1998 Toyota Camry LE V6 3.0 V6 from North America


Great car by a great company


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

I got this car secondhand and I've had no problems whatsoever.

The 3.0 V6 engine accelerates smoothly, steering is easy and precise for all those corners, gas pedal not too hard, not to sensitive, braking is precise and smooth. It uses the same engine as in the Lexus ES I believe.

The remote is something I'd like to see redesigned, many times when I put it in my pocket, the buttons are easily pushed, however the car rearms itself after 30 seconds anyways after being unlocked.

Radio/tape deck better than average, I find it more than acceptable and one of my hobbies is THX quality sound reproduction.

V6 with overdrive is great for my 0-60 starts, under 6-8 seconds.

Car is pretty smart too. I once forgot to set the parking brake and it wouldn't let go of my keys, thus not letting my out of the car.

Cabin has great muting of outside noise; I can barely tell if my engine is on or not.

Another great feature is no flimsy antenna. The antenna is built into the glass; very nice feature.

Did I mention it is really comfortable?

I highly recommend this car to people who are looking for a cheaper, reliable car, that really saves on gas. Style on these older models aren't exactly teen desirable, however, it has a nice sleek look, enough to turn heads!

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Review Date: 28th September, 2001

5th Feb 2003, 15:22

You say that you get great gas mileage. How many miles to the gallon are you getting?

1998 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L 4-cylinder from North America


Better than average, yet not up to the standards of earlier Camrys


Front strut assembly bushings failed, a common problem in '97 and '98 Camrys and Avalons. Have been through two sets of tires in 57,000 miles as a result, and attempted two alignments to correct the tire wear problem. The dealer recently replaced the bushings for free, even though the car was out of warranty. Just installed the third set of tires.

Valve stem seals cracked and leaked oil, also a common problem in 98 Camrys. The car was consuming one-half quart of oil per 2,500 miles. Dealer fixed for free under the power train (60,000 mile) warranty.

Driver's seat is horribly uncomfortable, unlike our other, older Camrys. There is no lower back support, only one seat back angle control, and only one seat height adjusting control.

Front turn signal bulbs routinely become disconnected, resulting in rapid, annoying turn signal noise and low intensity blinking. The only fix is to disassemble the housing, remove the bulb, clean the terminals, and reinstall. This procedure usually returns the turn signal to normal state for 3-4 weeks.

Cashmere beige metallic paint is the worst of any on the four Toyotas we currently own. Even the slightest piece of debris from the road causes chips on the hood and above the windshield.

General Comments:

Toyota makes outstanding, reliable automobiles. We currently own four (three of which are '91,'94 and '98 Camrys), and have owned seven since 1985. The 1998 Camry has been the most disappointing. Despite the problems indicated above, which are insignificant compared to the problems encountered with American cars, this car has been reliable, and has never left us stranded anywhere.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2001

6th Jun 2002, 13:06

What an insightful review of the '98 Camry LE. This owner obviously knows Camrys and Toyotas better than most. I wish that more reviewers were as thorough in describing the problems they've had with their cars.

8th May 2003, 06:59

I also own a 1998 Beige Toyota Camry and tend to agree with the tires needing replacement. I have 57000 miles on mine and need my third set of tires. The driver seat covering keeps coming undone on the drivers side from the bottom of the seat. The paint is chipping in the front from small debris. The driver side electric window has come off the track twice.

30th Mar 2009, 15:17

Your remarks about problems with American cars vs. Camry wrong. Check out reviews on 98 Mercury Grand Marquis or Ford Crown Vics. Actually, any year of these cars. 200 to 300 thousand miles with just normal maintenance & wear & tear.

I have owned BMWs, Volvos & yes Toyotas that were nightmares out of warranty. Granted American cars have their share of problems, but check out other consumer comments. I think you will be shocked at some lofty brands.

Plus closing on 30mpg hwy with V8 power for the mercury. Decent in snow with traction control & proper tires. Not trying to be rude, just informative to people who are blindly loyal for so many years. Really, read some other reviews, quite enlightening.