24th Feb 2010, 16:19

Incredible that I only find out after the fact... I am also having the same issues as the rest, and also feel there should be a recall. The issue is going to become greater as these cars are now starting to hit the 70,000 miles, which seems to be the point of failure.

My car has done 114,000kms or 71000 miles approx, and yesterday the car would not move while in reverse.

I put the foot down, and it clattered into gear with a huge bolt. I have taken it to the dealership, but not holding my breath. I have been told by them that they have never heard of this problem, which I know is B/S.

I have spoken with a transmission specialist, and he told me there has been a major flaw in this transmission, and that they need to bring a new one in and re-work it, as they explained the replacement will do the same thing.

So it appears Nissan have been aware of this issue for a while, and are trying to keep it quiet.

I am waiting to hear back from Nissan. Not holding my breath. The cost to fix is $5000, while the car is valued at around $9000. Not really worth it.

25th Feb 2010, 07:46

I have a 2005 SE Maxima. I started having problems with my car when it reached 60,000. I just took it to the dealership and they told me it was my motor mounts. I spent $1500 to have the motor mounts replaced, and I am still having a hard shift from 2nd gear to 3rd. It only happens when the car stops and starts. I am getting very frustrated with this car. I have always own a Nissan Maxima and I have never had a problem with it. I had it for over 9 years with 314,000 miles on it. I should have kept my car.

5th Mar 2010, 20:56

March 5, 2010.

Well, I guess I did not do my homework and research this this car before I bought it used about a year ago. The car came with a perfect carfax, and was sitting at a dealership with only one owner.

I should have known that something was wrong with that picture. I am too experiencing the same transmission problems, and I don't think that it's fair for people to be mislead by a Nissan product that cost so much money.

I did not purchase an extended warranty, because I thought that Nissans were of great value. I will be making copies of all these complaints, and faxing them to the main Nissian office, wherever it is located, and demand a recall for the Nissan Maximas model year 2004-2006.

My car is a Nissan 2005 SL with 92,000 miles. If Nissan does not do a recall, then I will be faxing all these reviews to the Attorney General, and will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Let's see what happens then. Everyone who has had a problem with their transmissions should get one replaced for free, with or without any kind of warranty. Thanks and God bless!!!

8th Mar 2010, 12:22

I just took our 2005 Maxima SL to the dealer due to the check engine light coming on. It has 63000 miles on it. The dealer has found the following; A plastic piece in the timing chain assembly is breaking down, one of my catalytic converters is bad and a leaky A/C hose. They also said my transmission fluid was extremely dirty, which I intend to let them change. I am disappointed due to the fact that is is supposed to be Nissan's top of the line car.

The other issue I have had is warp rotors on the front. A service mgr at Big O tires advised me that he has seen this problem quite frequently with the 2005 Maxima, as well as the Infiniti. This is my second and probably last Nissan.

9th Mar 2010, 11:09

OMG! I wish I had read these reviews before even getting an 05 Maxima. I haven't even had the car 45 days and the A/C stopped working, no heater either, shifts hard when car gets extremely hot! And to top it all off, my damn "check engine light is on!"

Please you guys, someone find a way so that Nissan pays for all the heartache and stress we are going through with their cars. I work hard for my money, and what I got was a piece of crap, not to mention I'm still paying a car note. =(

15th Mar 2010, 18:33

I bought a used 2005 Maxima SE last year, and at 88000 miles my car would jump when I went from reverse to drive, and my car wouldn't go when I hit the gas. I had to replace my CV axle, all 4 motor mounts and get a rebuilt tranny at $4800. Now the transmission cooler went out and that's another $379. Shame on you Nissan!

17th Mar 2010, 18:33

I have a 2005 Maxima SE.

Well, along with the tons of people before me, I am also having transmission problems. TRY THE SHIFTING SOLENOIDS! My car is at the dealer as we speak, and they said they will replace the solenoids, let me test drive it, and if the problem isn't gone, they will rebuild the tranny.

Another problem I am having is a rattling noise that occurs whenever I push the car to accelerate quickly. When I'm at cruising speeds it stops, but when accelerating the obnoxious rattling sound is heard when the windows are down. This I have no clue what I can do for. Anyone have any suggestions of what the rattling is??

17th Mar 2010, 19:48

It's most likely to be a loose heat shield on the muffler or catalytic converter. I have the same problem with my 1995 Plymouth Neon (very common on first gen Neon's.) I haven't got around to fixing it yet (I'm just going to remove mine, as mine does not have to pass emissions inspection due to it's age.) Your car will have to have it repaired to pass inspection most likely.

17th Mar 2010, 22:17

I also have a 2005 Maxima SE with 53,000km. The only difference is I have the 6spd manual transmission and haven't had a single problem with it.

With the exception of aftermarket performance suspension and winter tires, I have done nothing to this car except fluid changes.

There is a minor rattle in the dash, but I have owned 15 different makes and models throughout the years, and not one of them didn't have this problem somewhere in the interior.

I traded a 2005 Mustang GT for the Maxima 3 years ago, and the 6spd Maxima destroys the Mustang in all performance categories. Along with the smooth quiet ride and precise handling from the suspension work I did, it is the ultimate, practical sport sedan.

If you can drive a standard, buy it! I don't think any car company makes a reliable automatic transmission anymore!

19th Mar 2010, 21:10

96,00 miles on my original owner Maxima, took it into shop for AC problem, had bad hose, OK, five years that can happen, but repairman also found two of the three engine mounts broken, $560 to repair. It only has three mounts. How does this happen, I see many posts about the trans and broken mounts.