1994 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0 from North America


Really Good On Gas! Easy to drive and maintain! Really expensive to liscence though!


Battery is dead, but that's not the cars fault.

Power locks don't always go far enough to let driver out.

It's a bit rusty, but I don't give a hoot!

Muffler rusted right out so I straight piped it and now it sounds and drives better!

Head Gasket leaks.

Engine compartment is a bit dirty.

General Comments:

I love the car it is really good of fuel.

The first time I drove it home from the auction it went 140 km to home and it only burnt 1/8 of a tank! It is standard 5 speed though!

It handles really good and its mechanically sound except for when I start it... it makes a rumble sound... I think its the starter or the belt needs to be aligned.

The interior is beautiful.

The E-Brake is so fun I love to drive it all day and pull it around the snowy corners!

Nice back seat, but I think that the driver sits too low in the vehicle... Although that may be because I drove a 4x4 before this car!

It was $755 to license the darn thing tho and I only paid 650 for it... So that really killed me!

I like the idea of ABS brakes!

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2007

1994 Pontiac Sunbird LE Coupe 4 cylinder from North America


I loved this car and was heart broken when I had to leave it


I had brake work done around 135000 miles or so...

A new timing belt and water pump were needed in August of this year.

General Comments:

Always reliable.

Always did what I wanted it to do.

It was a quick and sharp looking little car.

Nice ride.

Fit what I needed in it, whether it be 5-6 foot long flag poles and/or a full sized cello, all in the cabin.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2006

1994 Pontiac Sunbird LE 3.1 from North America


Keeps on going and going..


Blew out a plug at 267000 km put heli-coil in and still holding.

General Comments:

Great little car. Have had it for 4 yrs and it has not let me down yet. Other than the spark plug it has been mostly just regular items to replace like brakes, tires, etc. Its still running good. I'm wondering how far this car will keep on going. Its starting to rust out a little now. I'm still getting 10.5-11.8 km per liter. Great for me.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2006

1994 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


I will really miss it when I have to get rid of it!!!


Had to replace struts and springs, but not till 250,000 kms.

Had to replace one rear bearing after about 230,000 kms and the other more recently.

Replaced the radiator and starter each once.

Just replaced the head gasket.

Various other minor items (eg. caps or hoses)

General Comments:

I have listed above all of the major repairs I've had done on this car. All of these repairs were done simply because things were wearing out.

Right up until 275,000 nothing really went wrong with the car at all in spite of driving it daily, driving on gravel roads and in hot weather, and otherwise abusing is.

My Sunbird is getting pretty rusty and doesn't have quite the power it used to, but I have a major attachment to this car. I recently had to replace head gaskets and because this car is so reliable I believe it was worthwhile. I don't intend to get rid of this car until it won't move under its own power anymore.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2006

5th Sep 2006, 22:06

Congratulations on having a very reliable car. I don't know of ANY Honda, Nissan or Toyota owners who can boast of that kind of trouble-free service.

1994 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0 from North America


Great car overall, cheap to maintain and cheap to buy... great gas economy


Power Steering pump failed just after I bought it, but I knew it was going to fail as it was making serious noises when I test drove it. Cost $600 for new pump.

Fuel lines began leaking 2 months after I bought it, a clamp holding the lines in place had collected moisture and rusted. Cost $150 to replace the lines.

Radio's don't work. It has that awful standard one, but it doesn't work, and an after market one that was previously fitted doesn't work either. Can't be bothered having them checked.

Shifts into 3rd gear too early if accelerating at low revs.

Transmission 'locks' for 5 minutes after it's been started in cold weather. The shifter will not move until the engine has been running at least 5 minutes.

General Comments:

Handles like a dream in the snow, takes a lot to make the car lose it's 'line' in snow/ice. Haven't tested the ABS yet though.

Fuel economy is great! 600kms per tank in the city and 800 per tank on the highway.

Great acceleration in 2nd gear, for passing drop speed to 60kms per hour then floor the pedal...it's like a rocket.

Not keen on the 'dash' mounted wiper controls, takes too much to fiddle with.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2006