2000 Renault Clio Si 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland


Nice, sporty, economical, best of all cheap..


The brakes on the clio are not the greatest and tend to lock up very easily.

The car has a lot of over steer and tends to lose grip quite easily.

General Comments:

I think the interior is as good as you should imagine for the price of these cars, they have half bucket seats and A/C which you don't find in many little nip around cars.

Its also very nippy for a 1.4 and has no problems on the motorway.

Its also a very reliable car in general.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2006

2000 Renault Clio Si 1.4 16v from Belgium


Want a fun little do-it-all? Buy this. You want superb comfort, buy something else


In the first week I got it, the drive belt of the alternator and servo-pump broke. Not exactly sure what caused it, but it was an easy fix.

A couple of months later the horn stopped functioning. I don't know the cause, as I haven't really looked into it.

The build quality is certainly not great either. I've had to remove some interior parts (for fitting a new speaker cable) and I was underwhelmed by the fit and finish. My previous Nissan Micra was a 10 year old car, but was much sturdier. However, the Clio doesn't have one rattle (in fact it did, but this was easily cured by fitting a small piece of foam).

General Comments:

The engine is supposed to have 98 hp, but it doesn't feel it. However if you look at the tach, you can see it does indeed move quite quick. It is capable of 202 km/h on the tach (about 190 on GPS) so it does have the power, it just feels kind of 'flat'. For a reference: a friend of mine drives a Opel (Vauxhall) Astra 2.0 with 115 BHP, and it' equal in acceleration and loses by 2-3 km/h in top speed. It does however have a good motorway response. I was really amazed the first time I drove it. With only 1400cc, one doesn't expect a good response at 130km/h without changing down a gear, but it does go quite well.

The handling is what I think is the strong part of this car. In Belgium the car was sold with a firmer than standard suspension in its 16v-version. I wouldn't say it's a Lotus Elise killer in the corners, but is does go fast. Very neutral and fast steering, followed by oversteer when lifting the throttle. The trade off for its good handling is a firm ride. French cars have a reputation for being comfortable, but it doesn't hold true for this car. Especially little bumps that come through quite harsh. It does get much better when fully packed, but then the engine has to be worked hard.

The brakes are very powerful, and more importantly, they don't fade. I drive cars pretty hard sometimes, and most get out of shape quick, but this little Clio doesn't. It remains very composed all the time.

The car is cheap to drive, is easy on tires, and easy on the gas; 6.5 liters/100 km if driven carefully, 7.2 when driven quick.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2006

2000 Renault Clio S 1.4 petrol 8-Valve from UK and Ireland


Great little car with a friendly insurance group


The spring has broken in the ashtray so it won't stay open.

Every time I go through the car-wash the front left sidelight stops working. A little tap and it's all sorted, but a bit irritating.

I have had the same brake light go twice in the last month.

The sunroof rattles and squeaks, but from reading reviews its not just mine.

General Comments:

The car is very quick. Its only a 1.4 8 Valve, but on a private test its 0-60 came in at about 9 seconds! I don't speed, but its nice to know its there when pulling back onto the A14 after refuelling.

Looks fantastic, but it's black so it's a real pain to keep clean.

Standard speakers are blaupunkt and really meaty. I bought infinity speakers and too them back because the originals sounded better.

I do about 280 miles a week and it costs roughly £30 on petrol. quite impressed.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2006

3rd Aug 2007, 06:18

Brake light bulb: I had the same problem with a Toyota Carina e. It was cured by purchasing a good quality bulb from a Motor Factors, rather than the cheepies supplied at the local garage.

My Clio S lights are OK to date, but I have only had the car for about 4 weeks now.