1988 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8L from North America


Great car


Exhaust fell off rusted threw.

General Comments:

Great car drove for three years never had it break down. Only problem was clogged fuel filter and muffler fell off. Also had to replace the rear struts, but it's still a great car and gets 38mpg even with 210,000 miles on it.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2005

19th Jan 2009, 05:48

The 1988 Toyota Corolla LE is a really reliable car I bought mine about 6 months ago and it had 175k on it. The interior was mint condition and the car drives like a beauty... perfect winter beater... never got stuck in snow... really good on gas... never had a problem.. Just a few electrical problems.. that's about it. Overall it's an awesome car.

1988 Toyota Corolla GL 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Extremely reliable motoring with pep at an affordable price


Rust in the boot.

Shocks have required replacement.

This car requires 95 octane or higher petrol which makes it a little more expensive to run than some other similar vehicles.

General Comments:

Quick for a small 1.6 liter engine due to the 16 valve double overhead cam configuration.

Very easy to maintain as the engine has hydraulic lifters and the distributer is electronic so the engine is always in tune.

Very reliable, starts every time I turn the key.

No air conditioning or power steering so it's a little light on the luxury features, although I believe they were both options when purchasing new.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2005

1988 Toyota Corolla DX 4 cylinder from North America


Great student or commuter car


Had to get new tire when rim was bent in accident.

General Comments:

I looked for a car for about 3 months. I went through nearly 80 cars until I found this car. Originally I was looking for a Honda accord with 160k or so, but when I found this car even with its high mileage I knew it was the one.

With over 200k most cars wouldn't be something I would even look at, but the last owner kept proper maintenance and this thing is beautiful! It drives, sounds, and looks a lot newer then its age. Most of my friends believe it is a 90 something when they drive in it. Its engine just keeps going and going.

This car isn't really powerful at 90hp it doesn't have great pickup, it goes and can cruise at 70 nicely so and get 28mpg easy, but with 4 people in the car your going to have to give room for it to accelerate when pulling into traffic. I think a Manual would operate a lot better, it isn't a heavy car and I think the speed could have to do with it's gearing.

The inside is very comfortable with lots of room and easy to use controls.

It is also a very reliable car. It has been run off the road twice, once its previous drive ran it into a ditch during the winter and it went into some woods due to high speeds, but other than a few minor scratches that I'm working on buffing out and a few minor dents it is no worse for the ware. It's TCO has been very low so far.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2005

1988 Toyota Corolla LX 1.6 16v EFI from North America


Unbelievably Reliable, Sporty Economic Go-anywhere car


The Clutch Disk wore out

The Pilot bearing was replaced

Water-pump leaked, and was Replaced

CV Joint replaced.

General Comments:

For an AWD car, low to the ground, it has been the best winter vehicle I have driven. I Beats my 4WD truck without a doubt. It is near impossible to get this car stuck in a snowbank, or on ice in a steep alley. Driving in the winter with this car is easier than walking.

The car handles very good on corners at a faster speed than what I should be going at. The 1.6L has more than enough power to climb steep back roads on mountain sides.

The interior is free of junk. I am 6'5" and Its somewhat comfortable.

The inside is cheap looking, but it makes it feel more sportier and reliable, knowing there isn't knobs to break and distracting gauges.

The air conditioning loads the engine down bad, and the shifter is too long for me.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2005