1988 Toyota Corolla SR5 Coupe 1.6 af from North America


Build quality you can rely on


Due to its age, the clear coat was dull/hazy; a bit of buffing took care of it.

Missing service records, so as a precaution I replaced all belts and water pump.

Replaced cracked steering rack boots.

Replaced rusted muffler.

Top part of the seat fabric is a bit faded on the rear seats.

General Comments:

I was very lucky to find this car, I got it from a dealer wherein someone traded it for a newer Corolla.

So far this car is very reliable. I drive it everyday to work. Whether it's summer or -30° C in the winter doesn't make a difference, it starts in one turn.

Very fun to drive, especially on corners, it feels like a small car yet almost the same length as a sedan. Gets to highway speeds with ease. Not very powerful, but gets the job done.

The previous owner got it rustproofed, so no rust problems.

Lots of trunk space. Head turner.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2016

1988 Toyota Corolla DLX 1.6L 16v from North America


Use Royal Purple in your cars engine and it will last forever!!!


Alternator had to be replaced twice.

Needed almost the entire brake system to be rebuilt.

Rebuilt engine.

Rebuilt radiator.

General Comments:

Awesome car once Royal Purple is added to the engine. Purrs like a kitten, can't stop driving it at all!!!

Expensive repairs, however damaged the first engine by going into a carwash with an undercarriage wash and somehow got water seepage into the engine. New engine works great with a high quality synthetic engine oil.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2009

20th Aug 2016, 02:32

I do not think the cost of Royal Purple is really necessary for this specific vehicle. Buy a quality oil for half that price and use better oil filters. If you live in extreme dust conditions, change the air filter often. I know people that use Royal Purple on high performance cars where I use Mobil 1. It's expensive. Based on the water getting into your intake or the electronics has nothing to do with the oil brand. I never spray hoses in the engine bay with a motor running or underneath. I do it by hand. I have a lift and clean my undercarriage with Simple Green and towels. Motor off.

1988 Toyota Corolla AE82 GT Sedan 4A-GELU from Malaysia


The best sedan car with a GT badge


Nothing much except for the normal wear and tear like any other car or vehicle, such as bushings, seals, leaks and rust.

General Comments:

The best sedan car with powerful engine.

This car know as Corolla GT Ae82 with the well known 4Age engine impressed me when I first bought this car. Fuel economy with less money to spend to service or fix this car.

Keeps on going until now, and I rather use this car than any other vehicle I bought as almost nothing can stop this car.

Very fast, fuel economy, the seats are unlike any other typical sedan car with a lot of features such as 4 disc brakes. No wonder the front grille badge is GT.

I like this car very much.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2009

1988 Toyota Corolla XL 1.3 from Hungary


It is going to run until its 30th birthday




Engine rebuilt because someone drove in the winter uphill with a cold engine and full throttle.

Exhaust pipe.

Water pump.

Timing belt.

Windshield and right door because of an accident.

General Comments:

Very reliable and fun to drive. It has a great ass and handles great.

After 21 years there is still no rust.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2009

1988 Toyota Corolla FX 1.6 4A-LC from Guatemala


The most reliable car in the world


Rectifier from Alternator. Had it replaced.

Muffler is rotten, got it fix and the car does not make any noise now.

General Comments:

Very fuel effiecient. Gives like 35 MPGS on highway.

Very reliable.

Interior looks like new.

Overall, the car is very excellent. I wish I could buy another one.

I recommend this car model (FX) to any one.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2008

1988 Toyota Corolla AE82 Twin Cam 1.6L Twin Cam 16v from Australia and New Zealand


A Classic sports car for a good price!


Nothing wrong with the car yet. Only things are that the dizzy is leaking, and there is a power steering pump leak (small).

Some rust on the A Pillar and in the door panels, but nothing major.

General Comments:

This car is a really good car for the beginner (manual) and has heaps of get up and go. For its engine size and capacity, you can't go wrong and with a 7750 rpm red line, why not get one! they are reliable (if taken care of) and will keep on driving!

Really happy with the car. Can suprise other cars of similar engine size, and newer too.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2007