1988 Toyota Corolla Twincam 1.6 Supercharged from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap preformance


Fuel sender failed, exhaust needed to be replaced, front tyres to ware out quick and rust around windscreen was repaired.

General Comments:

Pretty quick car for a 1600 supercharged corolla, not only does it accelerate quick, but it handles very good too! It looks like any other granny 5door hatchback with a 14second pass on the 1/4 mile.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2006

1988 Toyota Corolla CS 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


I treat it like family, it is well looked after.


Blew the motor up racing another corolla, needed a new clutch at 315,600km, and the radiator just went so its being fixed. other than that nothing has gone wrong with the car.

General Comments:

Excellent on fuel a tank will last me 3 weeks and that's driving every day. It has got the power behind it, I noticed this when I had the sports exhaust put on it. It sounds great, and with this amount of kilometres on the clock the air conditioner really works brilliantly. This car really blew my mind when I took ownership of it. It's my baby.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2006

8th Jan 2006, 15:11

There are some that would consider a blown-up engine to be a fairly significant failure. If you treat it like one of the family, hopefully you don't beat your girlfriend. On the other hand, it's a testimonial to this car that it has survived 315,000 kms in your hands.

1988 Toyota Corolla FX 1.6 SOCH from North America


I want another one


Head rebuilt at 185500 $340 with install and a new timing belt.

New timing belt 185500.

New catalytic converter at 185500 $65 I installed.

New battery at 190508 $35.

Both head light bulbs at 200511 $10.50.

New voltage regulator at 208010 $38 A new alternator was $110 but I checked the book and did a quick test that's all that was needed.

General Comments:

If we didn't have emissions requirements here the top end wouldn't have been rebuilt. It smoked, but still got excellent gas mileage.

This car was beat up cosmetically. Dents and dings. It had a rear window leak that took a while to find. Over all not pretty.

After a basic tune up the mileage went from 22 mpg to 35 mpg with up to 41 mpg on road trips.

Performance is not great, but the low-end response compared to my Geo was super.

My car was a base model with a 5 speed and am radio. Carburetor no AC no power steering, power breaks.

Stereo was very easy to update using an after market adapter for the wiring and changing the location from the stock location to the small package tray just below the stock radio location. The stock location isn't deep enough for most after market radios.

Seats were okay they sit a little to low in the front so I made some spacers with some 1/8 flat bar and lifted the front of the seat about 1 and 1/4 inch's.

Handled best with stock size tires and got the best gas mileage.

A 4X4 truck hit this car while I was slowing to make a turn. The bumper on the truck cleared my bumper so the full impact was taken by the hatch and rear fenders. It was totaled, but held up very well considering the truck was going at least 55 and only had 4 feet of skid marks before contact with my car.

I looked a long time to try and replace it, but couldn't find one in my price range. I only paid $400 for mine.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2005

23rd Feb 2006, 19:47

Mine has 102k and I just has a new carb installed, but can't find any mechanic that can adjust it correctly, including Toyota. Mpg is at 24 city and after seeing your stats I want the same. Any advise?

15th Dec 2006, 15:17

I just bought a 1987 Corolla FX-16 GTS (white) with 118,000 miles on the odometer. The car is in excellent shape, especially the interior. The 4AGE 16v DOHC engine was knocking (low miles for this!!), so I'm installing another one from Japan. Love the looks of this car, and it seems to have good handling characteristics.