2001 Saturn L300 from North America


Great car expensive to maintain!


Both front tie rods broke at 53000 under warranty

Now have replaced 3 alternators

Now have replaced 2 water pumps

Lots of uneven tire wear and alignments

Compressor for air replaced at 114000

2 Front wheel barons replaced 110000.

General Comments:

This car is very expensive to maintain and repair! The parts for this car have been expensive to say the least! But I do like the quiet spacious interior and the dent resistant panels!

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Review Date: 19th June, 2007

2001 Saturn L300 3.0L V6 from North America


Average US sedan with lots of quirks


Cam sensor, roughly 180.00-a Saturn only fix--supposedly because the engine got wet.

Turn signal assembly in column caught fire while I was driving it on highway...heat, smoke, odor and lots of melted plastic. 32.00 part. Put it in ourselves.

Two sets of tires, numerous alignments and a "kit" to help with front end alignment problems. Kit=36. install 79.99.

Auto lock, the one that locks doors when you put it in Drive, stopped working after I drove it 5000 miles. It was irritating so I didn't replace it.

Shock mount is loose on right front side, held on with plastic pins and they are all cracked. Going to cost me nearly 1200 for shocks and struts all around... they are all going bad.

General Comments:

It's a nice safe, cheaply insured car.

Great in snow.

Heated leather seats are wonderful.

Large trunk and lots of leg room.

Resale is awful on it, can't sell it for enough to pay off loan.

Seats seem very low to the ground.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2007

2001 Saturn L300 from North America


Worst car in history!!


I have a 2001 L300 V6.

In December 2006, on my way home from work at 2am, I noticed the overheating light on, and before I could get off the road, I heard a popping sound under the hood, followed by a sound of running water.

I towed it to the Saturn dealer, and they informed me of a blown head gasket, oil cooler, oil cooler rings, etc. The total cost was $2100.00.

After about 3 weeks, the car starts to make a terrible noise and the service engine wrench light comes on. I take it back, and the timing and drive belt both are cracking, and the tensioner and pulleys need to be replaced. Total cost $1200.00.

When I picked it up yesterday, it sounded great. Could not even hear it running when cranked.

On the way home, I stopped at a red light, and when I accelerated, it shifted hard and the service light with the wrench came on?? I've already spent $3300.00 in 2 months on this car, what could possibly be wrong now?

After I got home and started the car again, the light was off. It will come on occasionally when accelerating and jerking a little. Is there any way to be heard or get the word out about these cars? They have way too many issues.

I have also experienced the uneven tire wear many have mentioned about this car.

General Comments:

I will never buy or encourage anyone to buy a Saturn.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2007

15th Feb 2007, 07:13

It's well known that if you have coolant leak onto your timing belt (usually from a leaking oil cooler seal or head gasket), the coolant will degrade the timing belt material. The techs ABSOLUTELY should have replaced the belt, tensioner, and water pump following a blown head gasket.

15th Feb 2007, 21:39

Wow, I had the exact same problem. My 2001 L300 V6 decided to overheat on a very pleasant sunny Southern California December day...70 degrees :) After finding lots of oil in the coolant I was told it was a blown head gasket and replaced it myself. I replaced the timing and drive belts while I was at it, along with some of the hoses. Ran great (even after an electrical engineer put it back together) for a couple months, until I found most of the engine's oil had been sucked into the coolant again. Suspecting that I had done a poor job on the head gasket I set out to do it again, only to find out it had been the oil cooler to start with. I pressurized the oil cooler and submerged it in soapy water and I had bubbles all over. A replacement oil cooler runs $571 from the dealer and I am having trouble finding a replacement for any less. Re-surfaced heads, valve job, new timing and drive belts, all new coolant hoses and reservoir. By the time I'm done I'll have a new engine! I'm having the same funky tire wear as well. Otherwise, car ran great until two months ago. Probably will for a few more years...hopefully...