2001 Saturn L300 3.0L from North America


Good car, needs the Honda V6 from the VUE


Oil Cooler went bad, resulting in oil leaking into coolant. Even though Saturn knows the sealant used on the oil cooler is bad, they refuse to pay for any parts of the repairs. I had it looked at a Saturn dealer and an independent mechanic and decided to use the independent mechanic only because they took the time to explain the problem fully.

Coil pack went bad on cylinders 2, 4, and 6. Had to have the coil pack replaced.

Random misfires when cold; Saturn dealer flashed the computer and that seemed to fix the problem.

O2 sensors changed numerous times.

General Comments:

Has some serious get up and go. Happily revs to 3500 when you stomp on it, but the car responds. It's a fly-by-wire set up, so there's no direct connection between the accelerator and the engine; the computer handles it. A little strange because when you let off the gas, the RPMs drop fast, and when using the cruise, when you hit RESUME you don't feel the accelerator depress -- the car just accelerates.

Interior is very comfortable; heated leather seats, awesome sound system, moonroof, pwr windows/locks/mirrors/seat, woodgrain on the dash. Very nice.

Alloy wheels, just a hint of chrome on the front grille and the taillight surround. Good finish and no dings (due to polymer).

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Review Date: 29th December, 2005

2001 Saturn L300 from North America


I'm disappointed in the reliability


Coolant leaked during the first 6 mo I owned the car.

Front end alignment problems caused premature tire wear.

Original Firestone tires replaced at 36K miles.

Battery terminal broke off, and leaked acid.

Engine computer failed, and was replaced.

There's a recurring problem of a thumping sound from the steering system caused by loss of lubricant. It comes around about once a year.

Front end required $700 in repairs at 40K miles.

Brake rotors required replacing at 60K miles.

Fuel system vacuum leak causes the "service engine soon" light to come on. I've not repaired this yet, so I don't know what it'll cost.

The transmission has just started shifting poorly at 62K miles. The problem comes and goes. I don't know the source of the problem or what it'll cost to fix yet.

The car continues to have steering problems, it pulls to the right. The mechanic claims it's the tires now, not the alignment.

General Comments:

I bought this car new, loaded; sunroof, leather, sound system, alloy wheels. It seemed like a great value, especially compared to a Camry or Accord.

It's handling is okay, and the acceleration is good.

Interior is noisier than I'd prefer, but not too bad.

Heated seats work really well.

After 4 1/4 years the car still looks great.

The finish and interior have held up well.

The electronics and power windows/roof still work perfectly.

This Saturn was rear ended by a Nissan Altima. I was stopped at a light and the Nissan ran into me. I wasn't hurt, just shaken up, and I was able to drive the Saturn away. The Nissan looked to be totaled. It's front end was crushed.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2005

19th Apr 2006, 17:57

I agree with the low reliability of this car. the engine is weak and the transmission seams to be prone to breakdowns. the L300 with 50K miles I am already near 3K in repairs and its broken now with a second long shift solenoid went bad inside the transmission (second one)

The oil cooler is poorly designed and will likely leak inside your engine causing low coolant and about an 800 dollar bill to repair the leak.

The SL1 1995 had an engine that was by far a stronger engine and I would highly recommend you steer clear of there 6 and go with the solid 4 cylinder.