7th Dec 2013, 14:07

My wife bought a brand spanker Cruze SRiV yesterday. Drove it home and parked it up. Done 84km. Nice and shiny, leather seats, sat nav, push button start etc.

Half an hour later the car tries to start itself. It continually cranked over and I couldn't stop it. Smoke was pouring out from under the bonnet. I should have left it, but I ran to the shed for a shifter and had to disconnect the battery to stop it cranking over. The dealer said he had never heard of that problem before, drive it in so he can look at it. P**s off I said, you come and get it cos it is not safe. Could have burnt our house down.

10th Dec 2013, 06:42

Hi, how much for a new gearbox in a 2004 Cruze?

3rd Jan 2014, 14:24

Hi mate,

Just read your bit on the Holden Cruze gear box problems. I have one that has just had the same problem. Would you say these are internal problems, as that's all my warranty will cover?

23rd Apr 2014, 01:26

Hi Gary, I was wondering if you could PLEASE help me?

I have a Holden Cruze 2002 Auto. Recently I was told by my mechanic that the knocking noise coming from rear left was a drive shaft problem. So 6 months ago I had it replaced with a new one, and the noise kept coming back. Have taken it back 4 times and the mechanic has replaced it each time with new ones from different retailers, and still to this day it is still making the same noise. Had a talk to my mechanic today about it, and he said the only thing I can do is to buy brand new ones from Holden - but they are very expensive!

What concerns me is that he said if I'm not bothered by the noise, then not to worry about it as it won't cause any damage to the car or drive shaft if I leave it as it is... Is this true, or is he just saying it to get rid of fixing this problem?

To be truthful I can put up with the noise, but my concern is will it do damage to my car or the drive shaft itself?

Thank you very much for your time, and your advice will be very appreciated. Ta.

16th Aug 2014, 12:55

I agree with you all about the Cruze having issues.

I'm a mechanic. Cars won't last forever.

Car parts have a serviceable period... especially bulbs!

QUICK NOTE - if your left brake light bulb blows, then it's a sure bet that the right side is gonna blown soon too. The left side brake light lights up whenever the right side lights up. The bulbs come from the same manufacturer, who state the serviceable period of the bulb.

The bulbs should have been replaced before their serviceable period expired... pretty simple hey!