2001 Seat Leon 20VT Cupra 1.8 turbo from UK and Ireland


Don't even think about giving this one a race


The cassette player runs a bit slow, but I've got tons of CD's to put in the 6 CD changer so who cares... That's about it. Not so much as a rattle or a squeak anywhere.

Dealer couldn't be any nicer if he tried.

Engine is very tight at the moment so can't comment really on the performance, but feels like it'll go like a rocket when its run in.

I'll add more comments when I've got a few more miles under its belt.

General Comments:

It reminds me of an Alfasud I had quite a few years ago. Best car I've ever had. Lets hope it doesn't fall apart with rust like the Alfa. Not much chance of that though as its got a 12 year (!!) anti corrosion warranty.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2001

2001 Seat Leon 20V Sport S 1.8 petrol from Norway


A driver's car for less money



General Comments:

The sport suspension makes the car extremely pleasant to drive.

The seats are fantastic.

I could not afford the 20VT (in Norway cars are extremely expensive), but I think the 20V (1.8 125 bhp) is much more fun than the 1.6 and well worth the extra cost.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2001

2001 Seat Leon Cupra 20VT from UK and Ireland


Red hot


Electric seats were not set correctly. I could not call back a preset seat position. Dealer reset the seats, and all is now fine.

General Comments:

Well, what a nice change from the cars I have driven previously. Fast, comfortable, good looking, and all for a great price.

It's a company car, so I was not forced to buying it through price. I did look at the Audi S3, but to be honest for the small performance gain on the S3, the price did not warrant it.

The Cupra is great. The one I have has electric seats with memory, auto windscreen wipers, auto dimming mirror, 6 CD changer, leather seats, the wing mirrors fold away, EDS, traction control, etc etc, the list is endless.

It's just starting to get run in now at around 2000 miles, it does however seem to perform better on super unleaded, and I find in first gear you do have to let it know who's boss.

As for the other 5 gears it's great. Acceleration on demand, almost no lag (even thinking of getting it chipped up to 210BHP).

The ride is "solid", but I like this in a car, especially going round corners on a bumpy surface, you really get to feel the true road conditions (I drove a Golf V6 4motion and the suspension in that was too soft).

The seats are comfy, it's just as at home doing city driving or taking it for a thrashing.

Talking of thrashing, be careful when you drive this sucker, I have gone out and spent £400 on a radar detector. Why? Well you do 90MPH at around 3500 revs, get to a hundred without knowing it in 6th, until you come to a tight motorway corner, you look down and OOPS.

I love the car, in fact I love the car so much I bought the domain name www.seatcupra.net. If you Cupra owners, Leon or Ibiza want to get your car seen, how about sending me your details and when the site is ready for launch I will contact you, get some reviews, post your pictures, you can even have your own email address whatever@seatcupra.net

Great car, great price. Get one.



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Review Date: 27th April, 2001

19th Aug 2001, 11:08

I am a Leon 20VT owner and I really liked your review. I just wanted to add that an anti-radar is really needed for this car as I find myself driving at 180 km/h and feeling as safe as I would running at 120 km/h on other cars. I have completed 7500 kilometers on the hard roads of Greece and I feel there's no need for the side mirrors as nobody can follow the L (I) on. Even heavy BMW's seem to be incapable to run down this car. And the design is far better than the competition - Audis and VW Golf.


19th Aug 2001, 17:14

I also agree about the radar-detector. I got a Bell 550 after a week of driving this car.

It is scary just how fast you can creep up to without knowing it! This car is so quiet that I sometimes have to look at the gauges when idling to see if the engine is still on!

Great car - great handling - great levels of equipment.

Just cannot beat it for the price - Rich.


27th Jan 2003, 07:25

I love my Leon Cupra ditto to all of your previous comments just add be carefull in snow she does not like it one bit. TCS off was slightly better. Maybe better when tyres get worn in properly. Keep me updated. What better car can you get for this price. I also looked at the Audi, but £4-5k more expensive no thanks. Do you know if they plan a 4 wheel drive model?

2001 Seat Leon 20VT 1.8 from Greece


A true GTi


Some noise from the engine when on bad surfaces.

General Comments:

A very strong engine with "live" 180bhp, but the "most money" is in the 6 gears that make the car fast everywhere - anywhere. It is fast & safe even for a mid driver and with anti-spin off it can be even faster!

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Review Date: 5th March, 2001

14th Mar 2001, 09:17

How did you manage to put 25000km on a 2001 car?

5th Aug 2001, 15:05

I have owned a Seat Toledo TDiSE from new for one year and ten months. What a marvellous car! It was beautifully built in Volkswagen's Belgium factory. I know that the Leon is much the same car. They both have very good looks!

I have just returned from two weeks on the Island of Kefalonia. I was delighted that I saw many Seat cars there. Plenty of Leons (one was a beautiful burgundy colour). I saw black and silver Toledos. My Toledo is a beautiful Indigo blue. So many people comment on the car's good looks.