1998 Toyota Camry CE 2.2 from North America


Incredible quality and design


I just replaced the front brakes and rotors for the FIRST time. The rears are original and are still serviceable.

I replaced the clutch at 220,000 km.

The exhaust system is original and is still within specs.

There have been no other repairs needed.

General Comments:

I commute 150 km per day and have done so for the six years I've owned it.

Its comfortable, handles well on the twisty roads I drive daily.

This is the best car I have ever had. Period. I will buy nothing, but Toyota in the future (if this one ever wears out).

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2004

19th Apr 2006, 14:35

This is additional to the entry I made originally - my Camry now has 294,000 km on it and everything I said before still holds. I'm STILL on the original rear brakes. I'm still on the original exhaust system.

The one area where she's showing her age now is in the suspension - it's getting loose. This is not surprising as a lot of our driving is on gravel country roads with the constant potholes. I've been gradually spending money in this area (not cheap!) to bring it back to specs.

Still the best car I have ever had.

2nd Nov 2009, 07:06

This is a further update to my original two submissions. This car now has 340,000 km on it and has still not given any trouble. I had to replace the front brakes again, BUT AM STILL ON THE ORIGINAL REARS. No other repairs have been necessary except for normal regular oil changes and lube, etc.

Still the best car I´ve ever owned. I´m blown away.

1998 Toyota Camry LE from North America


Good roomy car except..


Air compressor seized at 70,000 kilometers

Other minor issues - Front windshield wind noise when driving on the highway

Side door handle wind noise - can actually feel the air blowing in when highway driving.

Rear cup holders are cheap and break easily

Driver's front visor clip breaks easily

Windshield wipers need replacement more frequently than our other vehicles and are difficult to replace.

General Comments:

Generally happy with my vehicle.

Interior roominess is great - at the time of purchase no sedan from the four North American auto manufacturers could accommodate family's height in both the front and back seats.

Minor things in the past 5 years were a bit annoying - cheap rear cup holder, front windshield and side door handle wind noise, sun visor clip breaking twice. Replacement issues with windshield wipers

Vehicle servicing has been regular and not unduly costly. Tires have been changed once

Brakes will be changed at the next service date.

Very unhappy about the seized air conditioner compressor. Costly item to replace on such a relatively young vehicle

Dealership indicated they have seen this on much older vehicles, but not usually on this model year.

Will explore if this is a regular issue with Toyota compressors. If so it will make me rethink purchasing another Camry.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2004

27th Mar 2004, 20:45

I have had the same problem with cup holders in back seat and mirrors. Very cheap quality of material. I constantly find screws that drop out of seats, doors, trunk, etc. The electrical system on passenger side door broke and is very expensive to replace. My car is 1998 Camry LE with 51,000 miles. My car was made in Japan.

1998 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L from North America


Not one of Toyota's best


Front right strut mount rattles all the time.

Dashboard light showing a rear tail light is out and all the bulbs were changed and are brand new.

Trunk leaks water when you wash the car or it rains really hard.

Front driver and passenger seats are very uncomfortable when riding for a long period of time. They have no back support.

Transmission is jerking in the 4th gear.

Leaking power steering fluid, but the shop cannot seem to locate from where it is coming.

Rear cup-holders in the floor snapped off and cannot be reattached.

Dashboard is noisy and rattles.

Cannot defrost the interior backseat windows no matter what mode you put the defroster in.

General Comments:

This is the 1st time I have ever owned a Toyota and everyone says they last forever and they are the best cars to own, but I seem to have maybe gotten one of those that just didn't come off the line as perfect as it is suppose to be. I am going to be looking at a new car soon and I am not sure if I would choose another Toyota. I have had lots of problems since I bought this car and it only has 81,000 miles on it. That doesn't seem like mileage for a car to have problems when they are suppose to last years.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2004