2000 Renault Clio Sport 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Performance OK, but now doubt it's longevity


Initially waited over four months for the car to come off the production line and then it came without the ordered assisted braking system. the dealer swapped the one ordered for me for one he had ordered personally.

Exhaust has had to be replaced (within the last four months - approx 26,000 miles)

The driver's window mechanism has broken (at current mileage.

General Comments:

Exhaust replacement - thought it was a bit early, considering the mileage, but accepted it.

The window mechanism has proved very expensive. There is a design fault in that if the wire within it breaks, the whole mechanism has to be replaced, rather than just the wire. (Leaving out the cost of labour, this makes a difference of around £170!)

Overall, the local dealer has been excellent - but Renault themselves are extremely poor.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2004

24th Nov 2004, 07:11

Interesting comment about the window. I had the exact same problem, 6 weeks after the warranty expired! I barely use the car, and was a bit surprised to have this kind of mechanical failure after only 12k miles.

7th Feb 2005, 15:03

My son wound the electric window down to clear the frozen snow from the window (new driver). Needless to say there was a right mess inside the door when I removed the panel; kinked cable everywhere. Was horrified at the price of unit at Renault, £187 + VAT. Got one online for £87 including VAT and next day delivery. Not a difficult job; the hardest part is removing the door panel, which is glued on with Mastic.

3rd Oct 2005, 10:21

I too have had a full new exhaust a few weeks outside the warranty. Again I have also just fitted a new assembly unit in driver's window, but managed to purchase part for approx £80. I have just discovered it also needs what looks like a new head gasket!

2000 Renault Clio S 1.4 injection from UK and Ireland


Nice ride, economical, reliable, although poor aftersales has put me off Renaults


I had a relatively insignificant knock after 3 months of ownership, which cost me £900 to fix because the dealer costs are so high.

The spring in my ashtray broke so the lid doesn't stay open.

The sunroof rattles at high speed and the sunroof handle squeaks.

The front nearside fog light casing broke.

3 of my lights went at the same time, after about 33,000 miles.

The rear windscreen wiper blade broke after 20,000 miles.

The front offside wiper completely broke after 33,000 miles.

The rear seats hinges have all broken as they are not very sturdy (when putting the back seats down)

General Comments:

Apart from that lot, all OK!

The tyres have been quite hard wearing (had to replace 3 after 30,000 and the other was almost as good as new because the tracking was so much out)

The seats are mega comfy and wrap around your back (lovely on longer journeys)

The standard radio is ample and can be cranked quite high!

Day to day running costs are very reasonable, although you get stung for sticking to Renault services and parts etc.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2004

2000 Renault Clio Sport 16v 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good performer, cheap to insure, problem free engine


The Airbag and Seatbelt pretensioner light is constantly on.

Dealer has tried to rectify it, but can't.

Windscreen washer jets broke, front and rear.

Passenger seat is near impossible to slide back or forth, requires much "jiggling" to get it to move.

Headlights and Fog lights mist up when wet.

Heater is either too hot or too cold.

Heater takes AGES to reach temperature.

Rear heated window failure.

General Comments:

In general, this car is quite good, engine reliability is second to none.

The interior is very solid, and there are no rattles or squeaks, even though I've lowered it 60mm on stiffer Springs and Dampers.

Now it handles like a dream, I can out handle anything on the Road, and has much improved the acceleration, which wasn't too bad anyway, due to the gutsy 16v Engine, You would be amazed that it's only a 1.2

I've kept up with Nova SR's and XR3I's and barely out dragged by an XR2I. Beaten a 1.6 Astra too. Be warned, APPALLING turning circle.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2004

31st Jul 2006, 13:41

I have a 172 and a 1.2 16v clio. Please don't start saying you can outpace 1.6 Astras, XR3i's etc etc...I've driven thousands of miles in one of these. Performance is pretty good for a 1.2 but I think the cars you think you raced where actually parked!