2001 Seat Leon Sport 1.9 TDI from UK and Ireland


A car you will learn to hate


All four doors leaked water.

Front headlights full of water.

Rear lights full of water.

Boot lock broke down.

Dashboard light had a mind of it's own.

Dust in the paint job.

Rattling noises.

General Comments:

The Seat Leon is a car I would not advice a friend to buy.

It has many problems and there are a lot of quality issues like the leaking doors that have not been solved even after 2 years of production.

The brakes are dangerous in winter conditions because sometimes they will react only after the second or third time you step on your brakes.

I had to return my car to the dealership 10 times in 9 months, this meant a ninety mile return drive, 10 times.

No apology or compensation was given to me, even after I asked for it.

After suffering 10 months of Seat Leon ownership I can tell you that customer care is something yet to be discovered by this carmaker.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2002

6th Jul 2002, 14:25

I am very upset, to see the mess those fools have made of your car. You should give them all absolute hell!!

I by contrast, have had a Seat Toledo since the end of 1999 and it is a fantastic car. Mine was made in Belgium.

I am terribly sorry for you and I hope you expose those idiots.

Just a little bit of care and your story would be so different. It really makes me furious when they mess up at the factory.

22nd Jul 2002, 09:18

They should rename this car and call it Seat Leakon, the doors of my Leon started leaking again.

Is this going to be a never ending story?

2001 Seat Leon Cupra 1.8VT from UK and Ireland


Superb 'hot hatch'


Leather on drivers seat is scuffing badly when driver wears jeans! It appears jean rivets should be avoided.

Remote key fob became unreliable and has been replaced by the dealer.

General Comments:

The interior of the car could do with livening up.

The ride can be harsh on bad surfaces, of which the UK has plenty.

Thirsty. Have never exceeded 30 miles per gallon!

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Review Date: 6th June, 2002

11th Nov 2004, 14:53

You only get 30mpg? You must have feet of lead! I'm getting 37mpg from my Cupra, and it doesn't seem to vary much if I thrash it or not. You must be giving yours a very hard time indeed! :)

2001 Seat Leon Sport 20 VT 1.8 20 VT from UK and Ireland





General Comments:

I went into a Seat dealer to test drive a new Leon 20VT just a half hour after I test drove an MG ZS120. The dealer didn’t have a new model, but they did have a display model which was for sale that had 3000 on the clock. It has climate control, CD changer, imperial blue metallic paint, mud flaps and carpet mats.

I took it out for a spin and could not believe it. The power was amazing. I had a Focus 1.6 and there just could be no comparison. The Leon felt so solid. The handling was sharp, though not up there with the ZS 120. I drove away with the intention of buying a new model. Later that day I was back in the dealership haggling over the display model. I managed to trade in my focus and get the Leon, 1 year warranty, service, full valet and get one mud flap fixed on properly. It just made so much more sense to buy this hardly used model.

Everything about the car is impressive. It’s forward lean gives the impression of poise and power. The size of the boot is impressive. The engine compartment is a joy to behold. The gear change is fantastic, though I’m going to have to get used to having that 6th gear. A 6th gear is something I’ve hankered after for some time as I spend a lot of time on the motorway. The engine sound really indicates what this car is all about. When you turn the key it sounds just like a 2.0 turbo intercooler diesel engine. But once you start moving it’s just growls along in a very confident manner. Overtaking is a scream in this car. Overtaking is a very sudden event. You can easily do it in 6th as there is plenty of low down power, but do it in 4th or 5th and you are a flash in the view of the driver being overtaken.

The dealer was very knowledgeable of this car. He was great to “work” with, but he was glad when I finally sealed the deal. I was forcing a deal with him a half hour after their office had closed on a Saturday evening. It’s a rare car on the road which really adds to its appeal for me. I have only ever seen one before (a solver beauty in Santry, Dublin).

I’m picking up the car in 6 days and I will add comments to the review of the car as I add on the miles. I’m expecting that I will be heading off into the Wicklow Gap and the Backstairs mountains early on weekend mornings during the rest of the summer to really make the most of this car. Thank you Seat…. I have been smiling for 24 hours!

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Review Date: 12th May, 2002

18th May 2002, 07:08

I bought mine in March 2002, and I'm well happy with it! Just a shame I didn't wait for the 2003MY version with the full body kit and 17" rims :(

19th May 2002, 05:06

I picked up the car from the dealership yesterday and took it for a 50 mile spin around the Blackstairs mountains in the south east of Ireland. It is a truly amazing car to drive. There's more acceleration in this car than can be used on most rural roads. I should have rated the performance as 10/10. One of my neighbours drives a Honda Civic 1.6 with an added turbo. I dropped him like a bad habit yesterday and left him stunned. It was brilliant.

Running costs are very high. I should have put that as 5/10. I'm 28, driving on a full clean license and my annual insurance is 3,500 Euros per year. That's $3200 or £2100 Sterling. If you press the accelerator at all the turbo will kick in and gobble up fuel. But this is a price you must expect to pay if you want a performance car.

It's very comfortable. The seats are hard, but it is a sports car! The comfort for me is that the car requires no effort when driving long distances. The climate control keeps the cabin comfortable.

Handling is pin sharp. My trip yesterday inculded a lot of twisties. I was able to keep the power up and stick to my own side of the road, unlike many others.

One little feature I like is the red back-lighting for the dashboard display. It's a good idea that helps maintain your night vision and does not distract from the road.

I can't recommend this car enough.

9th Aug 2002, 09:22

No wonder, the site you mentioned is sponsored by Seat. So you will never find anything they don't want you to know.

It has happened before, Seat UK sponsors a Site via one of their dealers, and when Leon owners get to critical, Seat threatens to pull out of the sponsorship.

Result: a forum with only happy owners who have never met any quality problems or leaking doors whatsoever.

Sleep well my friend.