1997 Plymouth Breeze from North America


Everything, from the transmission (2x) to promblems with the starter, alternator, the engine blew at 100,000 miles. The vehicle has been nothing but promblems since I purchased it.

The upholsetery is also rotting.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2005

13th Oct 2005, 19:27

Maybe you should have used car-fax before buying a car that sounds like it was recovered from a flood. I owned one and it it was a terrific car. But if you don't service your car regularly you certainly can't expect them to be reliable.

1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.2 from North America


This car costs more in repairs than what it's worth


The gas cap was not fitting properly, causing the check engine light to come on.

Upper and lower O2 sensors had to be replaced.

Oil sending switch went out.

Driver side outer tie rod end broke without any warning. Passenger side outer tie rod end loose.

Driver side mirror adjusters broke.

Head gasket leaking oil.

General Comments:

This is a nice looking car. It has sufficient room for the average person.

The headlights are useless.

This car has no pick up, especially when the air is on.

This car needs repair every couple of months.

Since the day I bought this car there has been a vibration in the steering wheel that no one can explain.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2004

28th Jun 2005, 00:39

I too just had to have had an O2 sensor replaced. The head gasket on my car has been replaced three times in four years and some other gasket replaced once. The car currently does not have a discernible oil leak, but is eating oil to the tune of on quart per a few hundred miles. My check engine light was on for a long time due to the gas cap. I finally replaced it and will see if this clears up the check engine problem. A few months ago I did have a tie rod replaced in conjunction with a tire replacement as well. I guess you are in good company.

1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.4 from North America


Minor problems, but I still like my car


Well my transmission went out I have that clunking noise that everyone is talking about I've had a blown head gasket, but over all it has been a great car for me.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2004

1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 from North America


Ready to buy a new one (too bad it was discontinued), nice body style!


Radiator reservoir bubbling when engine off (hot) - head gasket 126,000.

Loosing oil at transmission - Rear seal 132,000.

A/C stopped working - Evaporation Coil.

General Comments:

I purchased my Breeze off the show room floor and spent the next (5) years putting 889 miles a week on it. The car is an excellent ride and awesome on gas mileage. Though, at 126,000 I had to replace the "Head Gasket". The mechanic at the dealer said it was common for it to go out on both the Breeze and Neon (they share the same engine). I also had to have the head replaced. Also had to have the rear seal replaced. The car has truly been worth its weight in gold as of today it has 194,386 mile.I still put 530 mile a week on it and it still runs.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2004

21st Jul 2005, 15:04

Hey, um, I just got a 1997 Plymouth Breeze for 2.5k, less than a week ago, from a guy selling it for his mother who cannot drive any longer. He told me that everything that could go wrong on it has, and has new exhaust, tires, and brakes. I am just starting to notice all its imperfections. Since you said that about a bubbling radiator, I want to ask you, if I hear that sound does that mean that the broken cap is imminent or does that sound still occur after the cap problem is corrected? Also I believe the brakes are just beginning to squeak and I hear a deep whir about every 4 seconds coming from the left front tire area at highway speeds. Can you tell me anything useful? My father used to be a body man. Thanks.