2001 Saturn L300 3.0 six cylinder from North America


It was made cheap to keep the cost down, but Saturn made up the difference in costs to repair it


Many alignments and wheel wear. 3 sets of tires in 70,000 miles and it is starting again.

Numerous tail light bulbs had burned out. Eventually, a service bulletin came out on it.

Transmission speed sensor, causing car to stall and would not start requiring tow to dealer.

Power steering pump leaking and had to replace.

Steering column loose and steering wheel rattles while driving. Had to replace column.

Radiator leaking and water pump went bad.

The fuel pump and sending unit failed 3 months ago and the whole fuel tank had to be removed to replace the parts. Lots of labor cost.

All the above happened at the same time, and cost $5,700 to repair, and the car was only 7 years old.

The cost of parts and labor are extremely high for this car, and the design was done where only a mechanic can replace a part.

Three months ago, the SES light came on, and I was told that the O2 sensor needed replacing at a cost of $288, but also was told it was OK to drive with a bad sensor.

Today the SES light is still on and the car loses power on acceleration. Took Saturn 2 days to determine it was the number 2 plug. This will cost $114 to repair and replace one plug or $350 to replace all plugs. Cost is $15 per plug and the rest is labor for 1 hour. I have a 1998 Saturn SL2 which I can change all the plugs myself in 30 minutes.

Too late to trade in the car because I am now into $6,000 in repairs since Sept. 2008.

General Comments:

Was comfortable to drive when new but not as quiet as I had hoped for. Lots of wind noise.

Door side panels held up great to bumps and dings.

Once the car started to have problems, it seems like everything keeps failing.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2009

2001 Saturn L300 from North America


I do love driving my Saturn!


I purchased my 2001 Saturn L300 at a used car lot. 3 months later I needed a tune up. Spark plugs are not the normal spark plugs are cartridge type (like for a Cadillac); they last for 100,000, but the price for that was $350.

2 weeks later I was smelling gas through my vents. The schrader valve stopped working and I had a big gas leak, and it cost $35 to fix. 1 week later my fan motor burned up, and that was about $250.

Terrible gas mileage in the city; 12 mpg, but 20 mpg on hwy. It's a 6 cylinder. I've also had to get the tires balanced 5 times in 10 months.

So, those repairs were only 4 months ago.

I knew I needed front brakes & rotors, and the car needed an oil change, but my coolant light was on and I had to fill the radiator twice in 2 weeks, and the car was running weird so I took it in.

Wow, I got slammed! Diagnosis: Radiator is cracked & need new one, power steering pump went out & big leak, transmission seal went out & big leak with nasty stuff built up on bottom of engine & exhaust pipe (car ready to catch on fire), Need new drive belt, front brakes & rotors needed. When all was done, I paid $2058.00.

General Comments:

Car is good for another 100,000 I hope & pray! I have too much invested in it to get rid of it and take on another headache, that is unless I buy new with good warranty, and take care of it so at least I'll know what it's been through.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2009

2001 Saturn L300 3.0 V6 from North America


I love this car!


O2 sensor went out at about 48K.

Traction Control sensor went out at 48k.

Brake lights went out around the same time.

Transmission shift sensor went out around 80k.

Had to change serpentine at 100k.

Have to change a pulley 140k.

Have to change timing belt 140k.

Have to change serpentine 140k.

Have to change water pump 140k.

Have to change thermostat 140k.

General Comments:

Overall I really like the car. I have owned it since 2004 and other than the regular maintenance I think it runs great. The car still has power and is pretty fast for being a Saturn. I like to drive fast and push this car to the limit and it has held up longer than any other l300 that I have ever driven! I say this because I worked for Saturn for almost a year and drove every car on the lot! I guess I got lucky and purchased a car that has treated me pretty fair.

I think the interior is pretty nice and simple. I think the leather seats could be a little softer. but other than that I think the car is is great...


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Review Date: 28th October, 2008