2001 Saturn L300 Level III 3.0 LTR V6 from North America


Great value and performance


Dealer replaced valve guide seals, timing belt and AC compressor. I replaced front struts and rear brakes.

General Comments:

I really like this car! Mine has every option, including moon roof and leather. It is a daily commuter in the Wash DC area.

They are a steal in the used car market. Paid $4700 and the dealer replaced the valve seals, timing belt and AC compressor at no charge to me.

Although Saturn is out of business, there are plenty of part suppliers, and this car shares many parts with the Cadillac Catera and Saab 9-5; engine, trans. Admittedly, body parts will be hard to find -- as in the scrap yard.

Very reliable and powerful. Good gas mileage. Comfort/noise are above-average.

I had the driver seat re panned and now offers more support. The other seats are fine. 6 air bags! Huge trunk and pass-through seats.

Have had other cars, Ford, Volvo, Saab. While the others had more prestige, they are also more expensive to repair - including the Ford.

Others complain about tire wear, but the owner's manual says to cross rotate every 3,000 miles. I have the low end NTW Shadow radials on mine and rotate every oil change. They are holding up fine with 20K miles on them. Honda Civics have the same issue.

Others have complained about the transmission. This is a powerful engine. You drive it hard and -- yes -- there will be a trans problem -- same with any car.

Lastly, others have complained about service schedule. The 3.0 V-6 is the same engine as in the Saab 9-5, so it has the same "european" service schedule. Same suspension system as the 9-5, so that means struts. If you can find a nice L300 or possibly an Aura, the replacement for the L300, I recommend them. Be careful about spending too much for the Aura, because with Saturn gone, they will take a depreciation hit. Should be a buyer's market for Saturns.

I would definitely recommend a reasonably priced Saturn, especially if you plan to drive it a long time. If you want to own and trade, then I would consider looking elsewhere because of depreciation issues.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2009

2001 Saturn L300 V6 3.0L V6 from North America


Reliable as the Sunrise - Absolute Bliss each time I start her!


37000 miles, required a new BCM module, replaced under dealership because that blew once I bought it. The wrench light illuminated well in advance before it actually died, so I never stalled and got it quickly fixed.

38000 - 55000 miles, O2 sensor will send false alarm signals and making the "service engine soon" light illuminate. Saturn says don't worry and the only harm it will do is make the MPG suffer maybe by 1 MPG.

40102 miles, Mass Air Flow Sensor needs to be changed. Once again, the car let me know well in advance so I do not stall anywhere.

42000 miles, Rear superior brake lights all go out, and I never knew until I serviced it and the friendly staff mentioned that. Thanks to Saturn's professional and analytical staff, I avoided any tickets by the local authorities.

The leather on the shift stick has cracked and eroded away so bad that white fuzz balls have formed and is just waiting to rip. Not very luxurious looking.

Rear View Mirror snapped one morning as I entered the car. Was hell trying to glue it back on --- those do-it-yourself glue kits are a scam and had to go to the dealership and pay labor for a guy to sit in the car, drink coffee, and merely hold "special glue" only the dealership has to mend the heavy mirror.

General Comments:

Despite the above problems, I absolutely love my LS300! Each morning I start her, she wakes up aggressively and suddenly feel entranced by her powerful engine.

When I open the door, you can tell this vehicle is built solid and requires only a slight pull to close it. So many people who enter my car aren't used to the sensitive doors that are heavy and accidentally slam them.

Nothing creaks, vibrates, or shakes. When I say solid, I mean SOLID. Solid to the ground which the car glues itself to.

Thanks to the traction control, you barely have the buffet the steering wheel to stay in your lane and you never feel like the road controls you - you are the master of the car in the L300. The car practically drives itself!

The ABS in this car is by far the best I have experienced in any car. One day as I was driving a friend home on a rainy, treacherous day, I made a very sharp turn on a very wet road very fast - around 35 mph stupidly. There were several vehicles around me, and all I remember thinking I was going to cause an accident, but the L300 shuddered violently and guided itself into the turn I made. Albeit it vibrated violently and made a terrifying sound as I almost smacked into the truck next to me, my Saturn saved me from causing an accident. My friend asked if we could do it again!

Anyone that sits in the car remarks its supportive lumbar support and comfortable seating! The leather seems to get dirty easily (I have the tan leather option) but they are creamy and smooth looking - very luxurious. Just the shift knob bewilders me since the leather seems of good quality in the rest of the car.

Trunk is massive and can fit a bike in it and close it. I have fit a lawnmower and a weedwacker at the same time and closed the trunk. Usually people buy SUVs to store those things in their vehicles.

Paint is flawless and everybody asks if the car is new. The gold exterior goes quite well with the tan interior. Whoever says Saturn has no style has clearly never driven in one.

Engine is so smooth that sometimes I get suddenly afraid that it isn't running because when I am in the car, everything is so quiet!! Top that off with the excellent sound system, and you can completely drown out the world around you. However Saturn sound dampened this car amazes me - it's so tranquil and rivals Toyota's quietness, but has a sportier suspension than most Toyotas.

Performance is a BIG plus in the V6, easily weaving through traffic to out run all cars. Most people are underestimated by the Saturn and I get a lot of furious people that do not like people passing them because they think their car is superior, and when a Saturn can outrun them, they get PO'ed.

Gas mileage is a respectable 20 city and 26 highway.

Heated seats for the winter and a sunroof for the summer-wonderful! All for an 8,000 dollar car-what a steal!

I wouldn't trade me Saturn L300 in for any other car on the road!

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Review Date: 14th September, 2009

15th Sep 2009, 20:27

Great review!

18th Sep 2010, 19:55

I ordered my 2001 Saturn L300 in January of 2001, it was built in February and I took delivery of it in March. It has been a delight to own.

It has taken me reliably from Toronto to Pictou Nova Scotia, and the next day onto Yarmouth Nova Scotia, ten times so far. The drive to Pictou is about 1750 kilometers, which is an easy one day drive in this car.

I recently drove a Jetta Tdi desiel from Toronto to Ottawa and back, and found my backside sore after this. There is no such problem in the Saturn.

If this car holds together, I hope that it outlasts me.