2000 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


Lincoln LS ball joint blues.


Replaced 4 coils.

2 Oxygen sensors.

Timing chain fell off.

Timing chain busted.

Tensioner busted.

Rear window motor went out.

Rear tailight has water in it.

Drivers side inside door handle busted.

Chrome air vent trim fell off.

Moisture in front headlights.

General Comments:

Since owning the car I have had numerous problems. The first problem I had was with the coils shorting out and causing it to misfire. This has been extremely frustrating and time consuming. I never have to worry about the dark, because the check engine light has been glowing bright orange since I've owned it. Next the tensioner busted, then timing chain fell off, and then the timing chain busted. To top it off I was driving to work the other morning and the front tire turned completely sideways and sent me skidding to a halt in the middle of little Harlem (east Houston). After declining an offer of pork chops and a 40oz. I examined my car to notice the lower ball joint busted in two. If this would have happened on the freeway it would have been certain death. Upon further research I found this was a known problem that was a recall in 2000! I bought the car from a dealer in 2004 and this problem was never dealt with!! Why am I having so much problem with a car that probably cost 45,000 brand new? My girlfriend has nicknamed it the "rolling deathtrap" after it nearly killed me the other morning. But out of all this there is good news. It turns out I'm 3 hours away from being a certified S.A.E. mechanic with the hours I have put on my car. As my dad would say its all apart of fords "better idea".

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Review Date: 12th August, 2006

2000 Lincoln LS from North America


Don't buy a Lincoln LS


My Lincoln LS has just started giving me trouble this year. I purchased the Lincoln in 2001 and have only had to purchase new tires. That was the most I had spend until the back regulator went out.

This year, the Airbag light came on. I took it to the Ford dealer and it cost $209.00. Five days later the light was back on.

I had another issue. The dealer thought that I needed a tune-up, but I told them that I had one recently and it had to be something else. Some coil needed to be replaced at $400, and they called themselves, fixing the airbag again, and in three days the airbag light was back on again. This time they gave me a loaner until they fixed it for the third time.

Six days later the light came back on. I called them to let them know that the airbag was back on, and they told me that the driver's seat would have to be replaced as that housed the main wiring for the driver's airbag. The cost would be $3000 just for the part, not including the labor.

The car has 122,000 miles and Blue Book value is $6700, so why would I pay to have this issue fixed?

I had the car up for sale when the light came on again. I don't know what to do since the gas prices have gone up so high, the car only takes premium, and I drive 78 miles round trip to work each time. I need to get another car, but what do you do with a car that you cannot sell to anyone? Please add me to the lawsuit also.

Marian K. Farve

740 Walkingstick Drive

Douglasville, GA. 30134

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

8th Aug 2006, 10:23

Sell it to Car Max. If they bought my Seville with all the leaking issues, they will buy your LS. You might not get top dollar for it, but the satisfaction of not having to deal with that lemon is worth the loss of a few hundred.