1993 Honda Accord EX 2.2 from North America


Still going strong after all these miles


CV joints replaced at 87,000 miles and 165,000 miles.

Timing belts replaced at 124,000 miles and 187,000 miles.

Radiator, water pump and sensors replaced at 187,000 miles.

Power antenna replaced at 189,000 miles.

Disc pads and rotors replaced at 112,000 miles.

Interior looks like new.

General Comments:

This vehicle has been though the devil and back. 2 Major accidents, one front, and one rear end and a couple of side impacts on the right front wheel that required some work, and it STILL runs great!!!

I have driven this car from coast to coast to coast to coast with several MAJOR trips in between and it has NEVER failed to perform. I even had the car lifted onto the back of a Navy ship and transported, from San Diego, through the Panama Canal, and off loaded in Norfolk and it took the ride just fine.

My previous 1987 Honda Accord LXI had 99,000 miles when I traded it in on this car and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Except for the fact that I have gotten older now and it is hard to take all the road miles like I used to, this car is STILL going strong, and I expect it to last for another 10 years. So long as you change the fluids on time and give it the routine maintenance that it deserves, there is not another car at the price you could purchase that will give you THIS kind of service.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003

1993 Honda Accord EX 2.2 from North America


Sharp and reliable


Distributor at about 60,000.

Driver's window off track, fixed at 85,000.

Faulty locking mechanism in front passenger door, fixed at 85,000.

Catalytic converter (will fix at next smog test...2 years from now!)

General Comments:

This was my wife's car until we bought a new Mazda Tribute two years ago, and I sold my 1991 Civic. Now I drive this one.

Recently, I gave it a total makeover - new paint, custom upholstery grade seat covers in the front and back (leather was wearing in the driver's seat, and was faded and cracking in the back from neglect). Got the engine a major servicing, steam cleaned it, and fixed a couple of minor things mentioned above.

Now this car looks and drives like new. It's a great commuter vehicle, and has always been reliable. I love the interior now with its plush seats and leather trim on the doors, headrests, and rear wing panels, all polished up and looking great. It feels like a luxury car in there now. I put a CD stereo in it a couple of years ago, but plan on updating it soon with new speakers and a sub-woofer.

I've always been a fan of this generation of Accord. It has a very clean, classy look to it. Very unique, too. All the Accords since then have similarities, but none of the models look like the series from the early 90's (same goes for the late 80's Accords). A fun little car, I plan on keeping my Accord for many years to come.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2003

1993 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America


A perfect car for anyone who takes care of it!


The timing belts done at the routine mark of 90,000 miles.

I replaced the muffler at 117,000 miles.

The antenna stays in the "up" position, but the motor to power the antenna still works.

Door handle casing cracked. I went to dealer and ordered a new one It came yesterday morning and I put it in yesterday afternoon. It took 1 minute doing it myself.

Replaced the heater knobs once.

I did the brakes myself at 119,000 miles. It was the first change of brakes for this car. It was very easy and the only cost was that of to purchase brake pads for $17.00. It took me about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. In the case of having a manual transmission, brakes do not go as often as automatics.

General Comments:

This car is the most reliable car that I could own right now. I have had absolutely no problems with the car that consists of a large magnitude.

The car is quite quick for it's given motor. I was considering selling it for a 1998 or newer Volkswagen GTi 5spd or an Audi A4. After test driving multiple Volkswagens and the Audi, I have decided that I enjoy my Honda more than before the test drives of these other cars. I am now going to keep the car until it dies and save money now for a new car for when my Honda dies.

I have purchased a few after market parts for my car that consist of an AEM Cold Air Intake with the By-pass valve (which is necessary for everyday driving), 17x7 inch rims which have improved the handling very much, a full cat-back exhaust, and this spring of 2003 I plan to redo the suspension with full coil-overs. I live in Duluth MN, and to have a lowerd car in the winter is not smart at all. Coil-overs for those of you who don't know what they are, are a suspension set up that allows you to adjust the ride hight by setting the height of the rings on the threaded sleeves of the strut/shock to your desired height. With that, I will raise the car to it's normal height in the winter and then lower it to what I prefer in the summer. I plan to purchase a camber kit for my car and strut braces to stiffen the cars frame and steering response.

These options I'm doing to my car are to increase the performance obviously and I am basically trying to achieve the quality aspect of handling. Moreover, if I would like to, I could get serious and modify many other parts on my car to make it plenty fast. But, I am happy with the basic performance of my car as it is, and I am going to fine tune things a little, such as the handling and it's very simple styling effects.

With the present history of my car and who I bought it from being very impressive, I will bet money that my car will achieve a mark of 275,000 miles if not more. My cousin owned a 1990 accord and drove it to 302,000 miles and the only thing that happened to it, besides the belts, muffler, regular oil changes, new tires, brakes, and new spark plugs, was that the car lost 5th gear. The car was still drivable, just without the option of 5th gear.

Sense hearing this story and many of the other Honda reliability stories, I will buy another Honda in the future. Honda's are excellent cars if you take care of them. Think about it, how much effort do you think your car will give you if you don't put the effort in to give to your car. It's common sense, if you don't care for your vehicle, it won't care for you, simple as that!

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Review Date: 14th February, 2003