2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee from North America


Total JUNK


I have had the transmission replaced. The alternator was recently replaced. I have had it break down on me several times since I have had it, many different issues.

Had to get it towed to shop about 4 times. Once was the alternator. Once was the transmission.

The transmission was just stuck in what I would guess to be 1 st gear. At that time is when the transmission needed to be replaced. Then as soon as I got it back from the transmission being replaced, some cable broke and there was a loud clicking noise. I then had to take it in to get the cable replaced.

When I start to use the brakes the steering wheel shakes a lot. I don't even want to take it to the shop for this one, don't have money to get it fixed. What a piece of crap.

A month or so after later the brakes went out. I could hardly stop my car and almost rear ended someone on the way to take it in to the shop. This time the brake line had to be repaired.

Now I have fumes leaking into my car, and it's going through about a gallon of antifreeze a week. I just read on another review that it is probably the heater core, which is about 1600.00 to fix.

General Comments:

I like the roominess of the inside, and haul things a lot in it. Too bad that is only good thing I have to say about this piece of junk. I would never buy another Jeep or recommend anyone to buy one.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2009

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7L V8 from North America


Extremely Unreliable


1. Steering wheel is wearing.

2. Car will not start in cold weather.

3. When driving, the oil gauge is at 40, then when I stop to park or am sitting at a light, the gauge drops all the way down to zero and the check gauges light flashes on.

4. Transmission flutters when hitting around 55 mph.

5. Averages around 14 MPG.

6. When I first start the car, the headlights flick on and off as I am driving down the road.

7. The check engine light goes on and off all of the time.

8. Sometimes when my car is parked and locked, all of my lights will flash on then turn off by themselves.

9. The tweeters blew so I have hardly any audio in the front of the car.

10. The window in the back will not come up.

11. Half of the lights in the dash went out like the radio dials and air conditioning dials.

12. Radio sometimes cuts in and out.

13. Headlights are really cloudy.

14. The emblems are all peeling off.

15. There are spots where there is rust forming even though it's never been in an accident.

16. Every time it is cold out and I turn my car off, it makes a high pitch dinging noise.

17. It also makes a high pitch dinging noise every time I let my foot off of the gas pedal.

18. The gas pedal is loose and flops around a lot.

19. The stock CD changer in the back quit working.

20. As I was driving down the road once my right passenger window fell into my door and cost 500 dollars to fix something about a regulator. Funny there was a gentleman that came into the same shop as I did because his Jeep did the same thing too!

21. My battery gauge will fluctuate all of the time even after I replaced the battery and got the alternator tested.

22. The button you press in to shift the automatic transmission into gear sometimes gets moved and stuck in an awkward angle, and the car just shuts off in the middle of the road.

23. Rear tail light goes out all of the time.

OK, that is pretty much all I can think of at the moment!

General Comments:

This is the most unreliable car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2009

20th Feb 2010, 11:39

All cars need to be cared for properly, regardless of manufacturer. You may want to find a new service facility to MAINTAIN your vehicles, as it seems they have failed you.