1988 Toyota Corolla sr5 1.6 4af from North America


A very clean cute little car


I had the brakes done, and the timing belt replaced. Noticed the clutch master cylinder leaking.

General Comments:

This car is in beautiful condition inside and out. The suspension and steering are very tight, and the engine runs very smooth. It has some rock chips and scratches that need touching up.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2002

1988 Toyota Corolla XL 1.3 from Finland


The best, cost-effective and reliable!


The car overheated on the first day out.

Slight rust problem, a very common thing with older cars in Finland.

Steering wobble, which has been fixed.

General Comments:

This car is fabulous for reliability and running costs, looks good and doesn't interest thieves.

My car is immaculate, with one previous owner since new.

My next car will also be a Corolla, but a newer model.

My mechanic said, when the Corolla overheated, that any other car would have left you on the side of the road. Only a Toyota can still run after the belts have snapped. And he drives a Mercedes!

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Review Date: 31st October, 2001

1988 Toyota Corolla GTS 1.6L twin cam 16v from North America


A poor man's race car


When I got it I replaced all four disc brakes, clutch, starter, engine mounts, and tires. Since then the engine mounts were broken again by hitting a pot-hole at 40MPH.

The cloth on the driver's seat is warn badly.

General Comments:

A poor man's race car, this Corolla is peppy but lacks real power. The handling is also sporty but the back suspension (which is stock) is very loose and seems to rock in quick cornering.

It's gone through two sets of new engine mounts so be careful on rough roads.

Overall, it's a great inexpensive sport car and worth the money I paid for it ($3000).

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Review Date: 20th September, 2001

1988 Toyota Corolla GT-S 16v from North America


Fast, cheap, fun that will tickle your fancy


I got a hole in my oil pan, but that was my fault (got a little sideways at 70 MPH and hit a ditch).

General Comments:

This car is fantastic. I really like its acceleration. It will get up to 100 mph very fast, but after that it mellows out.

I'm not a fan of the handling it has. It loses control very easily which isn't that fun when you're racing. I guess it's that way with all front wheel drive cars though.

The car will do almost anything you want it to as long as you don't push it really hard. So don't try and take a corner at a ridiculous speed because you will lose it before you know it.

It has a nice simple cockpit with only functional features, which makes it simple and lightens it up.

I really like the way it drives in normal conditions. I've been able to pass every car(s) that I have seen so that really makes me happy.

It handles a lot better than my 63 Impala, I can tell you that much.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2001

18th Dec 2004, 12:25

The Corolla GT-S is rear wheel drive. That's why it can lose control easily. A FWD is very hard to spin out with at high speeds, as is the case with my 2001 VW Jetta. I can take corners at 80+mph and the rear tires squeal, but that's about it. On a rear wheel, it's very easy to upset the balance of the car, thus skidding is more prominent on those drive trains. Only the Corolla GT-S and Corolla SR-5 are rear-wheel drive, so if you abhor that drive train you can always look a the other models from 1982-1990. They are all FWD.

21st Mar 2005, 20:38

Well the 88 Corolla GT-S is a FWD car just to let you know. The thing you need to do is change your racks and modify it from being a Power Steering car to a non-power steering car. I know from having a GT-S with a boosted 20 valve. Oh and for high speed corners you need to stiffen up the springs to like 10-8 or 8-6 something like that. Don't worry you have a lot to learn. Peace.

15th Dec 2007, 23:24

Ya, I own a GT-S and it is front wheel drive, and it handles pretty good in the dry if your tires are in OK condition; it's the wet that gets it. If you put on some sway bars and suspension, it will take a corner like nothing else.