1994 Pontiac Grand Am four door SE from North America


I have to agree with 9:21. I purchased (brand new) a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am when my Mercury Topaz was totalled in an accident.

I love driving it, it has been nothing, but reliable. It had some very minor body rust around the gas cap area and I had the car repainted by my body shop. It looks amazing! The only real trouble I have had is with one mechanic telling me I needed new struts and strut assembly for the front end when I told him I thought the motor was loose. He charged me $750.00 for struts and mounts and assured me that was the problem. NOT! It turned out to be a broken motor mount which he then replaced for free. I had nothing, but problems with the struts from that day on and pursued the mechanic. He finally agreed to let me have them replaced somewhere else and return the parts to him for a full refund. Idiot!

Anyway the only other problem I have had is in the last two years. I have had the "wet floor" syndrome. I have had my body shop check everything. Its in on a weekly basis when it rains. Its going in again tomorrow for what better be a thorough check. The owner is looking it over himself. I will repost a notice if we find the problem.

I have been the only owner of this car and it still looks brand new inside and out. No complaints. If they did make a 2007 Grand Am I might think about it but the G6 in my opinion has some really stupid design flaws ie. the ignition being virtually right beind the wiper lever.

99% Happy.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2007

1994 Pontiac Grand Am SE from North America


Could be a good car, burns a hole in your pocket for repairs though


Driver side window off track

Signal lights stopped working

Paint started chipping and peeling out of nowhere

Power locks stopped working

Underneath the dash sounds like a mouse/bird

Gas gauge not accurate - It goes from full to a quarter tank back to a full. You never know how much gas you really have

Power mirrors failed

Car sounds like it will fall apart at the slightest bumps.

General Comments:

When I bought the car and test drove it, seemed like a good car. It was in fairly good shape. I knew the risk of driving a slightly older car, however it was my first car.

Shortly after buying, the dash started squeaking like crazy at every bump. Everything after that just started going in my car.

I understand it's old however, that much should not be going wrong at once. It will cost me a lot to fix to a standard of even selling.

It's comfortable to drive and I get fairly good gas mileage, however I do not think that it is remotely worth fixing everything. I will never buy a Pontiac again.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2007

1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1L V6 from North America


Decent car, if you have money to waste


-brakes/rotors (normal wear and tear)

-passenger side window constantly comes off of the track.

-driver side door sticks.

-driver side turn signal stays solid on dashboard, but does not work/blink on the outside.

-car sounds like a Christmas elf (jingling noise)

-needed new spark plugs.

-new front bushings.

-everything plastic in the interior squeaks/jitters.

General Comments:

Overall, this car was a a great starter car to get me from point A to point B as a college student. For what is was though, it was far too overpriced (at $2,500 with 117,000 miles on it), especially for the amount of things I have had to get fixed in the short time of a year that I have owned this car. On highways, the car never seems to want to go anywhere over 70/75 mph, and when it does, everything in the car vibrates. With every bump in the road, the car squeaks. For what I use this car for, it's a waste of my time and money (especially on a college student's budget).

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Review Date: 18th December, 2006