2000 Honda Civic EX from North America


I love my Honda Civic because it's reliable and has good gas mileage


The alignment is off more than any car I've ever had, which of course results in tire wear if not dealt with regularly as recommended. I'm not sure if this is Honda's fault or Les Schwab's.

Notable fact: I have high performance tires and rims.

Locks have jammed up making it difficult or sometimes impossible to lock the doors. When "fixed" it happened again immediately, but they do work half the time.

Door locks make an awful sound when they unlock automatically after turning the car off.

General Comments:

This car has been awesome! I've never had a problem with reliability in 6 years.

I love it and will drive it until it dies!

It's very reassuring since I have little kids.

It's great on gas.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2009

2000 Honda Civic EX Coupe 1.6L SOHC VTEC D16Y8 from North America


The Porsche of economy cars, but wear and tear starting to accumulate


A/C works intermittently.

Transmission needs lube.

Reluctant to go into reverse sometimes.

Plastic that the right headlight is mounted on is partly broken.

Passenger side rear rim is slightly bent.

Handbrake is not very effective.

General Comments:

Brilliant all-around car. Steering is communicative and nicely weighted.

The engine is a gem, giving quick acceleration, has a wonderful sound at full throttle, and returns 32-33mpg city, and can get up to 45mpg city and highway.

The gearbox is great, and is reasonably precise and can be shifted very quickly from 2-3, 3-4. The 1-2 shift can be tricky to do quickly and the clutch is somewhat heavy and engages late in its travel, but is a good transmission nonetheless.

Interior is quiet, and also spacious and comfortable for front passengers, less so in the back. No rattles whatsoever, even after about 180000 miles.

Driver's seat is 8-way adjustable and is well bolstered. Controls are easy to reach from the steering wheel and easy to use. The instruments are logically arranged and very legible.

The handling capabilities of the car are hindered by excessive body roll, but the tires are not stock size and the pressures are most likely wrong. Very fun to drive, and can always put a smile on the driver's face.

Near perfect car, but its age is showing.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2008

2000 Honda Civic DX hatchback 1.6 liter gas from North America


Reliability to the fullest


This is my 3rd Honda Civic since 1984, and to be honest, I don't have anything negative to say about these cars. I bought this model from a dealer and got an extended warranty. So far, besides oil changes and 4 new tires and wiper blades, the clutch needed a minor adjustment and replacement of rear bushings for the suspension, both of which were covered by the extended warranty.

General Comments:

I bought this car used with only 11,300 miles on it and it was a great buy. Performance is what you'd expect from a 1.6 liter, 106HP engine. The 5-speed manual is a better choice for this car. You get the most from this engine. My car is black with grey interior (bland, but functional), has no A/C, manual windows and locks, and an AM/FM stereo with just the rear speakers. Yep, it may be boring and basic, but it's less things that can go wrong. The gas mileage is mid to upper 30's. I've put over 50,000 miles on this car and it's been the cheapest to operate and very reliable, not to mention it's paid for.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2008

2000 Honda Civic Si 1.6 DOHC vtec from North America


This is a really fun little coupe that NEVER breaks


Mechanically, NOTHING went wrong with the car while I owned it.

Really the only problem I had with the way it was put together was the Bosch windshield wipers. They were TERRIBLE and just sort of spread the water around instead of clearing it.

There were also a couple of rattles in the interior.

I DID NOT take very good care of this car, but it never bit me in the ass for it. Impeccable reliability.

General Comments:

My dad bought this car very lightly used, drove it for a couple of years, and gave it to me a few months after I got my license. It was basically my first car.

The car was electric blue (choices of electric blue, black, or red). The car got TONS of looks (and it's a Civic). The color, wheels, and slightly more muscular looking bodywork make a lot of difference.

The Si has performance to match the looks. The stock exhaust sounds really good, and in the cockpit the sound of vtec is wonderful. Sure, torque is lacking, but in my opinion this is a driver's car just like any other vtec.

The car would be wonderful if it had a six speed. Highway engine noise is a little annoying, but not unbearable. Just turn the music up. The shifter is pretty clunky and the throw is kind of long. Shifting is not very pleasurable, but I've driven worse.

The pedals are not so great. I fit wider racing pedals so I could double-clutch and heel-toe downshift.

Overall, wonderful car for the money and bulletproof reliability. However, my friend has a 2007 Si and this car is naturally way ahead of the '00 cars. The new Si's have fixed everything that was wrong with the previous Si's (except the new ones are uglier).

Sadly, security wasn't a strong suit of my car and my Si was stolen from a spot in front of my house this summer. The engine, gearbox, trunk, hood, seats, and radio were all stripped (and the thieves thankfully arrested). So, with my Si totalled, I'm on the market for another fun car to thrash around in. My budget is $16,000 so if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it!

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Review Date: 9th February, 2008

14th Feb 2008, 11:34

Correct about the new Si. They really improved on almost everything for these new ones. The 2001-2005 hatchbacks were ugly and lacked the soul and fun factor of the 1999-2000 Si.