1999 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


Avoid at all costs


We recently purchased a used 1999 Sunfire for my 16 year old daughter. We took it to a local Pontiac dealership and paid $70 to have them look at it and see if there was anything seriously wrong with this. They found a few minor items, but nothing that concerned them enough for us not to buy it.

My daughter drove it for two weeks before it wouldn't start. After some diagnostics were ran, it was determined that the alternator was bad. I replaced that and the car ran for another whole week.

It then died again. It now was decided that the starter was bad. I purchased a starter and was about ready to replace it. I noticed that the current connection (s) on the starter were not tight. I tightened those up and the car started right up. It then ran for 1.5 days before completely dying while my daughter was driving down the road.

After towing it to the local Pontiac dealership (not the same one as previous mentioned) they say the engine is "internally locked" and they can replace it for $4,800. I think they are full of you know what.

I wouldn't recommend this piece of junk to anyone. If you're thinking of buying one of these, don't. Although I like Pontiac's (I'm an old Trans AM guy), I don't know why. I had nothing but trouble with the Trans AM and now this piece of junk Sunfire. I say avoid Pontiac products at all costs.

General Comments:

The engine should be replaced by a cage with a pair of running squirrels.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2003

21st Nov 2003, 07:21

Just a comment about your initial diagnostic. Although you did the right thing in having it checked out, why would you take it to a Pontiac dealership? First of all, they are always going to charge you more. But more importantly, you are not getting a very impartial opinion, even if you're not buying the car from them. What do you think they are going to say? "These Pontiacs are trash after 50K miles; don't buy it." I'm sure you never even met the actual person who looked the car over. The guy in the Polo shirt at the desk with clean hands told you "its fine; these are great cars" then sent you to another office where a lady took your 70 bucks.

Find more of a "mom & pop" type shop for a pre-purchase diagnostic. Even if they're less than honest, at least they are less motivated to "tow the line."

1999 Pontiac Sunfire Sedan 4 dr. 2.4 L4 VIN/T Twin cam from Mexico


Very good car, but very expensive



Every time I turn the wheel, it makes clunking noises. I noticed this 3 months after I bought it brand new.

According to the mechanic is the steering shaft. I have not fixed it yet.

General Comments:

Reliable car. It looks excellent and the engine performance is excellent, even at 7000 foot altitude.

Great engine.

I do not like comfort it has real hard struts and shocks.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2003

12th Sep 2003, 20:45

I agree with you 100%. I have a 99 sun fire I bought it used 1 1\2 ago and I have had nothing but problems. my altenator went my water pump. now my motor mount is broken my head lights are not working. I have the same clunking in the steering and I have not got it fixed yet. I have an endless amount of problems with this car and I am trying to get rid of it. at this present moment. I will never recommend anyone buying a sun fire.

Thank you.

1999 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 from North America


Its highly overpriced and not very reliable


When you're on the interstate going like 70 it shake more than a normal car does, really scary.

My radio went out on me. It comes on whenever it pleases.

When you're on a long trip it becomes uncomfortable.

The thermostat gave out on me causing coolant to spit out everywhere and now when its hot outside and I drive for like an hour it over heats, and I live in Georgia.

General Comments:

First of all I want to say that I payed $13,000 for a standard Pontiac Sunfire. No tape player just am/fm radio, manual locks, windows, and seats, and it was used. At first it was a really good car, but after driving it for a while it started to mess up.

They sound good at first and run great until you have it for a year or so, or after your warranty runs out.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2003

19th Feb 2003, 14:13

I have a 1996 Sunfire and it was bought brand new. About 2,000 miles before the manufacturer warranty was up I began having problems.

My car will not start in the rain, if I don't drive it daily, or when there is a temperature change i.e. going from a cold day to a warmer day such that there is moisture.

I have taken my car to the dealership without any avail. They have not found the problem and claim that they have not heard of any other problems similar to mine.

The car is very unreliable and I feel Pontiac has not been reasonable in trying to determine the problem such that I can get my car repaired.