1995 Saturn SL 1 no from North America


My wife and I love our Saturns SC2,SL1


The shifter cable broke at 180K, I believe it was about $180.00 or in the ball park, and difficult to pop in at the socket that connects it to the shifter, took me about an hour.

The water pump went out last year not really that hard to replace, but I have to say Kudos to the Saturn designers and engineers for making everything pretty accessible, it takes five minutes to change spark plugs.

The battery went out close to the time the water pump went out, but the car actually drove twenty miles and died in front of auto-zone I put in the new battery and went to work, made it on time.

Cylinder one spark plug gets fouled, needs to be replaced by itself every three to four months the other three cylinders are fine.

General Comments:

I paid $2,200 and have owned this car for about four years and only spent about $400.00 to fix it other than maintenance, I did all the work at home, the car is user friendly.

The timing chain is a Genius Idea that caused me to buy a Saturn for my wife, after the timing belt went out on my Honda I decided to switch to Saturn, we also had a Ford Escort and that car also had a timing belt, but needed to be replaced at longer intervals, Great job Saturn, I would rather not worry about a timing belt.

My Saturn SL1 gets a mind boggling 42 miles per gallon, I have to admit that I drive 55 miles per hour but I just leave home a little early to give myself time.

The interior of the car is not that roomy but I like the four doors to put stuff in the back seat, If my little bucket ever goes out I will definitely stay with Saturn maybe get me one with two doors which is also wonderful about Saturn, that the SL models with the five speed manual is almost identical to the SC models making it easy for the people who like to get a little grease on their clothes, you don't have to learn how to work on two different cars.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2008

1995 Saturn SL SL1 1.9L SOHC 8v from North America


Saturn will definitely without a doubt be my next car


The only thing I have had go wrong is oil getting into my water, but no water getting into my engine.

Head gaskets were fixed, but the car is still doing it. I am told it might be the intake or something, but it ain't a big problem, because I have been driving it like that for the last 6 months.

Oh and the rings are bad (I see blue smoke coming from the tail pipe when taking off).

General Comments:

This is the best $300 I have ever spent, even if the car has a problem with the top of the engine. The car runs cold too, and has no problems driving for at least an hour in the summer 100+ degrees. But at night it will drive for like 3 hours before the temp gage starts to rise to half way.

The car handles real well too, and gets to speed pretty decent. Has more power than my gutless Century.

Transmission is very smooth too. Also gets about 40 mpg.

I drive this car everyday to either work or to go anywhere in town. I live 15 miles away from my job too, and my car doesn't even get hot during that time.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2008

1995 Saturn SL SL2 1.9 DOHC from North America


Fun to drive, cheap to operate, easy to maintain

General Comments:

I'm very happy with my 1995 Saturn SL2. I bought it two years ago to use just as an inexpensive, lightweight, flat-towable car to pull around behind my motor home (I have two other cars), but it's so fun to drive, cheap to operate, and easy to work on it's become my daily driver.

I've discovered an amazing amount of technical information and good people on the Internet that have been very helpful in my performing routine maintenance, needed repairs, and nice-to-have upgrades. It's really become a bit of a hobby car. I enjoy tinkering with it, upgrading it, and making it better. It's so easy to work on it's almost like a modern Model T. At 133,000 miles, it runs and drives almost like a new car. It does consume a bit of oil, but nothing out of the ordinary for its age and mileage (about a quart per 1,500 miles). It's not an issue if you keep an eye on it. I check it once a week like you should with any car, new or used.

As with any other motor vehicle, how they're used and maintained will have a great deal to do with how they perform. Take care of them and they'll take care of you (and learn to do your own maintenance to save a ton of $$$).

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Review Date: 25th August, 2008