1995 Pontiac Firebird t/a 5.7 LT1 from North America


Should have bought a Ford


The first night he got it it over heated, lifter made noise for 10000 miles under powered (compared to my 03 lightning),traction control is a tid bit screwy.

General Comments:

Apparently if you hydroplane at 70mph lifter will correct itself, traction control has a mind of its own, you just can't beat a truck that can can out perform a car in every way, but seating arrangements.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2003

1st Jun 2003, 04:29

You're an idiot.

2nd Jun 2003, 21:48

And I'm sure no one in the history of mankind has ever dogged a car out and just so happened to hit a spot of oil.

28th Sep 2003, 20:05

Why did you buy a car with so many miles on it, in the first place. Why are you driving 70 miles per hr in the rain? While a 03 Lighting may be slightly quicker than a used 95 LT1 stock powered car. The mustang GT's or Cobra's (except 03 SC Cobra) don't have a chance against a LT1 in the 1/4 mile! Oh and one more thing- the 98-02 LS1 firebird TA will spank a new Lightning- no contest!

10th Mar 2005, 22:20

Hey man.. you must be insane if you think you should have gotten a ford over a pontiac... my buddy got an 02 mustang gt and is going to race my other buddy with a 96 Z28...and the mustang is going to SMOKED like a chimney.

20th Aug 2006, 14:05

Why are we comparing a 03 lightning to a 95 bird anyway? what relevance is that?

7th Aug 2007, 02:01

No KIDDING... why would you compare the two. From what how it sounds... you don't take very good care of your cars. By the way a lightening is a waste of a truck. I might as well compare my 07 Dodge sport turbo diesel to your lightening. In fact it would probably hang considering it is a diesel. WAY TO GO BUD.

27th Dec 2007, 00:26

Just bought a 95 formula (LT1) with 127,000 miles on it... It is amazing and in great shape. As long as you take care of the bird it will last a long time. This one looks brand new and according to 3 mechanics is an amazing car all around.

1995 Pontiac Firebird SRS 3.4 liter from North America


Red, hot, and fast as hell!


Nothing has gone wrong with the car. We've only had to change the windshield wiper blades.

General Comments:

I love my car! I'm only 16 and it's my first car. Everyone loves it!!

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Review Date: 24th May, 2003

1995 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 5.7L V8, pushrod engine from North America


Awesome fun!... and fast!


The wipers are broken.

A small painted aluminium piece of the convertible top is corroded and looks kind of nasty right now. Must be removed treated and painted.

Also, the car failed the emissions test when I first got it. Turned out it was a bad catalytic converter - $850.00. But it was under warranty still! Yes, even though the car is almost 8 years old.. New warranties must cover emissions related parts for 8 years or 130000km.

General Comments:

I love the car. It is super fast and very slick looking. Nicest style of all modern sports cars. They hold their value very well. must get the six speed transmission though. The convertible top is so well designed its like a hardtop when up. You would not regret buying a car this cool and fun! go for it.. you only live once.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2002

17th Oct 2002, 10:27

Just wanted to know if you have had problems with the engine due to high miles. I am looking at a 1997 TransAm with 109k miles and am reluctant about buying a car with high miles.

26th Sep 2003, 13:21

High miles? I have a 95 transam and I bought it for 11,000 and it had 200,000. That was a steal from in Canada. I drive a lot to and have had it for about 2 years and it has 47,000 more. The engine kicks, but and that is the last of my concerns. I laugh when I hear people freak when it gets to 130,000 or so. Mind you my car is mostly highway driven. I also have an automatic so that probably keeps the life of the car as it shifts automatically when it needs be. I had a 85 transam with 320,000 on it. When I sold it the guy thought it had a rebuilt because the thing had so much power.

24th Oct 2004, 22:06

I was wondering how many mpg a 1985 pontiac firebird trans am would get.

28th Jun 2005, 17:46

Dude, you've lost your mind if you actually paid 11 grand for a Trans Am with 200,000 miles. I could find deals twice as good, and not to mention a newer model at that. I don't know how you do it in Canada, but here in the states we keep the prices on the muscle cars a little toned down, even with the mileage. I mean no disrespect, but that just seems unreasonable.

13th Dec 2008, 00:55

No longer do I want my '95 Trans Am; my tranny went and I have sunk nothing but money into it. I'm driving a '04 Toyota ECHO now, and I'm happy that I have money in my wallet now.