2001 Seat Leon 110 TDi SE 1.9 turbo diesel 110bhp from UK and Ireland




A small squeak has appeared when I depress the clutch pedal - common fault.

Nothing else.

General Comments:

Engine not really run in, but still managing 50-60mpg on a 50 mile motorway commute.

Very good specification including traction control (used once!)

Very quick, similar in handling to my old Mk3 Golf GTi.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2001

30th Nov 2001, 15:21

I guess that the engine really is art. It gives you tremendous power and does not punish a right foot made out of lead at the gas station.

Excellent choice!

10th Jan 2002, 08:30

I did want one but the price was just too much, Seat dealers were not generous with my trade-in. Still great looking car and I just hope they drop in the 150bhp turbo D in time for my next car.

30th Jan 2002, 12:42

I imported one for GBP£11300 OTR with a 6-CD changer and 3-year warranty included, so excellent value for money if you can do that. The clutch squeak has also developed with mine - will have to see how good the dealer is.

12th Feb 2003, 06:49

My wife has just swapped her 1 year old Puma for a '52 plate Leon Tdi SE 110, as it impressed her so much on the test drive. I have to admit, I was quite impressed too. We pick it up next Friday (20/02/03), so I will update my comments once we've had it for a month or two!

Our local main dealer has so far been fantastic, hopefully the after sales will continue on the same level.

Watch this space....

2001 Seat Leon Cupra 20VT 1.8T from UK and Ireland


Best value car I've ever bought


Radio not coded - dealer didn't know how to uncoded for three days.

Dash had stain on plastic.

Paint scratches on the bonnet and passenger door. Fixed by dealer - but took two separate days - They forgot to do both scratches on the same day - doh!

Suspension knocking (and too firm!) - dealer "adjusted suspension???" - spoke to dealer and asked for explanation - turns out that the transporter blocks had not been removed (drove for about 1500 miles with no spring compression)

Car really rattles very badly inside - especially back seat and main dash.

Dealer replaced rear hatch strut. Wasn't the strut but the back seat catch (hey but they know best) - back seat still rattling badly.

Front dash rattling very loudly - dash re-seated by dealer (does this really take 6 working days?) - told that only 4 securing bolts - not five! added bolt - rattle gone from the dash.

Asked to get the back seat fixed again - dealer taped the seat catches and packed the back seat hinge with foam (sellotape and bubble-gum approach! who are these guys?)

General Comments:

Problems with car really due to the shabby dealership. Rest of car OK.

Speed - VERY FAST! I laugh at Golf and Audi drivers now! All that wasted money for a badge!

Handling MUCH better than previous A3. Cornering crisper - but a little under steer! (watch out for those roundabouts in the rain)

Ride - bit too hard for town - but motorway cruising GREAT!

Very pleased with rest of cabin (except rattles).

Leather seats OK - but not particularly best of leather (but what do you expect for 16000 car?)

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Review Date: 26th November, 2001

2001 Seat Leon 20VT 1.8 turbo from Netherlands


Excellent car, not just about performance


The car is still new. I just got it last week and have put 1,000 on it.

There have been no faults so far.

Initial build quality seems to be up to Volkswagen and Audi standards. It even smells like a new Audi...

General Comments:

This review is based on my experience during a trip to Germany this weekend.

Although I'm treating it very nicely the first 2,000 or so kilometres, it's hard to keep from flooring it every chance I get.

Performance is excellent. There is so much power in every gear at almost any speed. Above about 100 km you can shift up to 6th gear and the revs will drop to around 2000 RPM, but it will still respond lively when you want to accelerate.

The engine sounds great, especially when the turbo kicks in.

The suspension is relatively sporty, but not to the point of becoming uncomfortable. Cruising at high speeds it feels like a larger, much more expensive car.

Having 5 doors and a large boot make it very practical as well.

The trim level in Holland has been upgraded for the 2002 model year, so to my surprise I got 8 speakers instead of 4, electric windows in the rear and electric mirrors.

Other standard features include: anti-lock brakes, traction control, alloy wheels, air-conditioning, board computer, sport seats.

Anyone considering to buy a Golf or an Audi A3, should have a serious look at the Seat Leon 20VT.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2001

31st Jul 2002, 02:48

Wait a couple of months and the trouble will start and you wish you spend a little more money and bought an A3, Golf or BMW Compact.

5th Dec 2002, 05:43

Please give us an update?

15th Apr 2004, 12:41

I own a Cupra 20 VT with 40k on the clock, and it is as good as the day I got it. Anyone who thinks it is a poor substitute for a VW or Audi is mistaken. My previous car was a Golf GTI, and it was slow compared to the Leon. And yet the Leon is just as good, if not better than the Golf, with a build quality that is just as good.

Anyone thinking of buying a Golf or Audi A3 should seriously consider the Leon. What an eye opener it was for me. Try the Cupra, and I promise you it will impress, as will the bang for your buck. Try buying a Golf with the performance and extra goodies that the Cupra supplies as standard.