1993 Honda Accord EX 2.2 VTEC from North America


Medium performance bargain


Radiator needed replacement at 50,000 miles

Hand brake got stock and deteriorated brakes at 80,000 miles

A/C evaporator leaks. A/C does not work anymore at around 100,000 miles

Antenna stopped working at 100,000 miles.

Radio does not work.

Doors make loudd noises when turned on/off.

General Comments:

Good Handling.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2002

1993 Honda Accord EX 2.2L from North America


A highly reliable and great commuter bargain


45000 miles - Leaking rear tail light.

62000 miles - power antenna won't fully extend.

85000 miles - Distributor -defect.

99765 miles - rusted catalytic heat shield, sway bar bushings cracked, A/C freon weak.

General Comments:

My wife bought this car new with 16 miles on it. It has been dealer maintained ever since. Other than the high cost of dealer maintenance, we have no issue with the vehicle and have since sold my 1987 Chevy Blazer to purchase the 1999 new model Odyssey van. I would never buy a first year model vehicle in the past, always want to wait for company to work the bugs out.

This Accord EX has been the most reliable and responsive vehicle I have ever driven. I'm not sure where others have issue with the speed and responsiveness. We took this car with us to Germany and I drove the Frankfurt to Ramstein A5/A6 2-3 times a month and never felt out of place with the majority of traffic. I have had the car up to 110 miles with out effort and actually was not aware of the speed.

I have been recording the mileage since 1995 and have been getting a consistant 23 mpg combination driving. Straight out highway driving has seen as high as 28 mpg.

I am tall (6'1") and I fit alright in the cockpit. I do have an issue with getting into and out of the car, but my shorter wife is just fine with it.

I am comfortable with the gauges and control placements. The car warms up quickly and use to cool well. Now it needs recharge of the A/C or conversion to the new R134. I will probably have the A/C converted as I intend to drive the vehicle until I can teach my daughter and son to drive (6 yrs and 3 yrs respectfully) when they turn 16. (Well okay I maybe dreaming, but the track record kind of leads you to believe it.)

Another thought, in my area (Northern Virginia) I see this model year car all over the place. As a matter of fact a lot are the same color, green. That there are so many around tells me that when I do start needing used parts there should be plenty.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2002

15th Apr 2007, 10:06

Good review, very thourough with a good feel for the product.

1993 Honda Accord LX 2.2 from North America


A reliable cruiser


Replacement of 2 heater knobs.

Clogged fuel filter.

Cracked interior door handle trim assemblies.

General Comments:

This is my second Honda Accord and I would love to buy them for the rest of my driving days.

I live on a rough gravel road and the car has not only handled the constant torture from that, but also my heavy right foot, and has not let me down one time.

I have driven this car very hard and it has not ever let me down. as you can imagin, gravel roads are very rough on a car, and they have tore up many before this Honda. Not only has the roads beaten it, but sometimes after heavy rains I have to drive those same roads while they have standing water in them, and it still holds up.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2002

1993 Honda Accord LX 2.2 liter from North America


Best car I have ever owned


Original clutch is nearing replacement after 165,000 miles.

Replaced radiator at 155,000.

General Comments:

I bought the car used at 154,000 from a shady dealership on sale for $4999.95. I bought the 12 month/12,000 miles extended service contract for $1,500.00. After having the car for two weeks the radiator blew up, leaving me stranded on the side of the highway. I replaced the radiator myself ($200.00 and easy to do) and since then have not had a single problem with it. My service contract is almost up and I haven't made any claims on it yet. I threw my money away buying it.

This has been the best car I have ever owned. It starts up every time, it leaks no oil, and best of all, it keeps it's value; even after 165,000 miles it books at almost $5k. Plus the interior is flawless and the paint is still glossy like it is brand new.

I think what I like most about my car are the little things. For example, the hidden, retractable cup holders, the fact that I can still roll my power windows up and down without the car being on as long as I haven't opened a door yet, and the little little light on the dash that comes on every 3,000 miles to tell me I need an oil change.

It is by far the greatest car I have ever owned and by far the greatest year for the Accord as far as quality and body styling. I love my car and I will forever own a Honda.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2002