2004 Saturn VUE the cheapest with updated pack 2.2 eco tech (honda if you didn't know) from North America


If all Saturns are like this, I will definitely stay a customer


None at all!!!

General Comments:

Reluctantly I bought the Vue because is a Saturn and I was used to japanese cars. I tested nearly every in its class and I was drawn by its looks and the price (plus that polymer body that does not dent or rust). I am delighted with my decision. At first that brand new 2.2 engine was kind of a dog, and I was told that I had to break it in... they were totally right! It performs outstandingly, it is very efficient with gas (I travel 206 miles every day for work) and this manual transmission is da bomb.

Downside: since it sits high, you have to be careful on tight curves, but nothing a lowering kit and wider tires did not resolve. I don't know why other people's experiences have been so bad with this car, but cars as well as a toy or as a computer can come defective. I enjoy my little SUV, is more spacious than probably the rest in its class, dent resistant body and performance...I'm in love! With a little bit of cosmetics the interior is easily updated, but everyone that sits in my ride says the same... is this a Saturn??

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Review Date: 6th January, 2006

6th Jan 2006, 16:00

I hate to tell you, but your engine is NOT made by Honda. Only the 3.5 V6 engine is made by Honda. Your engine is the same one in Cavaliers and Cobalts, not to mention the ION. If your dealer told you this, he lied to you.

11th Jan 2007, 17:28

I am looking at a car just like you described and all of the other reviews worried me, then I realized that all of the problems seem to be with the automatic transmissions...Coincidence???

10th Apr 2007, 12:09

To the last comment: do not buy SATURN!!! It will be your worst! I had a Saturn before and had nothing but trouble. Every weekend I had to date the mechanic for repairs. I just recently traded that "junk" for a Kia Sorento and the Kia is much quicker, handles better and you can't beat the warranty; I am sold!

9th Feb 2013, 01:40

You have the equally reliable American made engine... the 2.2 ... not the Honda V6. Just goes to show American manufacturers make good/great engines too. Buy American!

2004 Saturn VUE all wheel drive V6 from North America


Suspension needs to be repaired.

The idiot light shows that there is a problem. The scope says there is a lack of communication between the source of the problem and the computer, but no one can diagnose the problem.

The airbag light stays on, but service can't explain why.

Saturn customer service says "pay for it" it's not our problem!

General Comments:

Saturn customer service is as indifferent as any company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

I'll never buy a Saturn vehicle again and will discourage others from doing so as well.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2005

2004 Saturn VUE Sport Plus 2.2 Four Cylinder from North America


The Vue is a reliable ride for beach goers and fair weather travelers


The brakes made loud metal on metal noises at the 500 mile mark. I brought the Vue in for service, and nothing was done. Brought the Vue back in at the 1500 mile mark, and the service tech cleaned the brakes. Brought the Vue in yet again at the 5000 mile mark and the service tech informed me that all the brakes had to be replaced, but they didn't have the parts on hand. Three weeks later they called and scheduled my appointment. Since the brakes have been replaced, they are fine. The process took way too long and soured me on the Saturn brand.

General Comments:

With that said, I must say the Vue is a great vehicle to drive during fair weather. It has plenty of zip for city driving and cruises along the interstate at 75+mph rather smoothly. My gas mileage is 21 city and 25 highway.

I, however, made a huge mistake and didn't go with the all wheel drive model. I live in Minnesota and the front wheel drive Vue (of which I purchased) is brutal in snow and ice. It also does not hold the road on gravel/dirt roads. The vehicle will fishtail and get sucked in the direction of loose gravel. The front wheel drive model would be great for Florida, Texas, etc.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2005

6th Jan 2006, 13:03

All true, except for the brake problem (which I never had, knock on wood) but this car is great, looks great is comfortable, great field of view, great size, but... It is Brutal in snow, GOD!!! why??? well, I improved this problem by lowering it 1 1/2 inches and with wider tires (aftermarket rims) it does not only handle great, it looks mean!