10th Sep 2009, 21:13

Hi, my daughter has a Cruze 2002, and up until now it has been a great car. Just recently, after driving it for approx 20 minutes, it decides to shake, the engine light starts to flash and stalls. You wait for 5 minutes and it restarts and you continue on your journey until it happens again.

I have taken it to a dealer, but unfortunately nothing shows up on their diagnostics machine.

Has anyone had this problem, and if so, what is the fix?

20th Jan 2010, 22:30

To all Cruze drivers, lower your front suspension and all your gearbox and drive shaft problems will be solved.

23rd Mar 2010, 09:42

I have had the Cruze for 6 years.

I found the Holden (dealership) to be untruthful at all times. Paying for major service, I found problems like them not filling the radiator with coolant, paying 5 times the price for simple oil and things. In all honesty, I believe I would have gotten a better deal from saving the money paid in service (just to keep the useless warranty..) for any time something does really go wrong, because you can bet they do not cover it and their service is rubbish (that is all I can honestly say about it as an ex-customer).

Come on guys from Holden, what do you really spend that workshop consumables charge on? -- Wait I KNOW Doughnuts. A big screw you from me, my wife and my kids.

3rd Jul 2010, 03:05

I have a 2005 model. I love it, such a good little car; the only problem I have is that annoying clicking noise in the right front wheel! It happens when I take off and when the car is cold.

I've had absolutely no problems apart from that, and it doesn't sound like a CV joint problem either, as it's not when I turn and it just sounds different.

Has anyone had this problem sorted out before?

The gearboxes were all recalled and replaced a few years back, and mine is fine now.

24th Sep 2010, 21:18

Bought a 2002 Cruze 1 week ago. Stalled after 20 minutes. Would not start. Problem was traced to the crank angle sensor. Stopped stalling. Now is shuddering when braking between 80-100k.p.h.

6th Oct 2010, 03:48

We have a Cruze 2003.

We are getting the gearbox noises as mentioned in other threads. I am presuming it's bearings and possibly the main shaft. I'm in New Zealand where there aren't a lot of these cars. Can anybody recommend a company (In Australia) that sells Cruze gearboxes either second hand or refurbished?

My email is jayfxx@paradise.net.nz.

Many thanks.

10th Oct 2010, 06:39

The stalling problem with being on the highway is the crank angle sensor. Get it replaced, it won't do it again.

The clicking when you turn tight is the AWD. I've got an 02 Cruze, so it's now 8 years old. Only had one major problem with the angle sensor. Apart from that, nothing.

The other day, I had the fuel line clamp or something like it fall off, only like a 2 dollar part, Bridgestone fixed it in a jiff!

Stop complaining, they're fantastic little cars, great for soft roading. It goes and goes and goes. I think you guys just got the bad grapes of the bunch. These little cars cop so much crap, but watch the show Keeping up with the Joneses to air on Ten; the car they drive, the little white thing, is a severely beaten Cruze!!! It still works.

30th Oct 2010, 13:55

Can anyone out there help me out? Recently I bought a 2002 Cruze that has had the gearbox mods done, and is as sweet as a nut. Only problem is I need an owners manual for it. I tried my local dealer, but they said it was out if print. Any clues as to where one can be found?

5th Nov 2010, 19:58


I bought a little 2002 Cruze about 2 weeks ago, and after about 20 minutes driving the car stalled with the engine warning lights flashing. Called the mechanic and they couldn't find anything wrong on the computer. After reading this blog, I was amazed to learn that this is a common problem in the 02 Cruze. Going to tell the guy to have a look at the crack angle sensor. Anyone else who experienced the same problem, and traced it back to something else??

16th Nov 2010, 02:14


Can anyone help me? My front headlights on my little 02 Cruze were dull so I changed them only to discover it's actually the headlight covers that are dirty & dulling my lights. I just can't seem to get into them to clean inside.

Any idea how to? I took all the bolts off & still can't budge it.

13th Dec 2010, 00:21

I've been told I need a new gearbox as the bearings in my lower gears have gone. :(

Should I replace the gearbox on my 2005 Holden Cruze Wagon? It will cost between $3,000 - $4,600, 79000, or should I cut my losses and look for a new car?

17th Dec 2010, 07:07

I have a 2005 Cruze with 205000km (engine and box have been replaced sometime in the past and both are good).

Otherwise it has all the same issues as listed by others.

It has the slight clunk sound on the right hand front, bad shudder at 90kph-100kph, and strange vibration (humming sound) sometimes when braking.

But these are just minor issues. The car drives good otherwise.

If I grab the driver's side CV, I can move it in/out about 1cm, and it makes an audible clunk. The CV appears to be in good condition and does not click when turning sharply. When I was looking at the CV listings for the Cruze at Repco, I noticed that it said CVs in the Cruze must be replace as soon as you hear any CV noise, otherwise gearbox damage will result.

I balanced the 4 wheels, and it's much better at 100kph.

I suspect the strange vibration (humming sound) is coming from the rear drum brakes. I will check them at some stage.

19th Apr 2011, 21:49

Hi, I saw your comment on this website, are you located within Australia?

I was recently told I needed to replace my diff, gearbox and driveshafts in order to stop a clunking sound in my car... It clunks repetitively and loudly whenever the car has a little pressure (accelerating around corners, going up hill, over-taking) and more often when the car is cold (just when accelerating out of the driveway even!).

I've not gone ahead with any of these repairs as I feel the "several thousand dollar" mark is too much... If you are in Sydney area I'd really like for you to have a look at it.

My email is xx_ra-ra_xx@hotmail.com.

20th May 2011, 03:44

If it is not too late, I can help, please email me, wakeline@adam.com.au

Otherwise please ignore


25th May 2011, 19:24

Hi, to all 2002 CRUZE OWNERS "WHAT A HEAP OF +&*%#". I recently bought an 2002 model Cruze. I got it home and drove it about 50 klms, and now gearbox is u/s. I learn from sites like this that it is a common problem with this &*%#+ thing.

Does anyone have an idea what is cheapest and best way to remedy this common problem? stu.joye@bigpond.com

P.S. grateful for any input.

25th May 2011, 21:02

Hey, I've had the same problems.

Bought a 2002 YG in Jan 2011 and loved it, but had it back to the mechanics 5 times.

The car runs well on the open road, but I experience the same problem as you when I get into stop/start peak hour type traffic.

How did you get yours fixed?