2000 Renault Clio 1.2 from UK and Ireland


Rubbish french car


I do actually happen to like my Clio, but for the past YEAR I have had a problem with it! Whenever I drive it and slow down to a junction or put it in a lower gear, a light comes on the dashboard in the shape of a coil and my car cuts out.

It has been taken to a mechanic and plugged into a diagnostic machine, and it doesn't say what's wrong with it. It has had lots of parts put in to try and fix it, but it never works. However finally, we have found out what is wrong with it. It is something to do with the throttle. I have had a second hand part put in as a new one costs £300!! But unfortunately the second hand part doesn't work, so we are going to have to pay for the brand new part. Hopefully this will work, as every time I drive my car I fear for my life that I will have an accident!

After this problem has been fixed, I am selling it and am never buying a Clio again!

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Review Date: 6th November, 2008

2000 Renault Clio RT 1.2 from UK and Ireland




Car failed to start after 2 weeks, new starter motor.

Wheel bearings needed replacing soon after.

Exhaust blowing loudly.

Sunroof rattling constantly.

Faulty indicator.

Clutch slipping badly, needed replacing.

Drive shafts need attention.

Loud knocking noise when turning left and high pitched squeaking when turning right.

Engine coolant leaking, not sure where from.

Cooling fan stopped working causing car to overheat.

Rear suspension needed work doing on it.

Occasionally cuts out for no apparent reason when sat in neutral with engine running.

Also occasionally the engine revs to 2500 rpm by itself!

Grinding noise when brakes applied.

And finally, seat belt warning light broken.

General Comments:

A frustrating car which has cost me a fortune in mechanics bills and is still not driving properly.

Have heard lots of good reports however cannot vouch for them myself.

Will be glad to see the back of it.

Fairly good performance for a 1.2.


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Review Date: 15th July, 2008

2000 Renault Clio Alize 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland


Would be a good car if the Japanese made it!


Ignition problems.

Idling problems.

Cutting out.

Loss of power.

Central locking does as it pleases sometimes; locks and opens again, so you have to check it.

General Comments:

I got this as a cheap run around, was in good condition and full service history. This car is pretty good when it runs right - rarely! Nippy and economical on fuel, comfortable and easy to drive, looks better than a Micra or Corsa.

But, I got drivability problems after 3 months and was told it was a coil; replaced one and it worked OK for about another 3 months, and then the others started going, and when they go this thing is undriveable, comes without any warning so hope you're not pulling out of a junction or going along the motorway! Very expensive to replace from Renault, look around. Got a new set and it still runs funny, but at least it goes, and it'll be going to the first place that'll part-ex it.

The most unreliable car I've ever owned. Next time I'd buy the Micra and have a reliable car, never a Renault again; they must be losing so many customers, especially as there are so many complaints about the same thing, and even the dealers are aware of these problems?

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Review Date: 6th December, 2007

2000 Renault Clio from UK and Ireland


I feel the Clio is dangerous, as it does not hold the road at the speeds it is manufactured to go at


The car is unstable when travelling at the speeds it has been manufactured to do so. When the Clio is travelling at speeds such as 80mph it cannot hold the slightest bend easily. Very recently I know of 4 young people who have crashed Clio's due to this. Two of these proved fatal. I do not accept that travelling at these speeds is safe or justifiable, but at the end of the day of the car can do it then people will. My argument is that if any car can physically get up to certain speeds, it should also be manufactured to hold the road at those speeds. as in reality naive people will put their foot down.

General Comments:

See above, also the bonnet catch has failed me, nearly causing a serious accident.

Although the cars cosmetic appeal is still strong and it gives a generally smooth drive. Gear box is nice and supple.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2007

18th Aug 2010, 16:48

Come off it, any car is capable of exceeding its roadholding capabilities, even supercars, F1 cars etc.

I could drive my BMW at 100mph and try to take a corner, I would crash! It's not the cars fault, it's the drivers. Shall we all be limited to 20mph? People would still crash you know!