1st Nov 2006, 15:22

I still do not believe this review. I own a Silverado SS and prefer it over the Tundra and Tacoma. If they drop the Lexus motor in maybe.

1st Nov 2006, 15:56

To 1:57: I think I know what kind of mileage my truck gets better than you do. I just made a 600 mile trip with the tailgate down on the highway, cruise set at about 73 mph, 89 octane gas, and I averaged 25 mpg.

1st Nov 2006, 16:44

OK I find myself having to clarify a few of my points to the last poster here.

First of all the mechanical problems I cited, A/C and oil leak, were from delivery when the truck was BRAND NEW. The door was a design defect, which GM admitted to and corrected, but a door should still not fall off. And to my knowledge abuse cannot cause a defective Airbag system.

Concerning the interior I was referring to the cheap plastic GM uses for their dashboard, interior components, and steering wheels. I've personally owned GM vehicles with the same type of designating plastic steering wheels, it's like the plastic just starts to fall apart after so much use. How nice the material was on the seats, doors, or any place else really wasn’t what I was referring to, I realize work trucks have the lowest quality materials in those places. However I’ve been in fully loaded versions of the same truck I use and they still have the same cheap dashboards and plastic components, minus the steering wheels because they were leather wrapped.

You're right, a work truck and personal vehicle cannot be compared easily. That is why I didn’t include the dozen or so other problems we've had with this truck that could have be caused by abuse or excessive use. Just the ones the could easily be attributed to the design, material, and build quality.

Incidentally every professional review I've read on the 05 Tacoma makes comments on its power. Whether the motor has been tuned, tweaked, or runs off of plutonium is a non-issue. The fact is the V6 is very fast and powerful, period.

At least we agree on the model year issue. Then again there really isn't anything to argue about there.

1st Nov 2006, 17:20

Hey 15:56, I am thinking you really do not know much about fuel efficiency. Watch the show Myth Busters some time, you may learn that dropping your tail gate down does nothing to improve fuel efficiency in a pickup. So yes, I do know more about your truck than you do.

1st Nov 2006, 19:01

I have gotten 21 mpg on my 2 year old Silverado with the tailgate up running 60 mph on a long trip... mods mainly the addition of a dual cat back Borla exhaust and different tires from those from the factory. There is nothing like the sound of an American V8 and to be fair although I own a GM... the Dodge is even better.

1st Nov 2006, 20:42

Oh now here we go about how a v-8 is so much faster then a six banger or four. Duh, even if its tuned its not gonna be a v-8. Besides, I don't need a tire smoking, gas guzzling v8 engine!

1st Nov 2006, 21:34

Recall Watch watch had an item about ANOTHER Toyota recall today. Now it seems the TUNDRA has a major safety problem.

A "superior" car maker?? I think NOT.

2nd Nov 2006, 05:48

You watch too much TV. Common sense will tell you that putting the gate down means that you have eliminated the restriction of having it vertical. And whether I had it up, down, on or off, the mileage was what I said it was.

2nd Nov 2006, 15:33

With the V8 set up right with the right gearing the gas guzzling is not applicable. In turn you get a very nice full size... take the time to drive a 2006-7 they are very nice. I own a Silverado and just bought a brand new Trailblazer LS this week. I looked at Toyotas and was not sold.

2nd Nov 2006, 20:03

Tonights news GM sales 17% ahead...Toyota 9%

3rd Nov 2006, 14:52

That means that GM has improved their multi-million dollar deficit a little bit. Can't you see how impressed I am. Toyota actually makes something called a profit.

7th Nov 2006, 15:19

Just picked up my 07 Tacoma today, I love this truck. I also have a 2004 Chevy Duramax and I also love that truck. I know I cannot compare power, but the Tacoma is built way better then the Chevy. Just look at the interiors of them and you will see Toyota makes a better product. I do love my Chevy and it is fully loaded, but the Tundra takes the cake for quality.

9th Nov 2006, 19:32

People are beginning to wake up to the fact they they have been grossly misled about the so-called "superior" quality of Japanese vehicles. I see all sorts of comments on here indicating that American vehicles are "unreliable" and "won't last". In the last 36 years of driving my family has owned a LOT of new American made cars, starting with a 1970 Chevelle SS. Some have been driven over 300,000 miles. NOT ONE ever had an engine or transmission replaced or rebuilt, ever had the heads off, and, in fact, most had very few repairs at all of ANY kind. The two GM vehicles we currently own have about 60,000 miles each on them and neither has ever had a single problem. I'd much rather keep my money in the hands of American companies, where it benefits my friends and neighbors rather than sending it to Japan.

10th Nov 2006, 12:01

TO: 1st Nov 2006, 06:57.

Actually the Dodge Dakota has a 200 lbs higher towing capacity with its V6 than the Tacoma V6.

And even the dodge Ram with its 4.7 V8 has a max towing capacity of 8550 lbs.

10th Nov 2006, 13:47

This morning I noticed in the news that the National Consumer's Union now rates Ford "as reliable as Honda or Toyota". Coming from a highly biased group that always caters to Japanese companies this is quite an admission. Of course, people who have bought American made vehicles since the late 80's already knew they were reliable. Most of those sold since 1985 or '86 are still in use.

10th Nov 2006, 22:31

Full list is a BETTER DEAL???

10th Nov 2006, 23:20

Actually I'd rather not. It isn't the better deal, it's more expensive, has a crappy warranty and you can get a domestic pickup for much less, better equipped, and Oh Yeah...It's made in America! Supporting well-paid, union jobs! So get off your high horse and realize something isn't better just because it's made in Japan!

11th Nov 2006, 01:13

You should be able see how much better Toyota vehicles are than any other. Chevrolet makes nothing but garbage. Ford is slightly better, or I should say, sucks SLIGHTLY less. Dodge is fair, but still not even in the same ballpark as any Toyota ever built.

If you have one of these American made vehicles that you claim has a lot of miles on it, or has not been repaired often, then you have one of the fluke vehicles that they have built that is actually decent, and there are very few.

11th Nov 2006, 05:46

I bought 2 new GM's a loaded Trailblazer/Silverado by flipping a property this year. Paid cash without financing right from dealer internet sites... I looked at a lot of new trucks and many SUV's as well and based my buying decision on features. I have test driven Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Ford and of course GM. How anyone would sell a Silverado though for a smaller Tacoma is beyond me unless its over fuel. I have relatives one owns a Toyota Land Cruiser and my son a Range Rover and yet I like everything about my Trailblazer. Its doesn't have the nice suspension and the cachet as the Range Rover, but its still very nice to drive. When you are not totally price driven you can be objective and look at every vehicle and pick the one you like best. I had a lot of fun shopping this fall even more. You have to get out and drive them all and really like what you are driving. I have had imports and domestics at the same time. This is the first time however that I have had 2 new same year vehicles of the same mfr. I will still consider Toyota again in a couple years as before.