1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT HO from North America


If they still made the model I would upgrade in a heartbeat


None, In the 7 years I have owned this car I have only replace 2 fuel injectors at a cost of $100 out of pocket,(extended warranty). At this time I am going to replace the Wheel bearings it seems to be a bit noisy.

Sorry people I love this car and will hate to see it finally go. I have owned and love Grand Am's since the 80's.

General Comments:

My 99 Grand Am GT1 is the greatest.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2006

9th Nov 2006, 18:50

I hadn't owned a GM car since 1976 until I bought my 2001 Grand Am. I have never owned a better car than this Grand Am, and we've owned cars from every U.S. maker as well as two Japanese lemons and one German disaster. In almost 60,000 miles the car has never had a single rattle, squeak or any kind of problem. I deeply regret Pontiac's decision to stop making the Grand Am and replace it with the ugly G-6.

I'd buy a new Grand Am for my next car if they still made them. As it is, I'll most likely drive this one til I die. Some of our friends have well over 200,000 miles on their Grand Ams.

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE 2 3.4 from North America


Poor Engineering will be the demise of the GM and especially Pontiac


While driving in rain, water enters the vehicle from the underside of the door (poor seals) Replaced seals at 5000 miles, 40,000, and 85,000.

Air conditioning speed switch failed at 20000 miles.

Brake lights (controller board) failed at 22000 miles.

Dashboard has shrunk in the heat. Looks horrible.

Plastic Keeper for headlight bulb dry rotted and disintegrated.

Dome light falls down regularly.

Water pump failed less than 6 months old.

Lower Intake Manifold Leak (Repair $1100)

Replacement of serpentine belt $98. Requires removal of an engine mount and raising of the engine for replacement.

At 90,000 miles Alternator fell completely off of engine. Brackets broke under normal driving conditions.

Replaced Thermostat 4 times before 96,000 miles. The location under the intake manifold almost assures that this job can only be accomplished a mechanic using specialized tools. $130 for each replacement.

Driver seat has worn area where metal protrudes and will tear or rip clothing. Poor cushions and reinforcement.

Fuel gauge failed at 82,000 miles.

Clips that hold electric windows have failed. These white plastic clips are designed for a specific life span. Luckily only one window shattered when the clips failed on our car. Replacement clips are $30. (for two pieces of plastic no bigger than a silver dollar)

General Comments:

The overall aesthetics of the car are nice for small person. So from the word go, Pontiac has no saving aspect in competition with the Asians.

The engineering of the engine compartment as well as many key components that utilize plastic components are substandard. This planned obsolescence is a why US buyers are refusing to buy American.

Whether the problem is cost reductions or incompetent component designers/engineers, Pontiac is leading the charge in Customer dissatisfaction.

Who in their right mind designs a car where you have to remove an engine mount to replace the serpentine belt? Any high school shop student could tell you what is wrong with that one. Not to mention the location of the thermostat.

Recently I heard a story that a US manufacture was forcing the employees to drive the product they were manufacturing. If you ask me, the only way GM has a chance in competing is that they force their engineers to drive Asians products. Learn how professionals do the job.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2006

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE Base 2.4 from North America


Good car


Front brake pads where worn through, replaced the front rotors and pads with ceramic, very nice.

Replaced the alternator at 145000.

Replaced the front struts with KYBs.

Water in the tail lights, replaced the tail lights with custom and sealed with dialectric grease. A neoprene seal on the factory lights would stop the leaking.

The rollers and guides for the front windows where either lacking grease or sticking, lube'd them up or replaced.

Service Light came on for the rear O2 sensor. A wire was frayed so I installed a new one.

Rear synthetic leather was de-laminating, re-glued and is staying on.

General Comments:

The car was not well taken care of before I purchased it. I was aware of some of the problems and have fixed most of them.

Still need to change the rear struts and some of the sway bar bushings. Added a front strut tower bar and that reduced the body roll significantly. I really enjoy how the cars corners now even with 15" rims.

I've installed iridium plugs, synthetic oil and a cold air intake which has added some more performance to the engine. Accelerates very quickly for a four cylinder.

The factory seats where very uncomfortable. I replaced them with some Grand Prix seats. Those are much nicer on long drives.

I removed the factory shift know and installed a smaller straight up shift knob to give the cup holders more room, looks better also.

The front headlight covers are roughed up. After I replace those I will put clear headlight covers on them to help them last longer.

I commute in the car a lot and really enjoy driving it. I've put 20K miles on it in the 6 months I've owned it. Considering the miles, the car appears to be holding up quite well.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2006