1997 Plymouth Breeze from North America


A Sweet Ride


The only major problem I can think of, was that (at around 120,000 miles) the tie rods went and we had to have it towed home.

Seats seem to be designed with women in mind; I found them to be extremely comfortable whereas my male counterparts did not.

Didn't seem to be too incredibly good in the snow, perhaps it was just the tires.

General Comments:

This car really has some power, and handles excellently.

The interior, through heavy usage (kids, moving, dogs, cats) had maintained its form and comfort.

Very bright and roomy inside; you can see everything from the drivers' seat.

A little above average gas mileage, got me where I wanted to go efficiently.

When I totaled it in January, I hit a Dodge Pickup head-on, on an icy road... It was a hard hit and the car looks like it went through a meat grinder, but I escaped with a small bruise on my elbow and a sore fist, as I hit the windshield with it as the airbag deployed. Had I been driving anything less, I wouldn't be here writing about how great the car was. :)

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004

1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 4 cylinder from North America


Reliable and Comfortable


Front left axle has to be replaced.

Tires have vibration when driving at slow speed.

General Comments:

Other than the two things above, I love my breeze. It is stylish looking, while driving very well and still has the gas mileage that my 94 escort I had. I would recommend this car to anyone.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2004

1997 Plymouth Breeze 2.0L from North America


Expensive car by the time you pay for all the repairs you have to do


Car ran good when I bought it, however after about two months I started to have problems. About six months after buying the vehicle is when my transmission went out, after having it flushed out several times. Turned out that when the transmission went out, it had a junk yard transmission already in it, so you're talking at least the second if not more transmissions for a 1997 vehicle with 200,000 miles. I have seen vehicles go that long before the first transmission goes out. After replacing the transmission in it, than it started to whine from the steering every time you put on the brakes.

Car also had a large popping sound in the exhaust every time after shutting the vehicle down. Never could figure that out.

It also went through about one quart of oil every month.

Car was a good running car for the 6 months I managed to keep the car running.

I have never seen such a newer vehicle have so many problems regardless of mileage.

General Comments:

The car had good pick-up speed.

It also had great gas mileage.

Handling was descent, and it was comfortable and roomy, even for the 500 mile trip I went on over night.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2004

22nd Apr 2004, 13:00

I am the proud owner of a 1997 Plymouth Breeze. It seems like your problems are due to a lack of maintenance. I also experienced the loud noise upon turning the motor off. This was cured by simply replacing the P.C.V. Valve. I also regularly replace my Transmission Fluid. My Car now has 298k miles on the clock on the original Transmission. It seems you were either unlucky in your purchase or your car was abused before you took ownership.

9th Jul 2010, 06:59

I am the third owner of my Plymouth Breeze. It is a great car gas wise, and lots of room to move around.

I have owned the car for about one month now, and it just reached 105271 miles. Not bad considering it is an '97 in Montana.

I drive the car for about 110 to 120 miles day for an average 4 days a week.

So needless to say it is broken. My starter started to make noise after work at 9:30pm, and now this morning it won't even engage the starter. Also the tie rod ends are starting to give out, and just had the ball joint replaced.

Since I am buying the more pricey parts, I can't do the tune up or oil change and brakes for its regular maintenance. I am more broke than a poor man sitting on a street trying to get this car fixed, but I was that poor before I got the car.