2000 Pontiac Sunfire SE from North America


I am not satisfied with this car


Approximately 1 year ago, the fuel level indicator began showing erratic fuel levels, which caused me to run out of gas. I was told that it needed a fuel sending unit replaced.

Now, I am told the fuel strainer is clogged, and that my fuel pump may now be damaged due to this problem. There is an OPEN investigation into this by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, reference ODI Action No. PE02-66, filed on 9/6/2002. http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/problems/defect/results.cfm

General Comments:

I am disappointed that Pontiac does not offer to fix the fuel system delivery problem, even though there are numerous Technical Service Bulletins describing the problem, and an ongoing NHTSA investigation.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2003

25th Jul 2003, 08:27

I have been having this EXACT problem with my 2000 SunFire for about a year now, i.e. the erratic reading on the gas, etc. Now, the car has taken to stalling on me at times, starting back almost immediately sometimes and not at all others necessitating it being towed to a shop.

I've replaced the fuel filter twice in 3 months, as I was told "bad gas" might have clogged it. Now, I've had it back to a Pontiac dealer after the last stall, and they've run a diagnostic check and can find nothing wrong.

I'm wondering what to do next -- but this sheds some light that I had not heard about before.

2000 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.4 from North America


Very good


Had a chronic problem with Passkey security system that would not allow you to start the car at times. Usually you waited about 10 minutes then it would reset itself. In the end it would not let me start it. Had to get it towed to the dealership. Went back to shop about 5 times. They finally had to replace the computer. It was all fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Overall, good little car.

Excellent on gas, about 42 miles/gal.

Good acceleration.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2002

2000 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


Not worth the money


Since I have purchased this car in December of 2001, I have had the car I for the car in for service three times.

The first was for the rear speakers. The speakers had a fault in the wiring which cause them not to work, and leave a burning smell. This was at 10000 miles.

The second time was for the starter. It had gone out at about 18000 miles, which is very uncommon. It took roadside assistance over 3 hours to pick up the car, and the dealership another 3 to even look at the car.

The third time was for a check engine light. I took it just weeks after the 3 years/36000 miles factory warranty had expired. This time it was a slow oxygen sensor, another electrical problem. The car had just 22000 miles on it.

It seems after every oil change the engine runs very rough for the next 100 miles or so. I have tried going to different oil change shops, but still, it occurs after each change.

I have also noticed that the gas door gets stuck in the rear corner panel and often times I have to use my keys to pry it open.

General Comments:

Overall this car seemed like a great purchase, but once you figure in all the time it has been in for service in the last ten months I do not think it was worth the amount I paid for it.

It is a very nice looking car and looks great sitting in my drive way, broken down.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2002

9th Jun 2003, 10:18

That is very weird. I have a 2001 sunfire and my check engine light just came on. I took it in to find out that I had to replace my oxygen sensor. My car has 38,000 miles on it and the manufacturer warranty just expired!! What a coincidence...

17th Feb 2004, 12:28

On 11/03, my oxygen sensor also needed replaced. It also clogged my converter and had to be replaced as well. My rear speakers were replaced in 2001. I bought my car new in 2000 with 24 miles on it. It has been in my driveway more than on the road. How ironic huh? I thought I was the only one. Looks like one of many.

3rd Feb 2005, 13:13

I own a 2000 Sunfire as well. I have also had problems with the rear speakers not working. I replaced them with high quality Kenwood speakers, but the problem still occurred. I them bought an aftermarket CD player, and that fixed the problem. The problem is actually in the factory CD player, I was told. In order to uses the new CD player you have to purchase a wire harness to move the factory deck into the trunk. This is done because the factory deck controls the sensors to the air bags and other electrical devices. I have had the new CD player installed for 2 years and I have had no other problems since.