31st Dec 2011, 16:23

The only waiting list I know of for Smart cars now is the list of people waiting to get rid of them. They are a joke here, and most people regard them as over-priced golf carts. As for Prius, Toyota does deserve credit for building a very affordable hybrid. They are popular, but there certainly are no waiting lists for them here.

With Ford, GM, Hyundai, Chrysler, Mazda and just about every other car maker now building cars that rival the mileage of the Prius without the added cost of hybrid drivetrains and unreliable, unsafe batteries for thousands of dollars less, the Prius is no longer a must for high mileage. It also suffers from the fact that unlike Ford and GM hybrids, it is not a real car, but just a basic "transportation appliance" with no style or performance. Computer geeks may love it, but real car people sneer at it. Real car-based hybrids, such as the Fusion hybrid offer real car looks and performance for only a few dollars more, while getting better mpg (80mpg in the case of the Fusion).

With regard to larger trucks, I always get a laugh out of those tiny handful of people who seem to think Japan can compete with Detroit in the world of real trucks. That will NEVER happen!!

31st Dec 2011, 20:34

Do you drive with your wallet only, or do you enjoy driving? Not everyone wants a bland, uninspired, poor handling, rattling bouncy ride, and hate getting in it. The Prius is hideous styling. I would be embarrassed to be seen in one. I don't need 50 MPG when my office and the mall is a mile away. My tank of gas lasts longer as I don't do the lengthy office commutes. It's like buying a large home; it may not be necessary, but sure beats living jammed in a bungalow.

1st Jan 2012, 07:29

If you are just commuting and running small errands, having a full size Tundra or any full size truck is not a necessity for you. I tow a boat, and I doubt a Prius is up for the task. Try burning 15-20 gallons an hour to go fishing on weekends, and then complain about the minor cost of fueling a full size truck. If you need to pick up several sheets of 4' x 8' plywood, move a heavy couch, pick up several large items a month, tow, are you going to use the small commuter and come home unload and then hose it out?

This is a full size truck review, and they are totally application driven, or they would not be a new purchase whatsoever. Most likely have one for a second or third vehicle. I drive a car as well. But I use my full size truck a lot to fill and use for towing purposes. Even if you can squeeze a lot of things in a large SUV, it's still craps them up. Gouging the walls, spilling into the interior with dirt from plants etc. I also have ramps, and carry my riding tractor in for service at times, carry gas containers in the bed, which if you spill or slosh gas cans in your car trunk, it is an awful mess. Good luck!

1st Jan 2012, 18:51

Yep, many many fine arguers on here. Sorry I confused you with just another of the masses.

The NATIONAL AVERAGE for gasoline has NOT RISEN ABOVE $4 since 2008.

2nd Jan 2012, 17:01

How exactly are the batteries and drivetrain in the Prius "unreliable"? The fact is that it's rated as one of THE most reliable drivetrains you can buy. Oh - and about those batteries? Our Prius just turned 11 years old and STILL has the batteries the car came with.

Lastly, these cars start at $24,000. In other words - the SAME cost as just about any other medium sized sedans. End of story.

Lastly - this is indeed a review about full sized trucks. What do Priuses have to do with the argument?

2nd Jan 2012, 21:41

You are really good if you can see Florida gas prices all the way from NY, how do you do that?

PLEASE, I live here, you don't, gas was over $4 this past summer in Palm Beach County, Google it if you must.

3rd Jan 2012, 14:01

85 mpg Fusion hybrid for a few dollars more?

That statement alone proves you don't understand what you are talking about.

Likewise, please tell me one non hybrid competitor (not including plug-ins) that comes even close to 50 mpg on the EPA's city cycle.

3rd Jan 2012, 15:34

The NATIONAL AVERAGE never rose above $4 per gallon. If it was $7 per gallon in Florida, that makes no difference to the national average. Why don't you get that? Please just drop it now okay?

When gas hit $4 per gallon in 2008, SUV's were rotting away on dealer lots. Why don't you Google it and see for yourself?

3rd Jan 2012, 19:49

If gas were 10 dollars a gallon, I would still own a full size truck. And a separate little commuter beater, which I would hate to drive.

Most with full size trucks own another vehicle or two or three. Full size trucks are very useful and can pay for themselves. If you are a do it yourselfer and are handy with home ownership, they can save you money. Or you can hire someone, do the lengthy office commute, and not have any time. You can save on gas and hire someone that has a larger truck. This is only one example of the bigger aspect of how nice these are to own.

I have a short commute to and from my office. I get home and take my truck to do a lot of practical applications with it. Small cars and small trucks are limited. You can pay delivery charges, but they add up as well. Good luck.

3rd Jan 2012, 23:28

"What do Priuses have to do with the argument?"

I myself don't know, ask the commenter from 20:19.

4th Jan 2012, 11:33

On the rare occasion I need a truck, I either rent one from Home Depot or use my brother in law's work truck. I hardly think getting 15 mpg less on every single drive is going to help a truck pay for itself over the time you own it. If you work every day and need a truck, that is a different story, but to drive around getting horrendous mileage just in case you need to haul something once in a while... well it's your money.

It is too bad people just can't think about saving fuel for the sake of saving fuel though. It always boils down to what you want instead of what you absolutely need. I guess maybe $10 per gallon would get people to think more in terms of what they need though, wouldn't it?

4th Jan 2012, 16:05

I don't have to Google anything, I was just making a point on the price of gas in different areas, besides THE NATIONAL AVERAGE, but of course it turned into an unnecessary week long argument.

Happy trails to you till we meet again (I'm sure we will).

4th Jan 2012, 16:38

Are full sized trucks useful? Sure. To an extent. Truth be known, I've owned the same smaller sized Toyota truck for 18 years. I use it to haul stuff, move when it's time to find a new rental, go camping, go off-roading, and basically just about all the stuff you'd imagine a truck could be used for. In all those years, I've only had one or two instances that I really needed something bigger.

Most who claim they need a full sized truck do so because they just like bigger trucks. Nothing wrong with that. But all I can think of is that the US is perhaps one of the only countries where full sized trucks are sold to the general consumer. Go just about anywhere else, and somehow people do fine without them.