2000 Honda Civic EX-G 1.6 SOHC from North America


Epic car, everything I ever wanted


Oil pan, exhaust, fuel and brake lines rusted out.

General Comments:

I own a 2000 Civic EX-G 5 speed with 365000 km (225k miles).

Love everything about it, and it's everything I could ever want in a car, but it saddens me seeing that rust is getting to it (leaks oil and gas). Manoeuvrability, visibility, fit and finish and economy are top notch. I think when I have the money to replace it, I will go with a 2013 Honda Fit Sport, as it appears to be the last modern day Honda with true Honda DNA.

Oh and my tape player is epic.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2015

13th Nov 2015, 19:23

The 2013 Honda is a good choice. Now that the Fit is built down in Mexico, it is having a few teething problems at the Mexican plant down there. But look for more cars to be built down there. Mexican wages including benefits are 129 pesos per hour, which is $8.00 per hour. Compare that with $58.00 per hour in Detroit with benefits, and $38.00 per hour with benefits at the VW plant down south in the USA.

19th Nov 2015, 06:56

That makes sense, and you raise a good point.

But as I notice, it looks like all 2012-2014 Honda Fits sold in Canada were made in China...

I test drove a 2014 Fit Sport made in China... and the transmission was shifting strangely and it had rust specks forming all over the hood... at 14,000 km.

2000 Honda Civic Limited Edition Tropica 1.4 from UK and Ireland




Watch out for all the locks, doors and ignition. They normally stick. I replaced mine with new parts and keys (€500); quite expensive for a €1500 car, but it's worth it.

Uses too much petrol for a 1.4 car, but if you push it, it goes.

General Comments:

Perfect, smooth, and no noises coming from the dashboard or body.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2013

2000 Honda Civic SE Coupe 1.6 Non-VTEC from North America


Bulletproof simplicity, just don't ask for more


The vehicle began sitting lower on the driver's side as the mileage approached 180,000 km. This has, however, happened on my Subaru as well, so I'm considering it wear.

Clutch slave cylinder gave out at 170,000, and the car was unable to shift. Scrapyard parts and a weekend in the garage cost me under $100 to fix (very easy to fix nearly anything with this car).

General Comments:

This car was handed down to me from my parents about two years ago, and for its entire life, has been indestructible. As a COMMUTER car, this did the trick for short hops to and from school and around town. Despite suggestions from friends, I refused to modify it in any way. This is a 96 HP transporter, not a 500 HP racer.

With less electronics clouding the car, it really did feel like a little go-kart. Handling was precise, quick, and easy. Ride quality was average, not too bumpy. The little 1.6L (non-VTEC) engine was peppy enough, though you could hear it struggle on the highway. Wind noise was rampant, and crosswinds were scary.

The seats are firm, yet surprisingly comfortable. That said, the seats will get uncomfortable for extended trips of half an hour or more, and the cabin is pretty bare. Despite the cheap looking plastic, there are no rattles or easily broken pieces. Everything (mechanical and cosmetic) holds just as strong as the day you bought it. With simple routine maintenance, this car can run virtually glitch-free for life.

Fuel economy is very good, with roughly 35 MPG city even under spirited driving conditions.

Rear passenger access is rather annoying. The trunk space and opening are adequate, but too small for my specific needs at the time (lacrosse gear and a tuba; gear was difficult to fit and tuba would not fit in car at all). So, I traded it for a Subaru Outback wagon. In retrospect, this little machine was far better than the wagon in almost all respects (feels just as powerful, fewer mechanical problems, easier servicing), and would definitely buy again (or a Honda Fit) if and when personal circumstances change.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2011