15th Nov 2006, 15:32

The guys driving 8-10 year old trucks you appear to be on the wrong forum. Please go to the 1990 Toyota,1990 Ford,1990 GM,1990 Dodge Forum. This is a 2006 review anything that old is useless to discuss. I have had 3 sets of vehicles since then and each is different and quite frankly more impressive. My last truck only 2 years old had 40,000 miles on it I only traded to move up to an extended cab. I have no desire to be at Auto Zone it might be a good place for the 1990 owners, but again this is a 2006. I do the 3 oil changes a year buy accessories, rims, Onstar, Satellite radio etc with my repair savings on my new GM. I would like to see a 2006 review with a 2005 Nissan,2006 Ford,2006 GM only. Its the same year comparison on specs, features, pricing. Again if you want to help move over to the 1990 owners we are about new. I buy the latest auto review guides go to kbb etc. and throw out old consumer guides. That went with the old body styles, cassette decks, metal bumpers etc already too dated...

15th Nov 2006, 17:19

What are your thoughts on why Ford has many more recalls, and such poor resale value?

16th Nov 2006, 11:33

A vehicle has to be fun. I don't care if it lasts a million years. I could own a Mercedes Diesel, a VW bug, a Volvo. I do not like them. I love technology. I own 2 new GM's. If my airbag deploys and I am unconscious it immediately sends a rescue service, I receive monthly diagnostics on my vehicle as a record. Vehicle are getting better and better. My car does not even have a jack or a spare. It has run flats. Every year new features are available. I can afford to have them. Why not? The key is buy what you like and buy what is fun. I could drive an old beater, but I make a very good living anyway. I have not had problems either. I have a new truck and a convertible and am happy.

16th Nov 2006, 17:57

Wow, This is quite a 'smackdown' of comments. Allow an old timer to toss in his two cents. I agree with comment 07:23 as far as the assessment of Toyota's redesign in 05. I own a v-6 2006 and it is a different animal than the 04 Taco. More ponies for sure. A decent mid-size truck, with a fair amount of respect from 4wheel drive magazines. I don't see much commentary about 4WD capability on this ongoing diatribe. Tacos have been excelling at that for years.

Don't Get me wrong. I cut my teeth on American trucks and cars. I come from the muscle car era and love old Chevy V-8's. Driving sideways, choking on the rubber you were $moking off your hides was the name of the game. A buddy of mine has an old Stingray Vette with a 427 V-8 in it that is sideways in every gear. Cars from that era are hard to explain unless you lived it.

Toyota is close to being the number one car dealer in the world right now, while American car makers are whining to the President of the U.S. The reasons for this are very complex, and no it's NOT the unions. When our industry was all union and all parts were U.S. we made the best cars and trucks on the planet. All I know is, I have had much fewer problems with Toyota products than their American competition for the last several years. The last three American rigs I owned, my second home was under the hood. Today's Toyota's equal the reliability of the older Americans. I'd like to see that equaled out.

16th Nov 2006, 20:20

I just got the latest copy of Consumer Reports auto issue. It rates the Tacoma "average" in reliability. It also rates the Ford Ranger "average" in reliability. I suppose the Toyota fanatic will argue that "AVERAGE" has a different meaning for Toyota?

16th Nov 2006, 20:22

I am still extremely impressed by the new domestics. I agree on the Onstar by GM its pretty amazing. I have it in my truck and SUV. All your systems are continually monitored whenever you are driving including electronics, mechanicals, oil life, air bag etc as well as a GPS system to track if your are in an accident, car stolen even an electronic satellite key unlock. If my wife and kids were driving my new GM SUV and were in trouble this could save their life in an accident. The airbag has an immediate automatic emergency alert that tracks you via the onboard GPS. If you have a printout and need services you have documentation and after the 100,000 mile warranty is up you can certainly locate an issue. They email it to you each month. Beats walking in with an intermittent problem that no one can find until its too late. If I was young and single I could drive anything, but with a family you consider room, comfort and especially safety. Also since you mentioned an old Vette look at the value in the new Corvette performance, styling compared to any of the foreign counterparts. And the Viper as well. I look at every manufacturer and Toyota if they offer the most features/benefits for the dollar I will buy again. I have before.

17th Nov 2006, 11:30

You are probably right I will park my Silverado and drive my new Vette convertible this weekend. It might be a real hardship at least its supposed to be a sunny warm weekend where I live.

17th Nov 2006, 15:28

Well here we go again, with Mr. 23:04 spouting more unproven, blanket statements without a SHRED of evidence to back up any of his claims. I suppose you have proof that "American mades" fall apart "MUCH" more often and are cheaply put together. Have you spent time in either of the factories watching how they put together vehicles and observed differences? No, I didn't think so. The fact that you keep missing is that now even the Consumer Reports, who notoriously support Toyota and Honda over domestic makes, are now reporting the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan EXCEED the reliability of the new Camry and Accord. But you will continue to overlook facts like this and others that go against your odd unconditional support for Toyota no matter how crappy their vehicles get. You obviously are bitter or have a problem with American's or SOMETHING, but don't let it get to your head!

PS: If your comment was meant to be sarcastic, like I hope it was, then please disregard this comment.

17th Nov 2006, 20:48

These comments are VERY entertaining (my friends and I still crack up over the "I saw FORDS at a FORD dealership" comment).

Since American cars are SOOOOO unreliable and fall apart so quickly, I thought I'd better do a "cost check" on the new vehicles I've owned since 1985 and see just how horrendous my repair bills have been. I'm listing EVERY REPAIR except for tires, batteries and oil changes. I AM listing brake repairs, but since I know how to drive I never have to replace brake pads before 100,000 miles on ANYTHING I've owned except the 1st one listed. The cars and expenses are as follows:

1985 Mustang, sold at 110,000 miles. Total repairs: $385

1988 Daytona, sold at 90,000 miles. Total repairs: $80

1993 Ranger, sold at 62,000 miles. Total repairs $ 0

2001 Dakota, totalled at 51,000 miles. Total repairs $ 0

2001 Pontiac Grand Am (still own) 60,000 miles. Total rep.: $0

2003 GMC (still own) 50,000 miles. Total repairs: $0

As you can see in 21 years and 6 vehicles I've spent a TOTAL on repairs of $465. Now, factoring in how much MORE I would have had to pay for a comparable Toyota instead of the cars listed, I would have spent a total of $41,000 MORE. To me it looks like I have come out about $40,535 BETTER OFF by driving those "crappy, unreliable" American vehicles. Of course if the Toyota experts use the same (non) logic in their math that they use in all their other comments, I'm sure they can figure SOME WAY to dismiss these figures and show that I REALLY LOST 5 million dollars.