1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula 5.7 LT1 from North America


Temperamental girlfriend


Driver's seat beat up a little bit.

Fuel pump replaced; I hate to cut holes in cars, but after consulting the factory manual, a hole in the rear deck was much easier. Which I then covered up with sheet metal.

Other option is to drop your rear axle out to drop out the fuel tank. Which is a lot of work and heavy lifting.

Clutch was toast when I got the car, replaced with a stage2 clutch, lately it's been meshing roughly. Vibration I have yet to discover. Transmission whine.

General Comments:

Always something with this car, but I put up with it because of the spine in seat feeling I get. It's a 6 speed, factory rear gear set was 3.43 limited slip, replaced with 4.10. First gear is pretty much a joke now, but oh man is it fun :) The close ratio of the transmission is a lot of fun. The T-roofs are pretty cool, used to have a convertible so I enjoy the feeling of the open air.

Sucks when it acts up, which is most of the time, but it is so much fun when it runs like it should. If you get the chance to drive one, take it to a open lot and just do a spin in it, you'll fall in love.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2009

26th Mar 2009, 19:51

Hey man, I have a 1994 Formula, I am about to replace the fuel pump and I saw where you cut a hole in the top. I feel the same way. My question is where is the fuel pump located? I just don't want to cut too many holes. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. Thanks a lot.

1995 Pontiac Firebird Targa 3.4 V6 from Finland


Very comfortable driver, but bit underpowered for a sports car


Power window motor burned.

Replaced new break front pads.

Rearmost muffler needed to be replaced.

EGR-valve had bad connection.

General Comments:

I was going to buy a Porsche 944 or 928, but once I test drove this Firebird, I was sold. Yes, it's the V6 which compared to 928 lacks power and doesn't corner as well as 944. But this Firebird was by far the most comfortable to drive.

I was impressed how roomy the driver's area is (198 cm tall) and I still have space for my shoulders and my head isn't scratching the roof. It is a bit of work to climb out of the car, but I've yet to meet a low-cut sports car that's easy. And if you're even average fit, it's no issue. Only problem are the doors. They are VERY long, and you need to always take extra care to have ample parking space.

I love the targa-roof! On a nice day you can take the roof-bits off and store them in the trunk. And you can drive highway speeds with them off, even with widows down it's OK. And on rainy or cooler days the glass roof panels let you enjoy the trees overhead as you pass under. I do have the covers, but never really used them. Maybe if I lived in the tropics...

The engine is not the most powerful (160hp), but has nice torque and is enough to pull the car about nicely. The revs stay nice low 2300rpm at 120km/h and the converter locks up to save fuel. The aerodynamics is sleek, specially with headlight down. I can actually drive on highway with barely 8l/100km (with air-co off). In the city she drinks about 12l/100km. The automatic transmission is smooth, but computer control firms up the shifts if you press the pedal harder.

It's very comfortable on highways, but unfortunately catches the crosswinds too easily. In the city you are naturally sitting very low, so you only see the end of the car in front of you. (Saying this coming from Jeep Wrangler...) Also you have to really know your car's corners (which are very rounded, because you cannot see any of them - not even the hood. Only way to judge the front is to raise the headlights, but even they are about 50cm from the front and 20 cm from the sides...but haven't scratched her yet!

Makes me wonder why I'd even consider selling this one, but I usually change cars at least yearly. (Owned over 50 cars to date.) So I guess having this car for two years in a row, is kind of a record for me...

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2008

3rd Jun 2008, 13:03

First of all I believe the correct term for the type of sunroof you have is T-Tops. Secondly, if you wanted a real performance car, you should have purchased a Trans Am or Z28.

Those 2 cars have engines that produce 315 HP.