2004 Saturn VUE 4 cylinder from North America


Piece of junk!


I have had this car for 3 years (less than 36000 miles), and it has been in the shop 7 times for serious problems.

Today it is being towed in for its 8th stay in the shop. This will be the third time this vehicle has left me stranded.

The engine lights come on and I lose all power to the engine. This time I was able to get it to crawl (15mph) 5 miles home.

General Comments:

I purchased the extended warranty (thank goodness). Unfortunately, no one at the dealer bothered to register that warranty. Thankfully I was good enough to provide THEM a copy when they told me LAST week that the bad wheel bearings would not be covered.

The folks in service are courteous and helpful, it is a shame the rest of the company is so disorganized and the cars so pitiful.

If I were looking to buy a car again (which I am, and soon), I would not, and will not get a Saturn. They could offer me a free car, and I think it just wouldn't be enough incentive for me.

I have put up with so much from this vehicle; I felt I just needed to warn others before they make the same mistake I have.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2007

28th May 2008, 13:23

I have the same Vue as you (4 cylinder 5 speed FWD) and I am having that same problem, if you fixed it, what was the problem?

8th Jun 2008, 13:40

We purchased a 2004 Saturn Vue, and without warning the transmission went out. We took the Vue into the shop, & were told that Saturn does not make parts for the transmission. We were told we would have to buy the entire transmission at a cost of $5,000. That is the price without labor. We have had the car aprox. 1 year. It has 85,000 miles. We were told the part that went out is an inexpensive part, but Saturn does not sell transmission parts for the 2004 Vue. We will never buy another Saturn vehicle.

2004 Saturn VUE vue 2.2 from North America


Nice car, but needs a new steering setup and a 6 speed trans



General Comments:

It is a base model with a 4 cyl 5 speed. We get about 23 mpg in the city. Highway is about 26 mpg. Which is very good because of its size.

Only thing we do not like is the steering it feels like you are always correcting which way it is pointed on the freeway. You have to be very careful when you are taking turns at high speed due to this. I thought it was just ours until I read that a few other people have this problem also.

I also think this motor could greatly benefit from a six speed transmission. It spins at around 3000 rpm on the freeway.

Otherwise it is a great car for the price. Plenty of power from the Ecotec motor, good mpg, plenty of room, great stereo, and looks tuff.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2006

2004 Saturn VUE 3.5 V6 AWD from North America


Love it so far... hope all stays well with it!!!


No problems so far. The dealer did fix an annoying squeak from the tailgate before I purchased it.

General Comments:

The car is extremely fun to drive, almost no blind spot. Feels very quick compared to the Honda Odyssey mini-van that I traded in. Though I am a bit concerned about all the bad reviews on this car.

This car is easy to park and really easy to back up!! And unlike the mini-van... this fits in my garage. :)

Only problem I noticed, is that steering is MUCH looser than on the mini-van. So am going to take it in and have it checked. It maybe just something that needs getting used to.

Dealer is nice, but not nearly as nice as when I bought my last Saturn... had to run on fumes to the gas station when I got the car as they didn't leave enough gas to even get me home. Said they don't fill the tank up for used cars anymore. Also, they actually balked a bit when I found my own financing and essentially paid them cash. You would think they'd be happy to take a check.

All in all, a much better buying experience than either the Forester or Mini-Van... would have purchased another Forester... but just not large enough cargo area for the family. This was a really happy medium in size.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006

7th Sep 2006, 22:26

Why does this car make so much noise from the tires as it travels down the road?? I cannot understand what back seat travelers are saying due to the road noise inside our 2004 VUE---other than than that, it is a great car--what can we do to lower noise in the car?

21st Jun 2009, 09:19

To the comment above, there are a few positives and negatives when a vehicle is built with the polymer panels. You get no rust, they are very durable and always look new etc... The negative is that they do not insulate noise as well and that is why you will hear more. Just a little negative to all the pluses I guess! I loooooooove my 04 vue V6 FWD!