13th Nov 2006, 05:48

There is no case to make for Chevy, and most Ford vehicles, because they are sub-standard and cheaply made next to a Toyota. What proof do you need? The current shape that Ford and Chevy are in now? The long and pathetic list of recalls throughout their history? The HUNDREDS of dissatisfied domestic owners on this site alone? They're cheaper for a reason; you get what you pay for. There is a reason that a car like the Aveo costs $8000. It's junk, that's why. There's a reason that a Silverado is cheaper than a Tundra or Tacoma; it's not as good and won't last as long. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to see this truth. Offer me some proof as to why the domestics are better. No one has, just ranting and raving about how Toyota's are under-powered and boring. If that means that they don't burn as much gas, and are predictably reliable, then you are right.

13th Nov 2006, 12:18

OK, I'm going to address all of the previous points once and for all. Everybody listening?

1. The reason GM and Ford are having financial problems, is many years ago, they agreed to union contracts in which they are still having to pay people very large amounts of money who Don't EVEN WORK FOR THE COMPANY ANYMORE. I'm not saying unions are bad, workers should be paid fairly, but there has to be a balance which still allows the company to make a profit.

2. Recalls. Yes, we'll all admit recalls are annoying, but EVERY CAR COMPANY HAS THEM! Toyota has had recent recalls that are very dangerous, with the airbags and sticking gas pedals! You can't excuse bad "design" by pointing to other bad "design".

3. The hundreds of people complaining about their domestic vehicles. Hello! Have you even BEEN to the Toyota section?! In the 4Runner section there are literally a hundred people claiming head gasket failure AT LEAST once in a 100k period, actually most more than once. And guess what, Toyota is refusing to help them! Even after multiple head gasket failures. And this is just in the '95 section! So don't give me the "Toyota only makes a lemon once in a while" line, cause I'll just tell you to can it.

4. OK, you saw an Aveo for 8k (probably used, I haven't seen ANY new ones that cheap), again SO WHAT?! Do you have any idea how much a Hyundai Accent goes for, how about a Toyota Echo? ($8900 at most). They're sub-compact cars people, they aren't that popular so of course they're cheap. And by the way, whoever designed that echo needs a dope slap.

5. As far as a Silverado being cheaper than a Tacoma or a Tundra, I can't imagine that being the case I've been in a Tundra and Silverado and the clear winner in all areas is definitely the Silverado, better interior, more power, bigger, etc. I know someone with a '01 Tacoma and it isn't too bad besides having a very crappy interior, but to compare it to a Silverado is ludicrous. And how do you know they last longer? They haven't even made them as long and the '76 Chevy we had a few years ago was a very reliable work truck. I doubt if a Toyota would last that long.

6. And finally, it ticks me off when people have this huge loyalty to Toyota and Honda and won't even consider domestic vehicles, because they are essentially supporting other economies, and just because it's made in the USA doesn't mean they don't pay the workers menial wages, and then send most of the money back to Japan. I also have a feeling that these are the same people who complain about corporations outsourcing jobs and making products overseas, but they do the same thing when they buy a non American car! Jeez people, wake up!

13th Nov 2006, 13:18

I have read hundreds of posts and your own. I weigh all accordingly and based my buying decision on the domestics.

13th Nov 2006, 15:41

Unless you are young and still living at home why stay in America? I just do not get it. Facts are presented and quickly dismissed. There have been some pretty rational sound reasons to go with domestic trucks. However,I am of the opinion the only one that you need to convince is yourself. If someone does not like the ride or performance of Tacomas/Tundras you can't expect them to purchase as they will never be happy. Maybe they have to because you say they are the best though. Theres more maturity in the other posts and less defensive emotion. That's more likely to be weighed than insulting others intelligence.

13th Nov 2006, 19:28

Comment 14:57 pretty much sums it up. Comment 05:48 is more pointless ranting with nothing to back it up. Parents need to keep their kids from posting on this site. If you've just got your first vehicle, great, be proud of it, but don't assault the intelligence of the experienced adult owners who post on this site. Most of them have been driving cars since before anyone ever heard of a Toyota.

14th Nov 2006, 13:31

After reading all the comments there is simply no contest: The domestics last longer and are a better deal all around. Comments like 14:57 are plenty of proof. Go back to making phone calls to prospective buyers, doing your mail outs and grabbing walk-ins. The rest of us will continue to drive American cars, support American workers and save tons of money. There are rumors that GM plans to take over Toyota. Maybe then we'll look at them.

14th Nov 2006, 15:35

Have you been actually been a quality control manager at GM/Chrysler/Ford as well as Toyota? Maybe you have been the CEO? Pertaining to your broad sweeping generalization on not one, but 4 manufacturers you seem to be a spokesperson for all of these corporations. So heres a question. Please indicate how you would immediately address the current defects on Toyotas safety recalls to date with zero tolerance. Start with air bag and braking safety and how you will protect my family. When you have convinced everyone please proceed to the domestics. You want quality vs. comfort and performance now is your opp'y to explain to us all. Please indicate specifically on Toyota only your position on your own vehicles safety recalls. Not Toyota is the best, Not that the big 3 has recalls... specifically to your brand. How will you address air bag safety and stick totally to the topic. I would like to have this question explained with facts not emotion. Can you do this? I will weigh specific credible comments and therefore may convince me otherwise to overlook all the other comments and shop only for a Toyota.

14th Nov 2006, 19:39

I thought this vehicle was also assembled in the USA by American workers. I wonder why Japan/Europe also builds Toyota, BMW's, Hondas etc. in the USA by American workers if they were not capable of doing an outstanding job? Can't be the cost... people buy quality so why not build them only in Japan? Maybe your vehicle was assembled by Americans perish the thought!

15th Nov 2006, 04:48

I am still waiting to hear an answer on 15:35 please be very specific. As said before the Toyota owner can only state in generalizations. What are your thoughts on Toyotas safety recalls?... oh Ford has more.