1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.1 from North America


Over priced in parts, Poor design


My Intake gasket blew, (Very common) Replaced that.

Interior leaks on passenger side. Water leaking over the computer.

Replaced many new parts just to get it running right, (Rough Idle), Seems to be very common. The egr valve is bad,

But many other possiblities.

Bought another alternator, Come to find out it was the red lead wire coming from the alternator to the battery was bad. Replaced that.

Replaced the ignition control module (icm). $300.00 at the dealer. $80.00 at a local auto parts store.

General Comments:

When I bought this car I had many high hopes of making the car look sharp. Now it seems the only hopes I have is getting the car to run right. Yesterday after it rained I noticed it is leaking water into the passenger side floor board right over the computer. This car seems to be one problem after the other. Though I only paid $255.00 for it. I paid to much for a car that seems to never end with the problems. After I sell this car I will never own another gm product. All they want is your money!

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Review Date: 12th July, 2005

1994 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2.3L Quad-4 from North America


A small frustration, but great on gas.


I've owned the car for a month and so far all that has gone wrong is my water pump went out, and my radiator blew one of the side tanks. It leaks from the cap for some reason too.

It still needs breaks, an alignment, plugs, and an oil change.

General Comments:

It's quick and fun to drive. It handles pretty well... aside from lack of a decent turning radius for the size of the car in my opinion. I have a 1985 Buick LeSabre Estate wagon with a sharper radius.

Aside from having to disconnect the battery and remove a cover from the top of the engine to replace the spark plugs, the engine is small and easy to work on.

I'd suggest investing in a Haynes manual and doing your own work though. Some places will rip you off on labor charges.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2005

1994 Pontiac Grand Am from North America


Although it gets me from a to b, I wouldn't get another like it


It uses too much anti-freeze and there is no leak, my starter went out on me, and there is a leak coming from somewhere in the car and every-time it rains puddles form on the floor. Someone with the same model car had this problem. Along with my horn which doesn't work or my inside lights.

General Comments:

Besides those problems, the car has been pretty reliable. 99% of the time the car starts for me, and about $15 does me good on gas for about a week. The interior and exterior is in very good condition.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2005

9th May 2005, 18:53

Sell it, I got rid of my GA because of leaking oil/burning oil and leaking water when it rains. The resale Value doesn't' hold up either.

1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT 2.3 DOHC Quad 4 HO from North America


Fast car, if you can afford it


Motor Blew about 2 weeks after I bought it.

Everything (well almost) was rebuilt.

-timing chain assembly

-water pump


-head gasket

-1 piston


-minor parts (some performance parts)

Alternator died.

Blower motor blew.

Vent fan needed replacing.

Crank sensor and ignition module blew.

Coil housing cracked and I replaced it myself from the junkyard.

General Comments:

After spending $3200 CDN on this car, the motor blew on me. Cost me 5500 to fix. Got new exhaust, new intake, new performance cam, and now has 210 hp and 175 lb/ft.

Insanely fast, if revved over 3000 rpm. Takes ANY V6 American cars out there.

Handles awesome, can take a yield at 70k.

The suspension is too rough, and jolts the car a lot.

After the motor rebuild, I've put 15000 k on it, and beat it 1/2 the time I drive it. No problems yet, still runs like a dream.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2005

5th May 2005, 12:45

What did you expect, buying a 10 year old car with high mileage and then beating the hell out of it? Of course it is going to break down!