140 for replacing the left rear brake light!!!

She took it to a local mechanic who charged her $20 and spent 5 minutes doing it. The right one has now failed a week after the left and will need to be replaced. Hopefully it is not an electrical problem.

The automatic gearbox goes crazy sometimes and revs very high for no reason at all.

It is obvious from the other comments that this car has issues, too many ticking noises from wheels on too many Cruze's means it's more than coincidence, surely?

26th Feb 2009, 06:36

The Holden Cruze, which is a Suzuki in all aspects apart from the badges, is designed and built in Japan, and it was imported to Australia late 2002 till 2006.

The engine is a nice piece of work, as it's simple, fuel efficient and no oil leaks at all, not even from rear main seal up to around 250,000 to 280,000.

However the gear box is weak, especially 1st 2nd second gear in the manual. You can get the gears replaced, but the same grinding noise will appear at 1000km or even earlier. Nothing wrong with the grinding noise, it's still safe and drivable, however it will get worse and worse till around 80,000 to max 90,000, and you will lose your 1st, 2nd and reverse gear.

I've spent on the gearboxes and replaced the gears and bearings 3 times on 3 different Cruzes, that's how I know what's going on. But after lots of interest and motivation in solving this problem, I bought one and pulled it to pieces and found that it's a misleading problem after 6 trials. BINGO, I knew what the exact problem is, and the noise is gone with some minor modification.

I've driven 50,000km and no grinding noise at all :)

I give the car to my customers as courtesy car and they love it.

The other problem with this type is the drive shaft. It only works around 80,000 unlike the Camry, Corolla and Civic, which can last up to 180,000 depending on your driving, and if the boots are replaced when ripped.

Overall, I would recommend those who own one not to spend money on the gearbox, as the problem would not be solved.

25th Mar 2009, 06:17

Could you tell what the modification you did to fix the gearbox problem as I am having the same problem with 1st and second gear being noisy?

21st Jul 2009, 02:04

Hi, I bought my Cruze 12 months ago at a very reliable Holden Dealership.

I love my little car, and have had very little problems except I have had a whining sound when put in fifth gear, which has been there since I bought it. I reported it under warranty and they said it was nothing to worry about. I have been back many times with still no satisfaction. Was wondering if any one else has the same problem?

My car is a 2004 model with 75000k on the clock.

22nd Aug 2009, 09:26

I bought a 2004 Cruze 2nd hand, 1015 klm, did 7000 klm, just out of warranty gearbox explodes. Dealer said haven't seen this problem before - what a joke? Suzuki and Holden didn't do their home work on this one, it's a dud and every one you talk to says so. So much for buying a brand you can trust.

1st Sep 2009, 18:19

Have had my 2004 model Cruze for 2 years, it has low km's and regular services. Went in to get fixed because the speedo stopped working, and have now been told the gearbox needs replacing at a cost of $3000, or fixed for $500, which will only last a year before needing to be replaced anyway. As an unemployed full-time student, I'm not very happy with Holden right now!