1998 Toyota Camry LE V6 from North America


Fast, reliable. Toyota does it again!


Front end makes a rattling noise when I hit bumps in the road.

Seats wear badly.

General Comments:

This car is very nice.

It came equipped with a V6 and man is it nice. When you want to pass someone with this motor it's no problem.

My aunt has the same car with the 4 cylinder and lacks some pep. Not so with the V6.

The interior is leather and although nice, the drivers side is wearing fast.

The cabin is very roomy. The backseat can handle 3 people just fine.

I'm not going to tell you that it's Toyota's fault because the console broke. I know that's due to user error.

As far as I have seen this car has been a real joy.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003

1998 Toyota Camry LE from North America


Very unsatisfied


Multiple problems with brakes over past four years.

Poor quality on suspension (i.e. always had ongoing rattling and noises)

Engine recently died at 157,000 kilometers.

General Comments:

Previously owned a 1990 Toyota Corolla which I had purchased new as well. I regret ever trading that vehicle in for the Camry. I had always heard raving reviews on the comfort and reliability of a Toyota Camry. Unfortunately, the vehicle which I purchased was nothing more than a headache and more recently a significant drain to my hard earned cash.

The engine died at 157,000 kilometers. When I had the cause explained to me by a mechanic, it was noted that there was no oil in the engine. Unfortunately no light indicator had given me an indication. I admit I was not religious about oil changes, but I would never exceed 12-15000 kms in a oil change. It seems kind of strange that my Corolla received the same neglect from me and still drove beautifully after 8 years and a higher reading on the odometer.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2003

9th Jun 2003, 10:27

If your engine death was due to engine sludge, then you should have had the repairs done for free under Toyota's 8 year unlimited mileage warranty. This applies in Canada as well as U.S. It also covers incidental costs, such as rental car, associated with the repair.

20th Sep 2004, 23:20

I would just like to point out that the NHTSA investigated the "so called" engine sludge problem in the 1998 Toyota, and found that it was not valid. The investigation was closed a few months later, and can be accessed and read at this government website:


Search the vehicle reports by year, make and model. Maybe this will clear up some of the wide-spread confusion.

1998 Toyota Camry Vienta VXI petrol 3L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Great family car


Nothing. I have replaced a set of tires and battery as a matter of normal wear and tear.

General Comments:

A great car, reasonably comfortable for a small family, great fuel economy on the open road, a little heavy on fuel around town.

I have previously owned BMW 3 series and Mercedes C180 and had major mechanical problems with both cars from new. Absolutely no problems with the Toyota.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2003

1998 Toyota Camry LE V6 from North America


Poor on quality/reliability


Thudding sound when braking the car to bring it to a complete stop. I bought the car in 1998, changed the front disc brakes and had the rotor machined at an authorized Toyota dealer in Gilroy, CA in 2002. Thudding noise began 2 weeks after the brake pads were replaced. The Toyota dealer's inspection could not detect the thudding sound so the dealer certified the brakes as ok. When I drive the car home I find that on a quiet road the thudding sound is audible when braking to a halt.

General Comments:

Poor quality on key components like brakes on 1998 Toyota Camry.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2002

6th Apr 2003, 17:28

I own a 1998 Camry as well and have suffered similar brake problems. I eventually had the problem rectified by Canadian Tire (beleive it or not). There generic brake parts actually fixed the annoying multiple visits to Toyota dealers with no progress.

31st Oct 2006, 09:53

Check your brake calipers.

27th Sep 2009, 10:41

Don't be misguided by this opinion. Sure mine is just an opinion also, but my Camry has almost 240,000 miles on it and I have not had 1 single problem with it.

28th Sep 2009, 11:09

So do you advise to not check his brakes?