27th Aug 2009, 21:44

As usual, someone didn't bother to read the comment. It clearly states the figures came from CARSURVEY.ORG owner surveys, not CR (although CR DID pull their recommendation of the 2007 Camry based on horrible reliability). Just click on "2006 Camry reviews", then look at the "would buy another Toyota" space. It clearly says "0" percent, which isn't surprising. The overall approval rating for Camry on Carsurvey.org from 2000 through 2010 is a dismal 43%. Ford beats the heck out of that with the old Taurus at 62%, and even the now defunct Pontiac Grand Prix averaged a 63% approval rating for the same time period. Even the divine Accord only manages a 63% approval rating for the same period.

Sounds like yet another case of someone being swayed by ad hype from Japanese car companies. Real owners tell a VERY different story.

28th Aug 2009, 13:25

The problem with these kind of sites is that everybody can post information. That's how the Internet is. I've commented earlier that a lot of Camry reviews look like fakes. I can usually spot one when I see it. It's in the details.

Each reader must read information on this site carefully. The Camry section of this site seem to be taken over by Internet trolls. People commenting on Toyotas and especially Camry do not seem to have ever have owned one. Most people commenting seem to be Chevy or Ford owners bad mouthing the Camry.

People after real facts can see past this balloon of hot air. Referring to statistics from this site? When many of the reviews appear to be fake? Frankly, it's totally irrelevant.

28th Aug 2009, 16:11

The only "ad hype" I've seen has been from the Big 3. Ford is constantly claiming that they have quality that "surpasses Honda and Toyota" and Chevrolet used the fact that the made more vehicles that were eligible for cash for clunkers against Honda and Toyota endlessly. I have yet to see a Honda or Toyota commercial or ad that says ANYTHING about the Big 3.

29th Aug 2009, 10:02

16:11 why would they mention domestics? We bought Honda after Honda only, never even looked, kind of stupid really. We had engine and trans issues, test drove GM and really liked them better. Better ride, more comfortable seats, power, handling, very good fuel usage, better warranty and less out of pocket repairs. We were dedicated Honda buyers, but they lost us recently. Old days they were better for us when new.

29th Aug 2009, 10:54

I have yet to see why I should accept half a standard warranty from any car made in 2009 now 2010... I said goodbye to the import service manager and my new car salesman too. They move around anyway.

29th Aug 2009, 13:15

There is just as much opportunity for import fanatics to enter false reviews on the domestic sites (and I suspect more do that than the other way around) so all-in-all the averages should balance out. I've read several domestic reviews that list issues I have never even heard of (and I'm a mechanic) and I doubt seriously that the reviewers actually owned those cars. The fact remains that Camry has a very low record of owner satisfaction on this site. Nothing makes up for a bad car, not even ad hype.

31st Aug 2009, 08:34

Ever heard about sampling intervals? Or standard deviation? If you did you would not construct a home-grown statistical overview about "dissatisfied customers". Remember that bodies like CR, JD Powers and the like base their statistics on a minimum of hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of observations.

Oh, yes: The Internet is more and more becoming a junk yard for irrelevant information. "The truth" is usually what various companies and organisations finds beneficial. Hundreds of thousands of people are working full time around the world as agents "to manage" information. More and more of these are devoting their work day to various Internet fora and sites. Add to this a bunch of information management DIYers that posts fake information. Really, for all sorts of reasons; some are probably disgruntled UAW workers and various people that feel buying Toyotas are "unpatriotic". Some people haven't even forgotten the war and dislike everything japanese.

Have this in mind when you read information from sites like this. No information here is quality assured, ANYBODY CAN POST BASICALLY ANYTHING, while information from CR, JD Powers etc is at least quality assured.

1st Sep 2009, 19:09

National polling organizations base national trends on samplings of a few hundred or less. The average deviation is usually regarded as 4%. If you gave Camry the benefit of the doubt you'd still have a satisfaction rating of under 50%. That's lower than most domestics for the 2000-2010 period reviews. There are certainly more than 100 Camry reviews between 2000 and 2010. There are also quite a few 2006 Camry reviews, yet it STILL gets a 0% satisfaction rating. Sounds more like a bad car than bad figures to me!!

2nd Sep 2009, 17:04

I totally agree. J. D. Powers rates a Ford product and a GM product higher in long-term reliability than even Lexus, and Consumer Reports rates the Ford Fusion one entire level higher in reliability than Accord and TWO entire levels higher than Camry. The arguments on here that "Japanese cars are better" is just not backed by the facts.

3rd Sep 2009, 13:18

I rarely see a high priced brand new domestic bought, with a cheap import replacing it next. It seems complaints or issues related on here are someone driving an old domestic they started out with, and then bought a new little import to tool around in.

I had my grandmothers old domestic, then a new Honda next, as my first new car after driving a hand me down. I take a lot of comments good or bad with this very real likelihood in mind.

I went from a 600 dollar domestic old car to a new 14000 import. It's unrealistic to say my old car had problems and my new one is the best. Get some equivalent age and mileage, and compare a car bought new to new that you cared for since new. It's a better way to inform others.

4th Sep 2009, 05:32

17:04 Japanese cars are better, and that IS fact. Like you said.. A Ford product, and a Chevy product; meaning ONE each. EVERY other Toyota and Honda gets higher ratings than all other automobiles from any domestic manufacturer, because they have always been and still are the far more reliable, higher quality, much better designed vehicles. Fact.

4th Sep 2009, 06:31

13:15 people bad mouthing a Camry likely had problems with them. As evidence see consumeraffairs.com. If I switch to another new different manufacturer's car after numerous issues, I will complain about my last one. It amazes me that you think people have the time to be so inventive. I had terrible experience with Honda and I do not hesitate to complain. If someone had the same with Toyota, let others know. I now drive a domestic. Is that ad import hype so strong? They can have issues and do.

4th Sep 2009, 11:10

I agree, but in our case we've owned both brand new domestics and imports, and found that regardless of age and mileage, the imports cost us far more in repairs than domestics. We now drive only Ford and GM.

19th Oct 2010, 04:38

People buy imports because they are more expensive than domestic, it's a status symbol. It has nothing to do with reliability, fuel efficiency, etc... If you drive a domestic car, you are perceived as backwards, working class, redneck, while an import makes you sophisticated, progressive, wealthy, and environmentally conscious. All a huge pile of BS from advertising/marketing companies. Too many of us have fallen prey to this...

When I invest my hard earned money into an automobile, I choose a used GM product. I've never been let down by them, and can usually resell the vehicle for what I paid after using it for 2 years.

I hate imports; they feel cheap, look ugly, and aren't more reliable or fuel efficient either.