25th May 2011, 21:16

Someone else told me it was the crank angle sensor.

But how do you fix it??

6th Jun 2011, 03:58

I have a clicking in the left front side of my car and like a thumping sound in my car when I am driving. I have had it to 3 mechanics, ultratune and all and no one can fix it.

My email is bundyguzler@hotmail.com. I would really like it fixed as I love my little car Tracy...

8th Jun 2011, 01:32

I have exactly the same problem. I had a small crash about 8 months ago and the car has never been the same since. At 80 - 100kms when I try to stop, it shudders. I was told that the brakes needed replacing. I did that and it still does it. Now when driving it makes a clunking noise and when I brake it makes a weird noise. I'm starting to get over it, so if anyone has any ideas can you please email me at amanjasmolly@hotmail.com?

4th Jul 2011, 02:07


I sort of have the same problem, and having had my crank angle sensor fixed today, I asked the mechanic to have a look at the noise as I backed off accelerating.

He told me it was the CV joint, and said it could cost $800 for the part - but make sure you get an authentic one - apparently the non genuine can be dodgy.

8th Jul 2011, 19:05

Replace it, either new, or find one at a wreckers.

8th Jul 2011, 21:08

Firstly is your car manual or auto? If it is a manual, then get any drive train noise checked out thoroughly; the 02 -07 Cruze has a history of gearbox issues.

I have reconditioned many of them over the last 7 years, and believe me when I say it is a lot easier and cheaper to fix the issues when the gearbox first starts to develop a noise, as opposed to when it literally explodes. I have heard of countless times that mechanics diagnose the noise to be C.V. joints (drive shaft), and replace them, only to have the noise still remain.

If anyone needs any more info. or advise, then please don't hesitate to email me at wakeline@adam.com.au. I'm only too happy to help, or if you know of any old dead boxes, then I would be very interested in buying them...

Regards, Gary.

18th Jul 2011, 23:09

I have a 2002 Holden Cruze, which has 40,000 klms on the speedo.

There is a low pitch grinding noise in the front, which seems to be coming out of the gearbox. I have had the gearbox and transfer case out once before, but nothing was found to be causing the problem. There were no signs of metal filings in any of the oils, included the diff. I have the box out again now; have you got any ideas what in particular I should look at. Any help would be much appreciated.

Bob Hampson Mount isa 4825. Phone 0417018785.

Thank you Bob.

27th Jul 2011, 08:23

I know this is an old post.. You can pick up CV /driveshafts for $125 on ebay for the YG Cruze, Chevy or Holden. Beware, a Holden/Chevy is not an Ignis.

18th Jan 2012, 22:28

I am also a new owner of a Cruze 2003. I have just had my first service done, and have been told my transfer shaft is leaking badly and my CV joints on my left wheel need replacing. I am wondering how much the transfer shaft will cost me, and whether it is likely to fail in the near future? Also, after reading the comments regarding clicking in the front wheels, I am altogether dubious on whether it is the CV joints at all.

I am also wondering whether a complete change of brake and transmission fluid (as one is black and the other is dirty) is possible to do at home, or whether it needs special mechanic attention?

29th Mar 2012, 17:02

Can anyone tell me what models were recalled to have the gear box fixed, and years from when to when?

29th May 2012, 20:57

Hi guys,

I realise that this is an older thread, but I have recently purchased an 02 model with 145k on the clock... it is running wonderfully, however there is a knocking noise coming from either the right driver's side front wheel or the steering wheel column. Could someone please advise me on what it could be, and what to get checked out?

It has a new clutch and gear box put in, and it's had the left CV replaced.

Thanks Samantha


3rd Jun 2012, 09:47

Hi Sam,

Get your mechanic to check the top strut bushes; just a thought as I've recently had a customer inform me that theirs have worn and produce a clunking noise.

Also... on another note, if anyone needs a Holden Cruze gearbox reconditioned, simply google "Holden Cruze Gearbox", and find our website Wakeline Automotive, we have reconditioned many many Cruze gearboxes, and can help with any enquiry.

Regards, Gary, Wakeline Automotive.


26th Jun 2012, 21:18

Hey bud, what were your minor modifications on the Cruze gearbox?


6th Jul 2012, 05:59

Hi Gary.

John here. I recently sold my Holden Cruze YG 2 to a young couple. We were both aware of a weird gearbox clutter sound. After purchasing the car off me, they took it to the mechanic. The mechanic reckons the car needs a new gearbox.

I want to help them as they're a young couple with toddlers. Do you possibly sell reco gearboxes for this type of Cruze. Also, are you in Sydney, if so, would you be interested in replacing their gearbox? Of course I'd have to pay you for both supplying and fitting the reco gearbox.

Please contact me on john@seo.com.au.

Thank you :-)

11th Aug 2012, 05:06

Did you find out which year has the problem fixed by Holden. We have a 05 and the problem just started yesterday. I am unemployed, and cannot afford that kind of money at the moment.

23rd Sep 2012, 21:48

And I have another Holden Cruze 2004 model in for a gearbox recondition. It's about time Holden took responsibility for this and recalled all of these cars for gearbox replacement and/or reimbursed owners for this expense. Every mechanic I have spoken to says this is a well known fault, and given that it is not a stock standard job, it costs a lot more than other cars. I will never buy another Holden.

27th Sep 2012, 17:30

I have a 2002/3 Cruze, and the noise in my car is the universal joint in the steering column, just inside the firewall, inside the car. I was told it could be replaced or I could live with it. G.

2nd Oct 2012, 06:27

Hi everyone,

I bought my wife a 2002 YG Cruze a few years back. It was advertised at a great deal less than its market value (at that time they were going for $15K, I got this one for $9k...) and about 6 months later, I found out why. It was a repaired car, front end damage, dodgy paint, bonnet and bumper paint peels straight off... I was so annoyed when the click click click started, cos then I knew there would be problems. As an engineer, I have found out a few bits of info worth passing on.

The AWD version sold as the Suzuki Ignis in other countries has 150mm ground clearance. GM/Holden had the Aus delivered model raised to 180mm (3cm increase) to get a better deal in import tax, as it's classed as a light commercial.

Holden had 12 weeks to put the project together, and the suspension geometry sure did get some attention; it's just a few angles are a bit 'hopeful'.

In most conditions this wouldn't have a huge impact on the driveline, but here, if the Cruze is going over a 'rise' at speed, or major body roll etc, will make the CV joints be at an odd angle. This, repeated over time, can over stress the internals and pop the shaft out of the transfer case. It pops back in normally. In 2006 there was a recall on the circlip on the gearbox side (it's a small 'C' shape of formed wire that keeps the shaft in). The diameter was increased to make it a much firmer connection.

The added stress at high angles can make the CV joint wear unevenly; metal shavings and grease make an abrasive past that grind away even more.

The steering system has a uni-joint behind the steering wheel. This has a bit of play, and makes a clicking sound. It can be replaced, perhaps a sealed unit that retains lubrication. Rack ends can wear; they must be replaced too.

Torque on the hub must be to the updated specification (Contact Holden service centre).

So with raised suspension, worn CVs and worn steering, of course there will be some sounds coming from the front end!


If you are able, get springs that are 30mm lower (King Springs have them, part numbers are: KHFL-105 & KDRL-118). About $320 for the set plus fitting is a good price.

Replace steering and suspension parts WHEN the sound like they need it; do not wait for failure.

Get the proper Circlip installed on the shaft to stop it from popping out of the gearbox.

Get a professional to check the car to see if there are any repairs to the frontal area, as once it's bent, it can be difficult to align everything the way it should work.

Make sure wheels are aligned and balanced, this will reduce the steering shaft uni-joint noise too (as well as increasing tyre life).

With all these issues, it may seem like a lemon, but if it's serviced and parts are attended to, it should be a hell of a lot easier to live with!

(By the way, the M15a engine is an absolute ripper; very reliable and economical if looked after!)