1995 Pontiac Firebird base 3.4 from North America


Sports car without paying a sports car price


Needed brakes all the way around $ 518

Belt tensioner went out $ 110

Other wise just all normal maintenance.

General Comments:

When I bought this car last year I was under the impression that it would need a lot of work due to the fact these cars are seriously neglected and raced around a lot. Its been very reliable and I'm surprised with it being a very small v6 engine.This base model is very easy to repair and doesn't kill your wallet. The car is for people that want a sporty look without paying for it,the only thing I can say that's expensive is the insurance premiums. Performance wise its no trans am or formula, but its no hamster on wheels either.

In the summer the car turns heads from everyone of all ages.Highway traveling is great for just two people and that's it car has very small cabin!!! The only complaint I have about it is I'm 5 foot 6 and I need a pillow to drive it the seats sit very very low. If general motors started making the firebird again I would be first in line to buy one. Would not recommend driving car in bad winter weather you will get stuck, I live in Denver Colorado and most of the winter I drive my suv. Would recommend this car to anyone that loves sports cars just keep in mind its for looks and

transportation only not a trans am by any means

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Review Date: 21st January, 2007

1995 Pontiac Firebird 3.4L V6 from North America


Beautiful sleek machine!



Passenger window motor.




General Comments:

This is a great car. I have the v6 model, so it's not the fastest car but it has great looks.

As for things that had to be replaced, well its general maintenance. the previous owner did not do much, so I had a lot few things to do when I bought it.

Great looking car, put on a dual exhaust, chick magnet! although its not the most comfortable car for a long ride.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2006

1995 Pontiac Firebird 3.4L V6 from North America


My best friend


Headlight gears make grinding noise when closing. Is a free fix, but complicated, from what I hear.

Passenger side window is currently going out.

ABS light came on. Needed new rotors, one twice now. Have had to replace various sensors.

Turn Signal/Windhshield Wiper column broke a plastic part at the base and fell off out of nowhere.

Antennae motor had to be disconnected, no longer goes down, and grinds gears something horrible when it tries.

General Comments:

Great handling. Great looks. It's been a reliable car. It has been worth it's bills.

Very solid. It holds it's own. Near two tons and cat take a bit of a beating. After owning this car, my standards on safety for my next car have risen.

I would buy another. I recommend the V6 to anyone who wants the handling and the look of a sports car without necessarily having the muscle car that racks up the insurance. Would make great first car, weekend car, or even a daily driver (if you don't have too much snow where you live).

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Review Date: 20th August, 2006

1995 Pontiac Firebird Formula Convertible 5.7 Liter LT1 from North America


A low- flying aircraft!


Optispark, starter, alternator all needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

This car rules! This was my dream car and I bought the exact car I was looking for. Black Formula Convertible, 6 Speed. It's sexy and the chicks love it. But that's not why you buy a car like this. It's to go very fast!

The car has been modified and it pushing about 400 HP (from 275 stock) and it's an absolute blast to drive. It handles great and has been very reliable. This car will stay in my garage forever!!

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2006

22nd Jun 2006, 13:38

If you say its pushing 400hp I hope you have some significant upgrades happening, like a supercharger. All the kids out there say their car is pushing like 100hp over stock because of some fart cannon and an intake with a straight pipe, both of which do nothing.

24th Dec 2010, 19:40

Fart cannon.. now that's funny!!!

6th Apr 2011, 10:29

With the LS1 it's a lot easier to make power then most motors out there. My LS1 is putting down 412 rwhp with cam, injectors, intake, exhaust and tune, ram intake and some other "stuff".

But to get back to it, the simple fact is speed costs money and the LS1 is far more economical to build or mod then most powerplants out there. But what do I know? I'm just a jet aircraft mechanic.