2000 Honda Civic EX 1.8 from North America


This is a very economical car that is cheap to drive and fun


Windshield wiper motor not working during delay feature.

Trunk leak.

General Comments:

Very good car, good on gas and reliable. Starts every time, and gas mileage is over 30 mpg with just normal around town driving.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2010

2000 Honda Civic VTi Aerodeck 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Bullet proof noisy performance family estate


Nothing as yet.

General Comments:

Prior to owning this car, I had a Honda Accord 2.4 Type S or CL9 version of the Accord, and to be honest it pained me to sell it and buy the vehicle that you are reading about.

In short, the Accord was a great car, totally reliable - the only thing I had to replace in two years of ownership were the 2 front tyres. I can go on about this car, but I won't as I'm writing about my current vehicle; the Civic Aerodeck.

I had low expectations of this car, it looks like an OLD car and probably drove like a trolley. The only things that made me buy it was the engine and 'promised' reliability.

In all honesty, this car has been fabulous and has far exceeded my expectations. The engine is an awesome piece of engineering, nippy enough to 4 thousand rpm, starts singing to 6 thousand rpm, and then growls and goes mental all the way to 8400. Very quick car for what it is, BUT the downsides are the noise gets really tiring on the motorway; I mean at 70mph, the engine is revving at 4 thousand revs in fifth, and also the fuel economy overall is average, but absolute pants if you want to hear it growl. I suppose you can't have it all, and if you like the performance, it's a fair trade off.

The ride is smooth, and it soaks up bumps well. The handling is great at the front as you can really feel the limited slip differential grip, and the great thing is that the more you gun the throttle, the more it sticks. However, the rear of the car just does not want to follow, and to be honest the car does wallow a bit. This can be cured however by installing a rear anti roll bar, as is posted by many owners on forums, and apparently dramatically improves the rear end. I will look into this.

Interior is comfortable (apart from the wind/engine noise on the motorway). I recently drove a 400 mile round trip and suffered no back pain. Also, as this is an estate car, it has a great sized boot.

Overall I'd recommend this car if you have a small family and appreciate fine engineering and performance for a reasonable price. A word of warning though, check out insurance quotes before you buy as this is a group 15 car.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2009

2000 Honda Civic EX from North America


I love my Honda Civic because it's reliable and has good gas mileage


The alignment is off more than any car I've ever had, which of course results in tire wear if not dealt with regularly as recommended. I'm not sure if this is Honda's fault or Les Schwab's.

Notable fact: I have high performance tires and rims.

Locks have jammed up making it difficult or sometimes impossible to lock the doors. When "fixed" it happened again immediately, but they do work half the time.

Door locks make an awful sound when they unlock automatically after turning the car off.

General Comments:

This car has been awesome! I've never had a problem with reliability in 6 years.

I love it and will drive it until it dies!

It's very reassuring since I have little kids.

It's great on gas.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2009

2000 Honda Civic EX Coupe 1.6L SOHC VTEC D16Y8 from North America


The Porsche of economy cars, but wear and tear starting to accumulate


A/C works intermittently.

Transmission needs lube.

Reluctant to go into reverse sometimes.

Plastic that the right headlight is mounted on is partly broken.

Passenger side rear rim is slightly bent.

Handbrake is not very effective.

General Comments:

Brilliant all-around car. Steering is communicative and nicely weighted.

The engine is a gem, giving quick acceleration, has a wonderful sound at full throttle, and returns 32-33mpg city, and can get up to 45mpg city and highway.

The gearbox is great, and is reasonably precise and can be shifted very quickly from 2-3, 3-4. The 1-2 shift can be tricky to do quickly and the clutch is somewhat heavy and engages late in its travel, but is a good transmission nonetheless.

Interior is quiet, and also spacious and comfortable for front passengers, less so in the back. No rattles whatsoever, even after about 180000 miles.

Driver's seat is 8-way adjustable and is well bolstered. Controls are easy to reach from the steering wheel and easy to use. The instruments are logically arranged and very legible.

The handling capabilities of the car are hindered by excessive body roll, but the tires are not stock size and the pressures are most likely wrong. Very fun to drive, and can always put a smile on the driver's face.

Near perfect car, but its age is showing.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2008